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  1. Hi guys would this be classed has an error? The queen has a boil beneath her eye.
  2. Hi guy's got this last week in my change. The coin seems to be discoloured. Can anyone of you experts tell me how this happens. Regards jim.
  3. The best i can do, a couple of scans of the legend on obverse. Hope they are a bit clearer. thanks james.
  4. Hi all, can anyone tell me if this farthing is a new die combination. It appears reverse 2 (serif on 4 in date). Obverse b (1.5 stops after f:d: Thanks james.
  5. Thanks colin, i'll just post the scans on the forum it may help other members. Can you tell me is there much difference regarding the legends on both obverses? cheers james.
  6. Thanks boy's, will try and post better scans colin this week. cheers james.
  7. Hi guy's, a friend at work brought this odd looking 2 pence coin in to show me. I'm not really clued up on decimal coins so i thought i would put it to the forum. Anyway it's a 2 pence coin dated 1971 and silver in appearance. It doesn't look sprayed or painted, any ideas. And are these rare? sorry about the quality of the scans i took them at 3AM. Cheers lads and lasses for any info. Regards jim.

    Odd silver 2p coin 1971

    Hi, guys, at last managed to get the two pence weighed. It weighed 7.2 grams. So is this a circulated nickel off metal strike? If so how common are they. cheers jim.

    Odd silver 2p coin 1971

    Thanks for the info, i've got scales so i will weigh it next time i see him. Will post the result. regards jim.

    Odd 1862 penny obverse ?

    Another one chaps i've come across, this one a bit between mine and brians. Note the position of the die clash and the ribbons. This one also has a very weak low colon dot between F and D.
  11. Hi guy's can anyone see anything strange with this 1862 penny. Don't know whats gone on with the ribbon and at the back of vics neck where the space is. Any idea's. cheers jim.
  12. Hi bronze, can you help me with the id of this reverse 1861 penny. Cheers jim


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    2. Bronze & Copper Collector

      Bronze & Copper Collector

      Looks like a reverse D...

      Reverse F has other indicators to mark it also....
      Interestingly enough, when you see a reverse  F, you will know it for certain as it is so distinct. .
      Not home now  so I can't post any for you to see...






      Cheers terry for the info.

      regards jim.

    4. terrysoldpennies


      Hi Jim  picture below of a   5-f .  Note the main on the helmet is broader , and the prominent rock where on the D type coin the signature would be. On this well worn coin it is quite distinct . If the rare type indicators are not there , I can't see it  being of any worth ,   Terry

      1861  5-f  satin 31a  gouby -     3 known.jpg


    Odd 1862 penny obverse ?

    Nice one bob, thanks for the scan.

    Odd 1862 penny obverse ?

    Thank's brian, looks like vic's got a new wig ?. Dose anyone else have a similar die clash like mine or brians. Regards jim.

    Odd 1862 penny obverse ?

    Thanks guy's for the information on this penny. All the best to all for the new year. cheers jim
  16. Looking at the scan, yes it does look like the 3 is over a higher 3. Cheers bronze for pointing that out. Jim.
  17. Just a quick one guy's. I have no information or knowledge on George 11 coinage. This half penny appears to have a 7 over a higher 7 and not to sure what's going on with the 3. I do know of the 1737 7 over a lower 7 farthing which is supposed to be quite rare. The picture is not the best as scan is taken with ipad. Can anyone tell me if they have come across or know of a 7 over 7? Cheers Jim.

    More Pennies

    Cheers boy's for the info.

    More Pennies

    Very interesting, been looking at a few 1882 H pennies of mine and come across this one. The H below the date appears to be unbarred. Can anyone tell me if they are common?
  20. Very nice Rob what dose it actually weigh?
  21. Been away boys with unfortunate events sadly. But this thread has really cheered me up, what fantastic coins from all members and the banter top of the bill, by the way az my mother was German so I speak and understand ein kleines bisschen:)
  22. A cracking shilling Stuart very nice indeed.

    More Pennies

    Me too in chris's words I'LL BE BACK. ?