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  1. Paddy

    Knights Templar Medalet

    Is there anything written on the edge? I have found reference in the American Journal of Numismatics online where they were discussing any Masonic relevance to a very similar medal, but that had "john broadley ld elect may 1" engraved on the edge.
  2. Paddy

    More potter trix

    Unfortunately I think the RM has caught the disease from the numerous other "numismatic collectable" con merchants out there. I was called to a local shop yesterday to help evaluate a coin collection someone had brought in. My heart sank as I spotted a box full of leatherette cases from a range of the usual suspects. The usual cons: "Gold" coins that are actually layered, "limited editions" of 10000+, "collectables" that are anything but. The unfortunate owner had paid out over £8000 over a number of years as, he thought, an investment. He had sent them to one of the posh auction houses in London (I don't know which one) in expectation of a profit - they had returned it - "not interested". Hence he had tried his mate in the antique shop and I had to break the bad news. There was some gold - the world's smallest gold coins collection - and some silver (Olympics ingots). The bulk was base metal with gold or silver plating and the hideous coloured enamels. I believe he would make less than a tenth of his investment back. I left with my blood boiling. Surely it is time some ombudsman got onto these racketeers?
  3. Paddy

    More potter trix

    Once upon a time First day covers came out only a few times a year, were avidly collected and were deemed a reasonable investment. Then they started producing more and more, increasing the value of the stamps so that one could easily spend £30 or more on a single issue, with sometimes a dozen issues in a year. Unsurprisingly people got p*****d off with it. Now pretty much any first day cover from the 60s onwards can be bought at auction for an average of 50p each. Nobody wants them! If you speak to the stamp dealers at fairs, they won't even buy them - they have attics full of stock they cannot shift. Killed the goose that laid the golden egg...
  4. Paddy

    More potter trix

    With the increasing plethora of off-kilter stuff the Royal Mint is producing I have decided to restrict myself to coins from circulation only. I feel I am being taken for a mug when they bring out more and more outlandish products at exorbitant prices. I think they are in danger of "killing the goose that lays the golden egg" in the same way the Post Office has killed the First Day cover market.
  5. Paddy

    I’m new to the forum

    Yes - you need to have a minimum of 30 posts before you can post or reply in the For Sale section. Says so in the rules in the thread pinned to the top of that section.
  6. Paddy

    I’m new to the forum

    Maybe, but I suspect as you have had it graded, the price will be too high for me. I am always short of money, but I do a lot of scouting for bargains! Graded coins are not my thing really - I prefer to be able to handle the coins and make my own mind up as to how good it is, not have someone else tell me.
  7. Paddy

    I’m new to the forum

    Good - we have some common ground. I don't do the gold but otherwise milled British coins as far back as I can get. Are you looking for any in particular? Quite a few people here have spares if you tell us what you need.
  8. Paddy

    I’m new to the forum

    Welcome @Platinumskies1 ! I am not on any the other places you mention - what coins are you into?
  9. I think the thing that gives away the value changes since then most is that Registered Post was only 3/6 - 17.5p in modern money! I think the other coin that must have been very much top whack back then was the 1904 Half Crown for £140. Even in EF that seems a lot and not far off what you would pay for one now.
  10. As you know, I am no expert at these yet, but it looks right to me. Interesting that the H seems to be offset to the left - is that a regular occurrence?
  11. Very nice looking coin! I downloaded the images and blew them up. I think I see traces of yellow overlaying the coin - particularly to the right of the reverse, which is what I would expect to see from a thin layer of varnish on the coin that had mostly been cleaned off. I guess that was what the seller was describing? If so, Acetone should certainly remove it, but you might want to be cautious in case it changes the colour balance of the whole coin? If the varnish used was very old it might have been shellac, in which case alcohol should remove it too - surgical spirit is what I use.
  12. Paddy

    1804 Bank of England Dollar Enigma

    Hi PNMY, welcome to Predecimal coins! I can't say I know the answer to your query - it took me a moment to work out what your query was. I certainly know nothing of the William Booth forgeries you mention. I have one dollar of my own, pictures below. I believe this to be genuine, and the leaves at the top of the head do point slightly to the right of the letter E above. Does this help?
  13. Paddy

