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  1. I am certainly a home wine maker, but I am a long way from Milton Keynes (North Devon), so I am not sure it is worth the cost of getting them down here. I suspect anyway that they would not make great wine - as a general rule, grapes that are good to eat make uninteresting wine. They tend to lack the tannin and acidity that produces a palatable wine as they have been bred to be sweet and light. Grape jelly might be an alternative?
  2. Paddy

    Back to the future?

    It would be a hell of a boost to our IT industry! Can you imagine the amount of work needed to convert all our old systems to £sd? When I was with IBM in the 1990s we used to joke that that was the way to really create "jobs for life".
  3. Italian State of Livorno - see https://en.numista.com/catalogue/pieces51310.html
  4. This card I picked up in an auction lot the other day - rather tickled me: It occurred to me later that: It would have seemed funny at the time because the thought that the vicar might have had any nefarious purpose would have been unthinkable and In the modern day his attentions would more likely have been aimed at the young men of the parish!
  5. Paddy

    Help With Denarius Identification

    Also interesting is that he was succeeded by Caracalla and Geta - brothers. They couldn't stand their father's advisors, so had them all beheaded. A recent excavation in York discovered a Roman cemetery with about 30 bodies buried with their heads between their knees - presumed to be Septimus Severus's advisors. Geta didn't last long - murdered probably on the orders of his brother. Caracalla only made it another 5 years before too was murdered. Who would be emperor in those days!
  6. Paddy

    Help With Denarius Identification

    This is the example on Wildwinds - looks to be a good match though the OP coin is rather cruder in design, particularly on the reverse.
  7. There are generally two reasons for getting into crypto currency: The legitimate one is to make a profit by gambling on the value going up. This may be a great success, but may also lose everything invested. Doing through Paypal is as good as anywhere. The other reason is to use the funds for possibly illegal purchases, or to launder illegal capital, as crypto currency is largely untrackable. Not sure Paypal would allow this as you would need to be logged in to Paypal to make your illegal purchase or transfer, and that inevitably means it is trackable!
  8. Paddy

    Help With Denarius Identification

    Certainly going to be tricky! Very little to go on - I can't really work out any of the lettering. The head looks reminiscent of Septimus Severus with the possibly forked beard? The reverse looks a bit crudely designed, which made me think of a barbarous copy - but that doesn't usually happen with silver denarius I believe? Good luck!
  9. Paddy

    Help With Denarius Identification

    I might be able to help, but those pics are tiny and I am struggling to make out any detail. Can you post larger versions - if necessary one per post to keep within the limits?
  10. A book dealer in the market has left me with two Glendining's Catalogues, which I do not need so I am offering them here in case anyone else can use them. They are: "British Crown Pieces" formed by F B Nightingale Esq, for sale 24th October 1951 and "British Gold And Silver Coins, also Commemorative Medals, Cabinets, Books" Part III, collection formed by J C S Rashleigh Esq, for sale 10th June 1953. Both catalogues are in Good condition, the latter a bit worn at the spine, but neither much stained, marked or torn. Intriguingly the dealer says he has "a whole boxload of similar" at home, so if anyone is interested enough I can get those brought in too. I do not know what these should be worth, so please make me a sensible offer, to include postage in the UK.
  11. Just to bring up to date - the box of catalogues promised by the book dealer has disappeared sadly. He fears he binned it during lockdown. He is now aware of our potential interest and will let me know if any more turn up.
  12. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-tyne-58268540
  13. I phoned the book chap yesterday - he is now worried he may have binned the box of other ones! He is searching but I may not discover the result until next Wednesday.
  14. OK - I would prefer UK address. Can you PM me your email and postal address? I will send a paypal request for funds. Rob has PM'ed me - interested in all the rest, so I will try to get them from the book chap in the next week or two.
  15. How about £8 for the 2 including postage in the UK? Do you or anyone else want me to get hold of the rest? (I don't want to be lumbered with them if nobody wants them!)
  16. As mentioned in Penny acquisitions, these came to me yesterday. If anyone on the forum needs one, please PM me. I believe £45 each including UK postage is reasonable - we can discuss individual coins to make sure the one you get is up to your standards. At this stage I will say "one per household". If they do not all go, I will open discussions on a bulk deal to a dealer. Here is one of them:
  17. Sorry for the delay - I had called it an early night! Here are the other two (in two posts). Call these B and C with the one above A so we know which we are talking about. I have seen your PM - I will send you request for money - just ignore if you change your mind.
  18. This is the best one left I think. Slightly weak strike and a little discolouration over the King's neck. If you would like it, please pm me your email address and postal address. I can then send you a paypal request for funds. P
  19. Yes Mick, I have 3 left. Obviously the best have been picked off. Of those left, one is pretty good but has a weak strike in the centre of Britannia, one has the weak strike and some patches of lost lustre. The last has a strong strike, but some lost lustre. If any of those sound possible for you , I will take and post tome pics for you. P
  20. I do Barnstaple Pannier market on Wednesdays and now Saturdays. I do occasional Car boot sales - either Pottington, which is just outside Barnstaple, or, if the weather looks dodgy, Exeter Race Course. I sometimes do Flea markets - there is one this bank holiday Monday 30th Aug at Tapeley Park near Instow (Bideford). Always happy to see genuine collectors!
  21. I spend most of my collecting time in local markets - I have a stall selling coins and as a result have bags of coins brought to me regularly. My experience is probably at the low end of the market, but I find much more positive. I sell lots to new collectors who are far more interested in the attractiveness of the coin and its history, not some remotely attributed "grade". Today I stalled out at a local car boot sale. I spent the best part of 3 hours talking about and selling coins to enthusiastic new collectors without once getting into a debate about "grade". To me, this is what coin collecting should be about. The top end of the market is dominated by "investors" and collectors with more money than interest in real coins. I will stick with grass roots thank you.
  22. Does this one look good enough for you? PM me your email address if you want it and I will send you a Paypal request for funds. (This seems to work better - people have struggled making payments just using my email address.)
  23. Yes - I think it is evidence of weak strike rather than wear. Each of the 8 coins has a different level of detail in Britannia, but the rest of the coin is so sharp I think it has to be weak strike.
  24. That is good. @hazelman - if you PM me, we can get one on it's way to you. @PWA 1967- happy to discuss the rest once everyone has had a chance at singles.