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  1. The example which appeared on ebay a year or so ago was the same piece that was sold in the LCA December 2016 auction. I tracked down this ebayer and he said he made a mistake by putting a picture of the 1870 dot from his reference folder onto ebay, instead of the actual coin he had for sale! So that means 4 known so far, not 5
  2. Did you get any of the other Proofs Richard, I was tempted by the 1853?
  3. There were 4 nice Proof Victorian Coppers sold at Heritage a couple of days ago, the most expensive (worst condition of the four imo) was this 1859 at $5520. Interesting that the 59 date style on the proof is the same one which was over-stamped with 60 for the rare variety 1860/59
  4. One was sold by London Coins in December 2016 for £400 + BP (Ex-Findlow, see link); I can't see that they have sold another one since. http://www.londoncoins.co.uk/?page=Pastresults&auc=155&searchlot=1202&searchtype=2 Other than yours, and the one Bob sold to Tony C, I am only aware of one other which I saw briefly on ebay (think about a year ago) and then it disappeared...…..not sure why! So my feeling is that it is rarer than the 1897 Dot, and probably on a par with the 1875 Canon Ball. Maybe other members know of additional examples, would be good to hear.
  5. Did you buy it Mike?
  6. I have similar on an F29
  7. alfnail

    Open 3 pennies

    For reference, here's a close up of the London Coins type...……..where the serif doesn't look like an afterthought
  8. Hi Cliff, how are you keeping? Was thinking maybe it's a trick 'double heads' penny then!!
  9. alfnail

    Open 3 pennies

    Agreed Jerry, I think that these two types (pictures attached) both have downward serifs which point differently to the London Coins one which Mike has pictured
  10. Did I miss something on this one, went for about twice what I expected? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/1860-QUEEN-VICTORIA-GREAT-BRITAIN-BUN-HEAD-BRONZE-PENNY-1D-COIN-/362550780257?nma=true&si=KU3owCk%2BD8%2Fos%2F2s%2FhI7oP0uhRo%3D&orig_cvip=true&nordt=true&rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675.l2557 Perhaps some interesting ghosting, a flying ship and a broken index finger...………...… but I thought that all these things were quite common!
  11. We're just back from The Gambia where they call the Dutch people Hollandish!!
  12. Excellent, pretty sure that a pedant would want that correcting!!
  13. D & H has the YORK Number 70 as 'Scarce', see bottom of first attachment. But I have found another reference by S.H. Hamer (second attachment) which says that only 200 of these were struck. Is that a printing error, because surely the rarity could not be just 'Scarce' if only that number were struck. I would have thought it would get an R rating, probably RRR. Thanks for any education offered.
  14. That's excellent thanks Paulus, your help is much appreciated. The 3 coins I bought all seem to look even better 'in the hand'. All the best, Ian