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  1. The bi-metallic £2 coin was issued in packs - the single metal version was not. That is the one that concerns me. (Mentioned on page 71 of Chris's excellent book on Decimal coins.)
  2. Interesting! The only time I tried to claim on this the teller in the post office was adamant that coins were not covered even on Special Delivery! Also note further down, "Money" includes only legal tender currency - so anything old is excluded. Also note the long list of foreign countries that will not accept "money" (including China!). Overall my experience of Special Delivery (as with most insurance systems) is that when you come to claim there is always a reason why you can't.
  3. Fair point - most of the other trial coins that are collected are for coins thaat never entered circulation in that format. Still not sure what "law" they can apply though.
  4. Yes - I was wondering where all the much older trial coins are left if this one is now deemed illegal to sell. Would also be interesting to hear a lawyer's point of view. Is it illegal to sell from a criminal or civil point of view? If the latter (as I suspect) then the only person breaking the law would be the one who was issued the coin by the RM and then failed to return it. There is no contract between the RM and anyone else who might have come across one (in change for example). If it is a criminal matter - what law has been broken?
  5. I wonder where this leaves all the previous trial coins produced by the Royal Mint? I have the single colour 1994 £2 coin, which was never issued for sale - I presume I would run into the same problems selling it? (The bi-metallic one is OK as the RM sold it in sets.)
  6. Not sure if Ebay have pulled them too, or just they are all sold. I can't find any still for sale there at the moment...
  7. No problems @azda - I know about those rules, but I find putting those words on the listing have reduced the frivolous claims - and Ebay have never objected. What I actually do is: Cheap items - 1st class ordinary - if the buyer claims I refund at my expense. (I haven't had to for several years now.) More expensive items - 1st class signed for. If the buyer says it hasn't arrived and it shows signed for on the tracking, Ebay will support the seller. If the RM does not deliver you are stuck as their refund will never cover the cost of the item, but so far I have not encountered that. Special Delivery is pretty pointless as their Ts&Cs specifically exclude coins from compensation! I don't generally sell really valuable coins on Ebay for that reason. I guess if I needed to I would resort to an alternative carrier. International is a different matter...
  8. I sold one of the 1920 no dots on Ebay a few weeks ago - in slightly better condition I would suggest. It made just £9.95 and went off to the USA. Here is the link: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Australia-1920-No-Dots-Penny-Scarcer-type-/351835751712
  9. Looks like they are finally getting on with the circulation issue of the Hastings 1066 50p coin: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-sussex-37610910
  10. Not much of my stuff is good enough to show much toning, but I pulled out these 3 that look OK:
  11. Paddy

    2009 Blue Peter Olympic 50p

    I thought this was resolved - The Royal Mint had authorised a run of up to 100,000 and this figure was initially fed out to the media, however recent enquiries to the Royal Mint by Sarah - copied earlier in this thread - got the response that only 17951 were actually produced.
  12. It seems to be real, though I am not sure how rare yet. This is one of many completed listings for them: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/50p-2015-Battle-Of-Britain-ERROR-NO-DENOMINATION-Uncirculated-/182192563983?hash=item2a6b85e70f%3Ag%3AYToAAOSwvg9XWVVH&nma=true&si=zZhGW%252BO%252B5CIGHB58mUnWTxAkPqo%253D&orig_cvip=true&rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675.l2557 It may not be an error as such, and it seems possible the early release coins in the folders were struck with the 4th bust (and no denomination) whereas the circulation run was struck with the 5th bust. Not found the 4th bust in circulation yet.
  13. Yes I wish there were some way of stopping the constant stream of new "rareties" that Ebay sellers keep inventing. I regularly sell collectable decimal coinage at flea markets and I am approached almost every week by someone trying to tell me about the latest scarcity going for a fortune on the net. Poorly struck letters, missing dots and "upside down" lettering are standard fare. Then there are the attempts to declare some regular struck coin as rare - there was a concerted effort to make the Benjamin Britten 50p into another Kew Gardens recently. Two rumours I am less sure are spurious, which someone here might be able to clarify: The water lines across the face on the Olympics 2011 Aquatics 50p The 2015 Battle of Britain 50p struck with the type 4 obverse instead of the type 5, resulting in a coin with no denomination.
  14. Certainly they are knackered! I don't know about the casting being an issue - not an area I know much about. These have been gathered from various job lots over 10 to 15 years so from very mixed sources. I thought #seuk might be interested for his survey!
  15. I certainly can't give you a definite yes or no on that one but: For: I can't see any obvious mistakes, I think I can see the ghost of an underlying coin under the bust, the damage and scratches look reasonable, the seller looks to have been around for a long time selling similar valued stock with good feedback. Against: There are a lot of forgeries of this coin - even the seller may have been caught. By the look of the seller I think he would be very reasonable if you felt the need to return it, so worth a punt. I doubt it will end at such a low price though!
  16. Seeing these contemporary counterfeits reminded me I had a handful of very low grade ones tucked away in the "What the heck do I do with these" box!
  17. Paddy

