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  1. Haven't seen any of those yet - another gap to deal with! (but to be fair I would rather a Saxon penny to fill one of my gaps....)
  2. Yes of course I have the KNs - I was just being brief! Thanks for all your links - I will investigate later. My period collecting is ALL milled - so Oliver Cromwell to the latest decimal coins. (And yes, the Elizabeth I milled examples when I can get them too.) The only recent exclusion is the modern £5 coins since the Royal Mint went crazy with the numbers and prices of these non-circulation issues. (I also don't count Channel Islands etc - mainland English/British only.) And Gold is out - just can't afford it. In Bronze I am complete on all the standard issues right through, though some of the scarcer ones are pretty rough. Lots of gaps in the tin issues. Silver - missing a handful back to 1860, thereafter missing quite a few of the larger denominations back to 1694. Before that I have quite a few, but more gaps than ticks, to the beginning of Charles II. No Cromwell yet. And just to keep me going I set a newer target of one of each monarch in the hammered back as far as I can go... So seriously insane!
  3. I am very sad - I collect ALL denominations of British milled coins, but I have confined myself to standard issues so far. I have examples of all the Standard pennies with and without H except the mega-rare. I have the same for Halfpennies and farthings except a few early tin ones. (To do this I have been prepared to take coins in any condition to start with and have then gradually upgraded.) I have quite a few varieties of Pennies and halfpennies that I have been able to identify, but I do not know if any of my "standard" ones are actually rarer varieties. (Most have come from collections bought at Car boot sales and general auctions, so most have not been through the hands of a serious collector recently.) Hence my interest in learning more and spending some happy winter months going through them and, hopefully, finding a few pleasant surprises!
  4. That's great - thanks. I will get onto it!
  5. Looking for some advice! With all the chat over variations in this forum I am inclined to improve my knowledge and reference library - particularly for British Bronze coinage. I have quite a few excellent condition examples in my collection, but I only know of the main variations listed in ESC, so I may have some satrs lurking in the depths! I have ESC of course but find it very limited and difficult to follow in this area. I have an old copy of Freeman but I gather this is out of date in many areas. I presume I need Gouby - what is the latest printing, how much should I expect to pay and where might I get a copy? Do I need Peck? Is there anything else I should go for? (I saw some chat about a new publication coming from Chris P on the topic, but I haven't seen a publication date (or am I being blind again?).) Thanks! Paddy
  6. Paddy

    2009 Blue Peter Olympic 50p

    That's what I am counting on. I have a spare stashed away now to await the day. Now - where's the email address for the Daily Mail?
  7. Paddy

    My Saxon Coin Collection

    Yes they are scans as you supposed. I do not have the camera equipment to take better shots, and the only option on the scanner is to double the dpi - which runs into the picture size limits! One day I will get into better photography but at the moment my cash is spent on the coins, not on photographing them. :-)
  8. This forum seems to have been a bit quiet for a while! A long time ago I set myself the target of getting one coin from each of the Wessex/All England kings. I got to seven about 4 years ago and have stalled since then. Here's what I have so far for your comment/appreciation. (I hope not to hear the word "fake" too much, but if you have your suspicions please say so.) Aethelred II:
  9. Paddy

    My Saxon Coin Collection

    You are right - Svein forkbeard and Edmund Ironside are impossible, Eadwig very difficult. By my reckoning going back to Egbert I need 11 more, so it could be some time!
  10. Paddy

    My Saxon Coin Collection

    Edward the Confessor:
  11. I don't do tokens that much but I have gathered a tray full of spares from amongst job lots over the years. These are a couple of the better ones I think:
  12. Paddy

    Profile amendments

    Ah - OK - a useful link thanks. Only another 7 posts and it will look a lot better at "Newmismatist"!
  13. Paddy

    Profile amendments

    Are we able to change the tag below our avatar in our profile somewhere? Mine shows as "Unidentified Variety" which is a bit uncomfortable! :-) I would like it to say something like "Eccentric Enthusiast" if that is allowed?
  14. This is the best condition 18th century British Copper I have. I hope no one is going to tell me its a forgery!
  15. Paddy

    2009 Blue Peter Olympic 50p

    Ah yes but the next one only went for £31 plus postage!
  16. Paddy

    1903 open 3 variations

    I don't know if this is the right place to post this - I don't usually do the variations but I have had this in my Penny albumas an Open 3 1903 for years. Am I right? Of the various variations on a variation listed here, which is it? :-)
  17. These also from last week - 1887 I know is very common, but the 1888 is scarcer and the chap would only part with them as a set.
  18. Actually these were last week at a Car boot sale, but I have only just found this thread:
  19. Paddy

    1922 coin ???

    Yes - there is a strong tradition of embedding coins in building and renovation work in the UK. Around Door jambs and under window sills are fairly normal. Thatchers often hide a coin in the deepest level of thatch near the chimney. I recently had a lovely 1776 (sic) halfpenny evasion from under a window sill in Poole. Picture attached
  20. Paddy

    Help attaching Images

    Thanks for that. Yes I had gathered that the site was all funded by Chris at the moment, and I do know these things cost money. I suppose my question would be: Isn't it time to get more funding and so expand? As far as I know predecimal.com is the best known and most respected forum for UK coins but it could be so much more if it were allowed to expand. Cointalk in the US has so many excellent pictures uploaded in so many categories that it has become a "first port of call" for many trying to ID or value unusual coins and tokens. It is only "OK" on UK coins and so there is a gap in the market. Could Predecimalcoins not raise more money from advertising? I would have thought many coin auction houses and dealers would be happy to post ads here in the banners. Also Cointalk has a mechanism by which happy customers can donate money towards the continued upkeep of the site - has that been tried here?