    Olympic 50ps

    I can let you have Aquatics, Athletics and Badminton for face value plus £1 for postage and packing, if you are interested?
  14. Could one of you experts on halfpenny varieties help me out with this? I have a very nice 1799 Halfpenny, but wehn I count the gunports I always come up with 7 relief - whereas Spink lists varieties 6 and 9 relief, 5 incuse and a couple of plain hull. Am I misreading it, or are there more varieties than Spink lists?
  15. I am pretty sure these are brass gaming tokens of the mid 19th century. Designed to look like the Gold guineas of the late 18th century, they regularly cause confusion! There are collectors of these, but not at great value. The one on the right is particularly nicely struck on the reverse.
  16. Paddy

    Lybian Coins

    Welcome to Predecimal coins! I can't say I can help you a great deal with the coins you describe, but hopefully others will chip in. Being a mainly British coin forum, I suspect you won't get a great deal on the Libyan or Korean coins here, but the Australian ones will probably work. A list of what you have from Australia would be a good start, with pictures to follow if they sound good. Good luck!
  17. Excellent - thanks Rob, that clears it up. For some reason my copy of Spink mentions 5, 6 and 9 but not 7. I don't have Bramah - does it give any indication of relative scarcity between the types? Thanks again.
  18. Seems a little odd that on the 5 incuse the middle blob counts but on the 6/7 relief it doesn't? :-) No idea what caused your mottling. I would guess it has been cleaned in some strong chemical a long time ago and has since regained some natural toning, but can't disguise the pitting caused by the chemical. I have tried to get better pictures of my 3 varieties. In order - 6 (7!) Relief, Plain Hull, 5 Incuse. Interesting when you see them this close together how hugely different the ships are.
  19. Ah - so the middle blob is not a gunport but something else? Is there anywhere that shows the various types alongside each other to compare? I also have what I believe are the 5 incuse and the plain hull in less clear condition. If I can work out how to get clear photos at this scale out of my camera, I am quite happy to contribute to such a site!
  20. Hi Semma4, welcome to predecimal coins. I have had a look at a few of your images, and I can't see anything obviously Saxon amongst them. One is clearly French Medieval and others seem to be brass Jettons. Many people on here will not view your images as they are external links. Further, having to click on each link individually is frustrating, particularly when you have repeated several links. If you use something like Onedrive you can provide a single link to a folder of pictures, which makes them much easier to view. It would also help if you cropped the images so we can see the coin instead of lots of background. If you still want more information try some of the above and get some good sharp photos taken so we have some chance of nailing them down.
  21. Paddy

    Old Dutch and US coins

    I have a coin friend who is very into his Dutch coinage - if you put it on here I will send him a link. (He is an American so he usually hangs around coin fora over there.)
  22. Paddy

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    When I was at university I went through a barbed wire fence (backwards while drunk) and it raked my face on the way through - but I ended up with fewer scratches on my face than that half crown!
  23. Paddy

    light 1562 sixpence

    What should the weight be? Spinks does not give weights or even ranges - is there a good online source for such info?
  24. Paddy

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    Certainly dodged a bullet! I don't think I would go more than £20 on the lot - and did you see the postage charges?
  25. Paddy

    US Grading vs UK Grading.....

    I have no problem with questioning or even attacking the TPGs. I stay out of these arguments simply because I do not "get" the whole principle of locking coins away in plastic coffins. For me the joy of "collecting" is finding coins - often in unexpected places and at low prices - to add to my collection, regardless of grade. When I can, I improve the grade of the coins I have and move on the redundant ones. The thrill is in the hunt and filling the gaps. Graded and encapsulated coins seem to me much more of an investment or commodity based game, which is alien to me. Hence I do not give a fig for the debates back and forth on which TPGs grade how and which system is right or wrong. If I like a coin and I can afford it, I buy it. If it happens to be in a plastic coffin, I will break it out - unless it is so valuable it makes more sense to sell it on as it is. Watch me get flamed for stating my opinion - another reason why I usually stay out of these debates.And @ozjohn please don't leave - this forum moves pretty slowly, so the lack of opinion from others is more to do with the number of people watching.