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  1. alfnail

    Ebay's BEST Offerings

    All very interesting..... but ebay's best offerings? 😁
  2. alfnail

    Ebay's BEST Offerings

    I've seen about a dozen over the years, nearly all lower grader. Are you asking because I have one currently for sale on ebay?
  3. alfnail

    Ebay's BEST Offerings

    Definitely not 8/6 Mike. 2nd 8 is over gap on 8/6, but over tooth on the Coopers coin. Also no flaw through C of VICTORIA. Reverse colons also completely different locations.
  4. alfnail


    UK missiles £50M vs Iran Drones ₽? Stange world we live in!!
  5. no one expects the Super Imposition!!
  6. or these reverse marks on an 1860 F16:-
  7. Superimposition is often a useful tool for explaining certain features, e.g. on this 1859 penny:-
  8. The same clashing also happens on Victorian coppers. This mis-lead many collectors into thinking that some pennies had a ribbon behind Victoria's neck. My small Predecimal icon demonstrates, but here is the full picture for reference.
  9. Yes, superimposition, here are my originals for reference
  10. alfnail

    POST bandits

    He'll probably get quicker at his 68 times table!!
  11. Hi Cliff, hope all well with you. Over the years I have seen several YH pennies with similar weak dates. Here are some examples
  12. Very sceptical that it's an E over F Richard. If they had said it was a P over old style Y then that's very possible...........joking!!
  13. Here are the stats from my 5 years capture of YH penny ebay listings, from over a decade ago. I think if I were to now repeat the exercise (which I won't!) there will no longer be as many 1856's appearing. It seems that for Plain Tridents the small and large numeral types appear in similar numbers. I was a bit surprised when I did this exercise to find that approx. one third were OT's; I had expected fewer. It is still one of the few coins I seek in high grade for my collection, so it's annoying that there were examples like the one pictured below which got away from me!
  14. P.S. Congratulations on your Dave Craddock purchase, it had gone by the time I contacted him later in the day!
  15. The Cooper's coin has been on ebay at that price for a while Mike. In my opinion you did very well if you got a better one for only £155. The LRLD is still very difficult to find, even if not quite as rare as the small date variety.