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  1. Here is one of them for detail:
  2. Well this doesn't happen often. At the market yesterday a chap brought me a small box of coins including 8 1908 Pennies all around AU! I believe they are all F166, so not desperately scarce, but uncommon with this amount of lustre. I cannot possibly use all of these - I will post in the For Sale section in case anybody needs one.
  3. Paddy

    Roger Bickford-Smith

    Does the name Roger Bickford-Smith mean anything to anyone here? A friend of mine, who has become a coin collector in the last few years, mentioned that his uncle, the above named Roger, was a keen Penny collector - probably in the 1960s - and was writing a treatise on some aspect of penny varieties when he died quite young. My friend would be keen to know if any papers or articles by him still exist.
  4. Paddy

    Roger Bickford-Smith

    It certainly sounds possible - I will pass on to my friend. Can't be many people with that name writing on coins! Thanks,
  5. Wow! Makes it quite a score then! I think I paid about £30 for the 4 penny, 3 halfpenny, 1 farthing and 1 brass threepence Whitman folders mostly complete! That one better go in my collection then.
  6. ... and finally a 1916 in rather good condition:
  7. This one is 1863, I believe dies 6 and G so F42 - common but quite nice:
  8. I mentioned picking up a decent Half Crown - 1927 proof version - in a bunch of Whitman folders this week. I also got a full range of other folders in the series - mostly full, much in low grade - but a few pleasant surprises like these (one per post): 1860 Beaded border - I believe dies 1 and B so F6 but please correct me if I am wrong.
  9. Ah - I was going from the Spink book which only mentions this design of reverse in proof. Were they released in circulation strike too?
  10. Picked up this one yesterday in a Whitman folder of half crowns at about scrap silver price. I can't say I had the proof 1927 on my target list, but I am happy to add it to my collection now I have it. It looks to me as if it has seen some circulation before being put away in the folder - I wonder how it got out?
  11. Yes, I know it has been mounted and repaired, but still an attractive design. The Hapsburg chin was the clincher for me:
  12. Paddy

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    He has it as a "Private Listing" so you can't even see the pattern to his shill bidding.
  13. I don't often get drawn to the dark side (foreign coins) but here a couple more I got a while back. I particularly like the Hannover piece as it is George IV as Elector of Hannover as well as King of Britain.
  14. Paddy

    1905 Halfcrown

    I am not going to risk dipping it - I quite like the exaggerated detail that comes with the toning. I will leave any cleaning to my successors in its custodianship.
  15. Paddy

    Chinese coin on ebay

    I can see it in Krause - Y#335, page 440 in my 2011 edition. Described as "Unadopted design of National emblem". Estimated value bears no resemblance to the figures on Ebay though!
  16. Paddy

    1905 Halfcrown

    Or mine! More tarnished but maybe more detail?
  17. I think it is called Horsetail or Mare's Tail. See https://www.rhs.org.uk/advice/profile?pid=257 for advice.
  18. I picked up these two fractional farthings as upgrades yesterday - swapped for some Roman pieces I had spare:
  19. This is my type 2 1826 farthing - not too bad and picked up cheap in a job lot:
  20. The 1888 and 1909 look very obviously heavily cleaned to me. It is not just the colour, but also the evidence of quite a bit of wear, which is at odds with the apparent lustre. I see quite a few like this, where some amateur has been at them with lemon juice or similar. I would be less certain of the 1854 - the wear and residual lustre look much more in keeping.
  21. Paddy

    Help And Advice For A Beginner

    Welcome to the forum Greg! You ask a lot of questions that needs long answers, and I am sure others will chip in with their thoughts. Just to let you know, I also live in Devon, so if you would like to meet up, we can discuss and I can pass on my thoughts. (I have been collecting and dealing for 20 years+.) I am in Barnstaple Pannier market most Wednesdays, if you are in North Devon?
  22. Reasonably decent 1918 Florin upgrade picked up cheap the other day:
  23. I still think this is the best way to deal with them:
  24. Paddy

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    He can't even get the date right!