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  1. Looks like the canon ball has blasted through the rim and hit the lighthouse on this one!
  2. alfnail

    Ebay's BEST Offerings

    One of my better purchases on ebay, open auction, 5 bids, got it for £23. Actual ebay picture and one I took of the coin when it arrived.
  3. alfnail

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    I see that 4 different bidders got caught by that fake 1843, which sold for over £100. Like you say Mike, 'caveat emptor'.
  4. alfnail

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    ... and I suspect that the edge knocks and cleaning have been deliberately done in an attempt to make it look authentic.
  5. alfnail

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    I see that someone has now bid on this, amazing! https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/1843-Victoria-Copper-Penny/164249753649
  6. Thanks both. I have emailed you those 1858/7 pictures you wanted to see Mike.
  7. Sorry, I think I have been an idiot. The picture of the 1858 which Richard showed above is the same as the type pictured on MG's website which he names CP 1858 G. I now think that I have mistakenly given the link to the other forum, saying that it discussed this date variety, when in fact it was discussing another very similar, but DIFFERENT 1858 overdate...….. which is the one often seen paired with the re-cut large rose reverse variety. That date also has a distinct 1/1 whereas the CP 1858 G does not. Unfortunately the pictures on that discussion have now been removed as it was so long ago (2009). In an effort to try to redeem myself I show below the two different 1858 overdates, so we can again discuss 9/8's, 8/3's or whatever.
  8. I think that when MG was suggesting a small 9 back in the 2009 discussion he was probably thinking of the small numeral 9 on the penny, i.e. his 1859B as per this image....but the halfpenny 9 may perhaps be an equally good bet!
  9. This date style was discussed in another forum back in 2009, picture of the actual date now removed but text makes interesting reading http://forums.collectors.com/messageview.cfm?catid=6&threadid=712566&STARTPAGE=1
  10. I could put a copy of the article on here if someone in authority could confirm I wouldn't be in breach of any copyright
  11. Lux.... the alluring world of French roses, each flower carefully picked.....seriously though, had more sushine in the month of May than my panels have ever recorded in any previous calendar month.... but now I need a holiday....... a few wet days makes you quickly forget
  12. This is the variety which MG described in the Spinks May 2010 circular as most likely being an 1858/2. It is distinctive by the die flaws which commence along the bottom of the numerals, and then further develops along the top and also towards the border. I have never seen one without any numeral flaws, so would be interesting to know if anyone has one like that.
  13. Repaired V in VICTORIA on 1848Ad
  14. I believe this is Plain Date Gouby Style Ad. Later strikes on this variety develop the die flaw which can be seen on your own piece (nice coin by the way) running through the VIC legend. This flaw also runs through the bottom of a repaired V in VICTORIA as shown below.
  15. ….and the DEI legend features