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  1. I'm really not experienced about higher grade large silver coins of Victorian era Here goes Victoria Young Head half crown which overall seems to be VF if not better. Please check attached images, hope they are capable to illustrate my question. I'm talking about a crack on reverse residing left from the crown going through the very end of 'BRITANNIARUM' inscription. Starting on the 'U', going right crossing 'M' and ending like a scale. What is it? Just a flaw of the blank the coin was made of? Or the sign that coin could be a fake cheap metal imitation covered with silver? That scale-like thing makes me paranoid. The half crown itself weights about 14.1 grams which is correct value. Thanks.
  2. Thanks for comments, guys. If it's just about the die broking or its progressing wear, I wonder why it's considered as a variety. Anyways, Gothic design is such sexy one, even quite worn specimens look appealing
  3. Greetings Haven't posted here for about a year I have acquired recently a Gothic florin anno 1881 in more or less fine grade. But while examining obverse found that third 'x' on roman year number looks more like 'r'- a variety that is mentioned in catalogs. Took a closer look, there is a raised bump in our problem spot which looks bright because it's rubbed and backround is significally darker. Looks it like a die error or heavily rubbed understruck spot? Please check attached pic. Surprisingly I found 1881 florin with "clear" mdccclxxxi date in "The Standard Guide Grading British Coins" displayed as VF grade example of Victoria Gothic Head. For comparsion.
  4. Vlad1410

    Bulk lots

    Interesting concern, haven't thought about it before. However always when I spot something cool looking, I go first check what other lots from this seller are about.
  5. Vlad1410

    Bulk lots

    I see 2 nice condition pennies, but others look miserable
  6. Vlad1410

    Bulk lots

    Living overseas means high postage costs, I mostly cannot enjoy your free p&p world and can't afford frequent purchases of 1-3 coins per order at wish even price is good, because postage cost for small pack of coins instead of hoard actually may take 1/3 or even more of total paid and nobody want's to buy at greater prices So bulks can be solution for those remote newbies looking for unexpensive stuff. But major con I see major about buying bulk lots: you will be very soon will overfilled with useless junk grade coins without much use.
  7. Vlad1410

    Bulk lots

  8. Vlad1410

    Bulk lots

    Hello folks, This is my post here. Sorry for my poor English and if similar topic is already present on the Predecimal forums. As a very beginner collector may I ask more experienced people: is it useful in your opinion to acquire on regular basis bulk lots on e-bays and other internet auction sites in effort to build a collection from scratch? I mean those "50 British halfpenny coins xxxx to yyyy <put_monarch's_name(s)_here>" auctions where some exemplars of better and nicer grade can be sifted out. You can ensure that some good coin is present carefully examining photos (if any correctly made). Sometimes prices for such lots are relatively low as counted per coin. Thanks!