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  1. Paddy

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    These stink to me: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/1951-King-George-V1-Penny-1950-Penny-1949-Brass-3-Pen-All-to-be-Sold-Together/333721667783?hash=item4db35c88c7:g:q7sAAOSwpQdfVn8T
  2. That's exactly how I read it, and it is born out by experience. Around here there has been a glut of the 2016 Shakepeare History coin - all brand new and uncirculated. Unfortunately I suspect the ones they produced for packet-only were in much smaller numbers and went straight into wrappers, so I don't foresee them coming into general circulation any time soon.
  3. Interesting article o the minting of £2 and 2p coins from the Royal mit, as well as a discussion on the future of cash versus digital currency: https://www.bbc.com/news/business-54196300 It seems the Royal Mint has huge stockpiles of coins ready for issue - which explains why no new £2 designs have made it into circulation in the last few years and why we occasionally get a glut of older issues in brand new condition.
  4. Paddy

    Flatbed scanners

    I used to use my HP 4500 (Envy) for scanning and the results were "ok" for unimportant coin pictures. The scanner can be set at up to 1200dpi, but at the higher rates gets slower and slower. I gave up using the scanner when I got a decent digital SLR and I use that on a tripod with magnifying rings, small aperture and long exposures to get the best I can. Bear in mind with scanners that you never get any depth of focus - the parts of the coin in contact with the glass can be sharp but any depth of detail will be progressively more mushy.
  5. After my eventual success with the threehalfpence, it has been suggested I list the few threepence dates I still need. Any readable condition considered as long as the price is commensurate with the condition! 1853, 1852, 1849, 1848, 1847, 1842, 1839 I am ashamed to admit I have all but given up searching on Ebay - either no hits at all or ridiculously high prices for the condition, or mis-identified groats. (The 1839 at auction on Ebay at the moment I am already watching.)
  6. Paddy

    1837 three half pence

    Finally succeeded in getting my 1837 threehalfpence - picture posted in acquisitions. Thanks for all the assistance!
  7. Well I finally completed my set of Threehalfpences - thanks to a tip off from a fellow forum member: This 1837 date seems to be far and away the most difficult to find.
  8. Thanks for that - clears it up for me.
  9. That is brilliant! So it looks to be DH76, which is good enough for me. The comment about these being for general circulation suggest that the "Current Everywhere" edge is appropriate.
  10. Aha - thanks! Is it 231 then? Does it mention anywhere any varieties of edge lettering?
  11. This was the other interesting item from today's auction - a little medallion (24mm diameter) celebrating the peace in 1814 and the role of Britain and the Emperor Alexander of Russia in achieving it. I believe the BHM reference is 810, but that is quoting from someone else's Ebay listing - can anyone confirm? Also, all the other examples I can find are holed - were they issued unholed or is this a later copy?
  12. I picked this up at a local auction today. Obviously not in great condition but appears to be a mule of the John of Gaunt halfpenny with an Ireland halfpenny. I can't find it in Withers as a recognised mule - anyone know any better? The edge reads "Current Everywhere".
  13. Not convinced that is just a spot of dirt!
  14. Paddy

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    ... and promptly re-listed. Serial fraudster - needs to be locked up.
  15. Paddy

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    I didn't think you were allowed to sell wives on Ebay: "RS Job Lot , Flat Nose , Snipe Nose , Cutter , Screwdriver , Wench ,. Some as new not used , Wench has been used , see photos, Dispatched with Royal Mail 2nd Class." How "used" is the Wench?