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  1. Could anyone advise tax position if I were to win a gold coin in a USA auction please? I. E. Will import tax be payable, or is gold treated differently to my previous bronze / copper purchases? Thanks in advance

  2. Hi Pete, I saw that one and was a little tempted but decided that, as I already have 2, I would give it a miss.

    You are right that it is a type that was seen more often 10 to 15 years ago than it is nowadays.

    I ought to do a count of the Bramah 26a's from my 5 year study period covering that period; hopefully will get round to it one day, but haven't done too much work on 1858's yet as just so many coins and loads of varieties!  

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  3. Weather is a bit of a shock to the system this week, especially after the amazing Summer we had!

    We've had cavity wall insulation installed, have a wood burning stove and solar panels, and a smart meter to guide us with fuel usage.

    We also had a 3 day break away this week (with heating just on a low setting), but still managed to clock up £80 for the last 7 days.......here in sunny Bournemouth.

    Anyone know where we went:-




  4. On 11/22/2022 at 12:30 PM, DrLarry said:

    Does anyone know the rarity of the 1854 half penny V over inverted A ?

    I've seen about a dozen over the years, nearly all lower grader. Are you asking because I have one currently for sale on ebay?

  5. 4 hours ago, 1949threepence said:

    1858 a/EF small date on offer by good old Coopers Coins for £70 - but what do you reckon? Over a 6, or not?

    Either way, not bad value.

    ***LINK TO COIN***


    Definitely not 8/6 Mike. 2nd 8 is over gap on 8/6, but over tooth on the Coopers coin. Also no flaw through C of VICTORIA. Reverse colons also completely different locations. 

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  6. 2 hours ago, secret santa said:

    This penny is listed as an "E over F" in the next LCA - can anyone see anything to verify this ? And why would anyone have picked up an "F" punch to work on the reverse die of a bronze "ONE PENNY" ? And would an "F" punch of this size even exist ?


    Very sceptical that it's an E over F Richard.

    If they had said it was a P over old style Y then that's very possible...........joking!!

  7. 22 hours ago, 1949threepence said:

    It depends which year and date type. But either way, I think Ian @alfnail would be far better placed to answer your question than me. 

    Here are the stats from my 5 years capture of YH penny ebay listings, from over a decade ago. I think if I were to now repeat the exercise (which I won't!) there will no longer be as many 1856's appearing. It seems that for Plain Tridents the small and large numeral types appear in similar numbers. 


    I was a bit surprised when I did this exercise to find that approx. one third were OT's; I had expected fewer. It is still one of the few coins I seek in high grade for my collection, so it's annoying that there were examples like the one pictured below which got away from me!



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  8. 2 hours ago, 1949threepence said:

    Talking about large rose pennies, I just saw this large rose, large date specimen on offer by Cooper's Coins for £675 (link). That seems to be slightly on the expensive side. I got mine in April 2021 (also off e bay) and marginally better, for £155. Don't think they're desperately rare. Although you don't see that many on offer    

    The Cooper's coin has been on ebay at that price for a while Mike. In my opinion you did very well if you got a better one for only £155.

    The LRLD is still very difficult to find, even if not quite as rare as the small date variety.