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  1. I believe it is illegal for an auctioneer to negotiate a reduced buyer's commission as that creates an uneven playing field. Maybe they were prepared to discuss a reduced reserve with the vendor? Seller's commission rates are negotiable - worth bearing in mind if you are selling good items that the auctioneer would be glad to have in their catalogue.
  2. My confidence falls further - lot 179 described as 1772 Halfpenny, picture of two 1799 halfpennies...
  3. Paddy

    CNG 360 degree views

    Interesting story on this old Roman coin from Carausius - now coming up for auction: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-berkshire-48583329
  4. I think it must be, although his Wikipedia entry makes no mention of that book, when you search on Amazon the title comes up with both Terry Pratchett and Gray Jolliffe on the cover. GJ is best known (apparently) for his Wicked Willie series...
  5. I think 7% is likely to be right. A lot of what we think of as imported cheeses are actually now made in the UK. Certainly much supermarket Brie and Camembert is made in Somerset. I suspect most Feta and Halloumi is also now UK made.
  6. Another from Gray Joliffe - he certainly seems to have the knack for the double take joke!
  7. I agree - I do not doubt the collectability of the 1714 farthing, just that, as it was not really in circulation, it seems odd to quote its value in this discussion. But I do not really expect a BBC reporter to be much interested in such finer points. I was more interested in the article - and the graphs in particular.
  8. Interesting discussion here on the lowest buying power of any British coin in circulation: https://www.bbc.com/news/business-48153442 They start their measure from Queen Anne's reign and the farthing, which is a little odd as the only farthing made in that reign I understood was only really a pattern? Also, they make no mention of the third and quarter farthing coins, which I suppose is more reasonable as these coins were really intended for colonial use, although legal tender in the UK as I understand it.
  9. Paddy

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    Not sure it has sold - or else the seller has several identical (which would not be unlikely!). Original listing now has message saying the seller has relisted and that link takes you to this: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/173912699137?ViewItem=&item=173912699137
  10. https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-48392141 Article from the BBC - RM selling off an 1819 Sovereign for £100,000.
  11. This one made me chuckle - I love it when it takes a moment for the penny to drop:
  12. Yes I could keep both - but I already have a third 8+H in a lesser grade that I ought to move on! As to outlay, the new one cost me only £7 including commission, so I think I did OK either way.
  13. I am still battling with all these varieties, but as I understand it a reverse J (as opposed to Ja) on an 1875 penny would be an as yet unrecorded combination. This according to @secret santa 's website. So I would be delighted if one of them is a J! 😁
  14. Yes - I liked the better detail, but this is offset by the damage to the rim and below the bust...
  15. ... and this is the one currently holding the space: