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  1. 20 hours ago, The Future said:

    I often look out for rarer coins with holes directly from dealers. I got a 1927 proof threepence for £10 a few years back and a silver 1804 dollar for £40.  They seem to go for more on eBay.

    Sorry to interrupt the interesting Prisoner thread, but I thought I would talk about pennies again if that's ok.

    If 'The Future', or anyone else for that matter, is interested in rarer coins with holes in them, then they may want to purchase my spare 1858 Large Rose pictured below.

    Probably rarer than the 1860 Triple F, which went for £57.99, but I would be happy to sell it for less than that..........if anyone wants to wear it around their neck or something!

    PM me if interested.


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  2. Anyone bought this coin?

    It came up on ebay whilst I was on holidays and I couldn't have a proper look. It had a couple of early bids and then disappeared, as some rarer ones often do!!

    It looked to me like it may have been the rare reverse, and now I'm thinking it was an F24 with top leaf missing. In which case I'm guessing that Richard would like to add to the 5 pieces he has on his rarestpennies site. Maybe a member could confirm.

    1861 F24 Top Leaf Missing.jpg

  3. On 7/22/2022 at 8:09 PM, 1949threepence said:

    Thanks Ian - I'll send it by next day tracked delivery tomorrow. Although it'll be next day but one, as the actual next day is Sunday. 

    I've now had a chance to examine Mike's 1841 REG Colon and compare to my own. These are both coins with the flaws through the numeral 8, and VICTORIA legend.

    I attach full date pictures of both coins at 50x Mag.

    On the post which will immediately follow (due to image size restrictions) I will also attach close ups of the 18’s on both coins, now at 140x Mag.

    On the latter images  I have also measured the distance from the left hand side of the first 1 to the left hand side of the numeral 8 (i.e. to allow for numeral flattening through wear).

    I conclude that both coins, as anticipated, seem to be identically spaced.

    I think that a couple of things have understandably tricked the eye, giving Mike the false impression that his coin may have been a new 1841 REG: Date Style.  

    a) the top, and top right hand side of the numeral 1 on Mike's coin is a little damaged / and further flattened towards the numeral 8, and

    b) to the naked eye, the darker grime around both numerals gives the impression of them being closer.

    I have already communicated this with Mike, attaching the same pictures.

    Two 1841 REG Colons Full Dates.jpg

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  4. 10 hours ago, jelida said:

    I agree they look different, though photos from an identical viewpoint - camera stand etc- would be helpful as photos can/do lie.

    I agree with Jerry, but I am still sure that the date widths must be the same on both these coins.

    It would be a hell of a coincidence if there were two different date widths paired with the 1841 REG: reverse which both had flaws through the numeral 8, and the letters in VICTORIA, and both have a 1/1.

    My guess is that the coin pictured right on Mike's pictures is a little angled to the camera and that this gives the impression that the 1 and 8 are closer. There also appears to be either some grime or shadow to the left hand side of the 8 and also a generally darker area between the right of the 1 and the left of the 8.....both these things tend to give the added impression that the numerals are closer together.

    I attach a picture of what I believe is the SAME obverse on a coin which I have tried to angle in the same way as Mike's right hand picture. 

    To confirm exact numeral locations Mike's coin really needs to be put under a digital microscope at right angles to the coin.



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  5. 1 hour ago, 1949threepence said:

    The 1 and 8 of date also look closer together.

    Hi Mike,

    I believe that both 1841 types  (i.e. with and without the colon after REG on the reverse) which have this identical flaw through the numeral 8, also have identical date spacings. 

    I attach high definition pictures of both dates on my two coins for comparison.

    If you think you have a REG colon with different date spacings then could you please post a picture, as that would be a total surprise?


  6. I think that the most interesting thing about the obverse that is paired with the 1841 REG: is that it is subsequently paired with an 1841 NO REG Colon.

    The beauty of flaws, which are seen in the exact same locations, is that they can give you a time line between die pairings.

    Here is an 1841 No REG Colon piece, with same numeral 8 flaw, and also the VICTORIA flaws further developed (shown alongside the REG Colon flaw for comparison), proving that it came after the REG colon coin.


    1841 No REG Colon DateSized.jpg

    CTO Flaws Both REG Colon and No REG ColonSized1.jpg

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  7. 18 hours ago, 1949threepence said:

    Nor, interestingly, is there any trace of an upward die crack through the 8 of the date, as there is on some.

    The die crack through the numeral 8 on the 1841 REG: is generally NOT present. I have seen it on only 2 of the 11 REG: specimens that I have owned. There is also by then some additional flawing through the VICTORIA legend.

    By the time these obverse flaws appear, on the later strikes, the reverse is also then seen with flaws appearing from Britannia's toes up to the F of DEF..............and then onwards through the top of the legend on the right of the coin. Attached pictures refer.  

    1841 REG Colon Date.jpg



  8. Having a clear out and came across an old Stetson hat which my wife was left over 20 years ago, think it's from the 1960's. 

    I was going to stick it on ebay, but my wife seems to think that it may be worth something more than I will achieve on ebay.

    Just wondering if there may be any American members who  know a little more than me about this.....which would be anything at all.

    e.g. should I be trying to find an auction house, or is that just wasting my time?

    There's a picture of a cowboy inside the hat, seems to be giving his horse horse a drink...presume out of a Stetson hat!?


    Stetson 1.jpg

    Stetson 2.jpg

  9. On 7/2/2022 at 8:09 PM, 1949threepence said:

    1853 PT: have to say, very rare, especially in high grade. I'm convinced Keith Bayford made a mistake offering a GEF example for just £125

    1853 PT italic date: you just have to jump if you are lucky enough to see one. The fine example I bought from John (Stephen) Jerrams was sold as a PT specimen only. He didn't mention the italic date.

    I'm putting examples of both these date types into the Noonans September sale if anyone is interested.


    1853 Plain Trident Plain 5 Predecimal.jpg

    1853 Plain Trident Gouby Italic 5 Predecimal.jpg

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  10. I definitely don't look Kurdish, more of a Viking, but bald, Yorkshire man.....long live Bairstow! I know many Kurds, and non-Kurds in Turkey, and they seem to live in harmony.....politics and power games are not everyday life for the common folk, who are  just trying to get by helping one another. Turkey actually reminds me a little of the1950's Britain which I grew up in, where front doors were safely left open and people passed the time of day on the street without deliberately looking the other way to avoid contact. In the UK we seem to have lost those common courtisies, and respect for the elders, which the Turkish still hold dear. 


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  11. Thanks for comments. Taken another picture from different angle, best definition I can get.

    Is it worth me having a scrape underneath the top bar to see if I can remove a bit of grime to reveal any further detail; not sure it's exciting enough to warrant the effort!? 

    3 close Up.jpg