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  1. Paddy

    1913 penny - Freeman 175 & 176

    I begin to understand why this one created so much comment when it turned up in my date run!
  2. Paddy

    Henry VII Groat without Mintmark

    Thanks Rob! Yes, I probably could do with more literature but Hammered are a bit of a sideline for me, so I resist spending lots of money on books on it when I would rather spend it on coins. Besides, with experts available online... 😉
  3. Paddy

    Henry VII Groat without Mintmark

    Here is the dilemma - this is the Henry VII Groat I currently have, which I believe is S2198a. It is a more common issue but fills the bill in terms of a reasonably decent Henry VII coin - so how much should I invest in an upgrade? By the way, in reviewing this coin I notice that the devices around the mint lettering on the reverse appear as 3 sprogged circles a bit like the modern Nuclear symbol, whereas the pictures in Spink suggest a 5 petalled flower - cinquefoil. Is this another known variation?
  4. This is my only one - not one of the scarcer ones but attractive enough. Pity about someone scratching WW into the obverse.
  5. Paddy

    Henry VII Groat without Mintmark

    OK - I agree with the aim! Just the comment on the angle of the crown - compared to your picture it is higher at the back, but that seems right for the S2254, at least as presented in Spink. I think I can see nothing wrong with the coin. The more difficult question is should I be buying it, and if so, for how much? 🙂 I would like to have it, but I already have a reasonable Henry VII in my monarch run, so it is not an urgent need. But there again - it is a lovely example!
  6. Paddy

    Henry VII Groat without Mintmark

    Is not the difference two different coins in Spink? The my OP ones is S2254, whereas the one @Coinery posted looks to be S2258? From the pics in Spink that seems to match the difference in the crown position, although they make more point about the number of bands on the crown...
  7. Paddy

    Henry VII Groat without Mintmark

    I got to see this coin today. The "copper" streak was rust from the environment in which it had been found - a little light work with a finger nail removed it completely. The coin appeared genuine to me, the colour being darker and more evenly toned than the pictures suggested. Weight was 2.91g. Does that change anyone's opinion?
  8. Paddy

    Revenge of Peter Rabbit

    I am delighted that Peter Rabbit's latest "friends" would happily make a meal of him!
  9. If anyone is still interested, I have added a whole load more pictures to the "Upgrade" folder at: https://1drv.ms/f/s!Alos83kNwyLnsi3O4FW1J24Chp4K Some of these are upgrades, some new (to me) varieties. A few queries, if anyone can help me: 1. I have the 1846 down as 1a & B - but the aboutfarthings website has no picture of the 1a - am I right? 2. I have the 1864 down as 3 & Bc - but the website does not offer this as a combination. Have I got it wrong? 3. I have the 1879 down as 5a & Ce - but again the website does not offer this as a combination. Have I got it wrong? Have I got anything else wrong? @Colin G. if any of the pics are any use to you for the website, feel free to use. Thanks,
  10. Continuing to pick out more farthing upgrades from the recent collection. I was particularly pleased with this one Obverse 3 and reverse Ba I believe.
  11. Paddy

    Henry VII Groat without Mintmark

    Sadly the guy with this coin couldn't make it today - hopefully next Wednesday.
  12. Thanks for that - very useful site! Also answers my question on the other farthing thread about 1699 with no dot before or after the date. There is one, number 527, and it is listed as Extremely rare - so that is a good one for my collection too!
  13. Thanks for that Peter. Is there somewhere I can view that collection? I have tried his selling website and can't see a 1700 RRITANNIA there.
  14. It seems to have been a week for farthings. This one came in a job lot from an auction - I got it hoping this would be an upgrade to my standard 1700, but when I looked closer I spotted the apparent RRITANNIA version. Is this what it is supposed to look like or is this just a damaged die? My other one has a very clearly completed B.
  15. Thanks for that. As I read Spink there shouldn't be a dot after the date on 1699, only on 1698 - but I do find their wording confusing sometimes. I still suspect the dot before the date is missing - if nothing else the gap between the A and the 1 is much smaller than on my other example (viewable in the link in the original post). But I acknowledge that with a relatively low grade example, I can't prove it! Now, do I keep it as a possible variant, or flog it? (That is a rhetorical question - only I can decide that I know.)