    Olympic Coin Expert Wanted!

    I was never a great fan of the Whitman folders - either the coins kept falling out and people used glue or selotape to hold them in, or they got so firmly stuck that you destroyed the folder if you tried to remove them. I think the gap in the market has been filled to an extent by the new "Coin Hunter" series, which I think is from the Royal Mint. Certainly it has boosted the interest in all modern 50ps, not just the Olympic ones.
  18. Paddy

    Adjustment lines or not?

    I switch allegiance to the pre-strike camp, an idea I had not heard of before. I cannot see them as adjustment marks - no one would adjust across the centre of the coin, particularly if it meant defacing the monarch. I hear the arguments against it being deliberate defacement - the parallel nature of the lines and the fact that they are evident in other places on the coin away from the head.
  19. Paddy

    Helping hand

    As I am also a member on the US Cointalk forum I passed on a link to this thread over there. It seems that many of them already know of this company and none (so far) have a good word to say of them. Here is the link: https://www.cointalk.com/threads/dodgy-company-from-the-us-trying-it-on-in-the-uk.284440/#post-2530327 although may need to login/register in order to see it.
  20. Paddy

    Adjustment lines or not?

    I go the other way - I have always seen adjustment marks done to the edge of the coin, often with a file. I can't see the practicality of scraping metal off across the middle. Also it would have been taken as a slight to the king in any case.
  21. Haven't seen any of those yet - another gap to deal with! (but to be fair I would rather a Saxon penny to fill one of my gaps....)
  22. Yes of course I have the KNs - I was just being brief! Thanks for all your links - I will investigate later. My period collecting is ALL milled - so Oliver Cromwell to the latest decimal coins. (And yes, the Elizabeth I milled examples when I can get them too.) The only recent exclusion is the modern £5 coins since the Royal Mint went crazy with the numbers and prices of these non-circulation issues. (I also don't count Channel Islands etc - mainland English/British only.) And Gold is out - just can't afford it. In Bronze I am complete on all the standard issues right through, though some of the scarcer ones are pretty rough. Lots of gaps in the tin issues. Silver - missing a handful back to 1860, thereafter missing quite a few of the larger denominations back to 1694. Before that I have quite a few, but more gaps than ticks, to the beginning of Charles II. No Cromwell yet. And just to keep me going I set a newer target of one of each monarch in the hammered back as far as I can go... So seriously insane!
  23. I am very sad - I collect ALL denominations of British milled coins, but I have confined myself to standard issues so far. I have examples of all the Standard pennies with and without H except the mega-rare. I have the same for Halfpennies and farthings except a few early tin ones. (To do this I have been prepared to take coins in any condition to start with and have then gradually upgraded.) I have quite a few varieties of Pennies and halfpennies that I have been able to identify, but I do not know if any of my "standard" ones are actually rarer varieties. (Most have come from collections bought at Car boot sales and general auctions, so most have not been through the hands of a serious collector recently.) Hence my interest in learning more and spending some happy winter months going through them and, hopefully, finding a few pleasant surprises!
  24. That's great - thanks. I will get onto it!
  25. Looking for some advice! With all the chat over variations in this forum I am inclined to improve my knowledge and reference library - particularly for British Bronze coinage. I have quite a few excellent condition examples in my collection, but I only know of the main variations listed in ESC, so I may have some satrs lurking in the depths! I have ESC of course but find it very limited and difficult to follow in this area. I have an old copy of Freeman but I gather this is out of date in many areas. I presume I need Gouby - what is the latest printing, how much should I expect to pay and where might I get a copy? Do I need Peck? Is there anything else I should go for? (I saw some chat about a new publication coming from Chris P on the topic, but I haven't seen a publication date (or am I being blind again?).) Thanks! Paddy