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  1. Agree, great find. Is there something going on at lhs of numeral 6 on the 1863?
  2. Hi Jerry, I've had time to knock this out this evening with the superimposed images you requested.........good idea! Actual pictures of both 1875 'Cannon Ball' coins are at the left hand and right hand ends, both shot at the exact same 100x magnification, and identically positioned. The unusual (italic looking) 5 picture has then been over-laid onto the normal 5 picture. Looking from right to left, it has then been gradually removed, 10% at a time, using the software transparency feature.................to slowly reveal the normal 5 underneath. As you suspected, it is pretty convincing that the unusual looking 5 is NOT an altered die......... even though at first sight it would seem to be so. I guess it is just a late strike of this variety, with part of the top of the 5 now blocked out. Hope the pictures are clear enough; I had to resize to stick within the 500K limit!!
  3. No problem Jerry, but will be a few days before I get a chance now.
  4. ....and here's the numeral 5 on the better cannon ball for comparison to the repaired example
  5. Re. your 'must be a single die variety' comment Jerry, I have just taken digital microscope shots of this low grade Cannon Ball (with repaired 5) and compared to my higher grade example (no repaired 5) to attempt to pinpoint the dot in relation to a) the sea level and b) the linear circle. Whilst the border teeth are flatter on the more worn (repaired 5) example it does seem to me that the cannon ball fits in well with the expected location.....and must be bona fide.
  6. I think it looks like top part of another 'higher' 5 Blake, but then there is no other part of an underneath 5 protruding elsewhere which I guess I would have expected to see e.g. like this 1862/2
  7. Apologies for my earlier typo, I should of course have said reverse k (not L).
  8. Does your Cannon Ball have the repaired 5 Blake.... same question for Jerry x 3?
  9. Links to the two LCA pieces Richard:- Penny 1875 as Freeman 80 dies 8+H but with a raised dot below the fi : A154 L2439 : Auction Prices (londoncoins.co.uk) Penny 1875 as Freeman 80 dies 8+H but with a raised dot below the fi : A152 L2425 : Auction Prices (londoncoins.co.uk)
  10. Well spotted yourself Pete. I too saw that the 5 looked a bit strange, made me question whether the cannon ball was present because didn't think other cannon ball examples had anything going on with the 5. Anyway, here is a close-up to put you out of your misery.
  11. Yes, I saw you had 3 out of only 7 documented specimens to date, well done...... must drive you dotty!
  12. Poor grade, but found this 1875Ce (Cannon Ball) on ebay the other day. I noticed looking at latest MG page 68 that he still has the other type of 1875 with a dot (i.e. under the first I of VICTORIA) down as a Cd, with same obverse (his L) as the cannon ball. However, the only coins I have seen with dot under I have had the narrow date reverse. In fact I have only seen two 1875Cd's being sold since his 2009 book when type was first documented, both at auctions with LCA in 2016. Q. Does anyone know if the dot under first I of VICTORIA has actually (definitely) been seen paired with reverse L? Q. Isn't the dot under first I, type Cd, equally as rare as the cannon ball (and 1870 dot under Y) and worthy, therefore, of being in Richard's rarestpennies list?
  13. Thanks Pete, I don't have access to the CGS website pictures, but did check the aboutfarthings website and it wasn't mentioned on there.
  14. Not great with Farthings but picked up an 1822 the other day and spotted that the date seemed unusual. Someone will probably now tell me that this repair is well known!!
  15. alfnail


    Wasn't it a cue for Bottom to grab a hand? I guess if it had been the other way round that may have also caused an issue with FB!
  16. I've just listed a 1966 Freeman 2nd edition on ebay if anyone is interested. It's under books, not coins, so usual searches may not find it.
  17. alfnail


    Sounds good to me Mike, but maybe tomorrow will be better. Stop the world.....
  18. alfnail

    Gardening advice required

    It has taken me about 10 years to completely remove from my vegetable plot. After very little early success I decided not to grow vegetables one year and instead completely covered the vegetable plot with old 'hessian backed' carpets.............and it happily grew through those too!! I have managed to find weed killer which kills them if on the patio.............but clearly you cannot spray that over your vegetable plot.........so you just had to dig deep to get to the bottom of the roots as soon as they appear. They gradually disappear over the years with a lot of effort.
  19. alfnail

    Ebay imports from the EU

    Will be interesting to see if you are successful Jerry. I have used that form only once to attempt recovery of about £20, sent recorded but never had a reply from the Revenue!!
  20. Also, I thought that Mike got his F79 off ebay in Feb 2017, as previously reported on here..... not Alderley. The F7 today was advertised as cleaned, guessing explained the low hammer.
  21. Not sure his VIGTORIA is for sale though!
  22. Here it it Jerry, pretty sure of type even though a little blurred around numeral. Not a bad grade either:- 1862 GREAT BRITAIN PENNY - Rare Date HIGH Quality Coin - Big Value - Lot #A5 | eBay
  23. Anyone else watching the 1862 8/6 which was on ebay for 5 days, with two low bids, and then mysteriously disappeared?