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  1. Congratulations Richard....can't say I'm too surprised!!
  2. Remember feeling like this on a Friday!? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xlrm6FWLMPI
  3. Thanks Richard, I have to say that when I first saw it on the DNW auction it did look a bit unusual to me, but I couldn't really put my finger on it and thought that (as usual) I may be imagining what I wanted to see. Anyway, coupled with the F38 (which clearly loads of people did see) I decided to bid and got it for my maximum of £650. Will take some pictures of this 1874 once arrives and see if those shed some light as to F73 or F74.
  4. ….I expect I know who did though!!
  5. Afraid not Mike, I start to think (fear) my wife is looking over my shoulders talking about her next holiday when I get to those dizzy heights.....even if she's out shopping buying some 'useful' clothes for herself!
  6. Thanks Mike, and well done with your two purchases earlier today. Apart from the 1847 I would have liked to improve my 1858 F/B but it seems someone else spotted those in Lot 615. Punters are really sharp nowadays. 😏
  7. very clear reverse face on that one John
  8. Can I ask why you think this may be an F74, rather than standard F73 please Mike? Looking at Richard's englishpennies site I also struggle to see what makes the pictured example (i.e. the LCA Sept 2013 piece) a proof F74 rather than normal F73.
  9. Wouldn't that be snow if it was minus 9C Paddy? 😎
  10. Thanks Mike, I just kept the one with the best reverse
  11. Mike is right they do occasionally show up. I have bought an F24, F27 and F32 on ebay in the past 5 years.... only 1 of these was spotted by other bidders... so the total for all three was only around £500.....bargains can still be found, although it is increasingly difficult with so many people now playing the game
  12. Hey, I might have bid a little more if it had looked that good Terry!!
  13. F24 with missing top leaf sold in group on ebay last night, cropped pictures for Richard's site unless another member won it and can do better ones.
  14. One of the more interesting dot pennies I think is the 1853 Obverse with a small dot between the I and A of GRATIA. This exact same 'italic 5' obverse has been found paired with both a Plain Trident and an Ornamental Trident reverse. Think has been discussed a couple of times before on the forum, for example Page 18 of 'Penny Acquisition of the week'.....scrolling down past half way
  15. Round dot with die crack.....but which was there first?