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  1. I have similar on an F29
  2. alfnail

    Open 3 pennies

    For reference, here's a close up of the London Coins type...……..where the serif doesn't look like an afterthought
  3. Hi Cliff, how are you keeping? Was thinking maybe it's a trick 'double heads' penny then!!
  4. alfnail

    Open 3 pennies

    Agreed Jerry, I think that these two types (pictures attached) both have downward serifs which point differently to the London Coins one which Mike has pictured
  5. Did I miss something on this one, went for about twice what I expected? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/1860-QUEEN-VICTORIA-GREAT-BRITAIN-BUN-HEAD-BRONZE-PENNY-1D-COIN-/362550780257?nma=true&si=KU3owCk%2BD8%2Fos%2F2s%2FhI7oP0uhRo%3D&orig_cvip=true&nordt=true&rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675.l2557 Perhaps some interesting ghosting, a flying ship and a broken index finger...………...… but I thought that all these things were quite common!
  6. We're just back from The Gambia where they call the Dutch people Hollandish!!
  7. Excellent, pretty sure that a pedant would want that correcting!!
  8. D & H has the YORK Number 70 as 'Scarce', see bottom of first attachment. But I have found another reference by S.H. Hamer (second attachment) which says that only 200 of these were struck. Is that a printing error, because surely the rarity could not be just 'Scarce' if only that number were struck. I would have thought it would get an R rating, probably RRR. Thanks for any education offered.
  9. That's excellent thanks Paulus, your help is much appreciated. The 3 coins I bought all seem to look even better 'in the hand'. All the best, Ian
  10. Many thanks for this information. May I ask if numbers 63 to 67 which you have shown on this page are the only York tokens documented in this book, or are there more following on the next page? I did buy a couple of James Carlille HP tokens just the other day which I would have expected to see, these are pictured below. Thanks again,
  11. Can anyone help with more information on this coin please? I do not own the coin; it is a picture I put into my reference notes many years ago when I bought a YORK Clifford's Tower + Minster 1795 Half Penny, but I don't think I have ever seen another York Minster one paired with QUEENS BAYS Cavalry...………….. so think it must be a rare piece. Not my area of expertise, but think I may now want to collect the YORK (my home town) Tokens as a bit of a side-line to Victoria Pennies, so if anyone can help improve my knowledge of those pieces that would be much appreciated.
  12. ….and here is a close up of the overdate on that coin. The 4/4 more convincing, with the front of the underneath 4 quite clear...………..as highlighted (red arrows)
  13. Hi Ian

    has the 1919 H gone?


    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. IanB


      Sorry Ian, a little bit beyond my budget but thank you for letting me know.


    3. alfnail


      No worries Ian, may I ask what you were hoping to get it for?

    4. IanB


      Not really sure, did not have a figure in my mind. But £600 is just of my price range.


  14. One I picked up a few years ago. Don't really collect this series, so would sell to a serious buyer, plz PM me if interested.
  15. Thanks Terry, another forum member has also contacted me and said 4/4, looks like plain tail 4 corrected to new crosslet 4