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  1. I would say "fake" is a little too strong. These things are often referred to as "jeweller's copies". They are not designed to deceive, just provide a means of producing a sovereign-style ring or other piece of jewellery at a much lower price. Usually they are in 9 Ct gold, sometimes not even that. No point unmounting it as it's only value above scrap is as a piece of jewellery.
  2. Paddy

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    ... From Russian Federation... with zero feedback... I think I'll pass thank you!
  3. Another 1902 Matt proof for comparison - this one has probably been handled a little more than ideal...
  4. Paddy

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    I messaged him suggesting he had mixed up the pictures and now it has been pulled.
  5. I don't think it can be a 4 - there are incuse lines on the leaves in the wreath, which makes it 5 or 6. I think they are on seven of the leaves - hence 6 rather than 5, which would only have them on four leaves. (Blimey all these numbers get confusing!)
  6. I picked up this Halfpenny as part of a swap deal with a chap in the US. I believe it is 1861 6+E - F276, but before I swap it into my album as an upgrade, am I right?
  7. Paddy

    Keyboard Logger

    Yes - I just checked that Avast does also include the anti-logger function, so I think I am OK there.
  8. Paddy

    Keyboard Logger

    Well I am with @UPINSMOKE - the only use of the term keylogger I have heard of is related to illegal attempts to steal passwords. Keyloggers are most usually Malware of some form. In case I had been wrong all these years I tried Wikipedia and got this: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Keystroke_logging which seems to confirm what I always understood. So either @ozjohn has been hoodwinked into installing malware, or we are talking at cross purposes!
  9. Paddy

    Peter Nichols cabinets

    One other thing to watch out for with the safe option: do your research on any company you plan to buy from or do the installation. I fear that many security companies also leak information to the criminal fraternity. 20 years ago or so, when I was married, we decided to get security lighting etc installed on an outside stable block in which we stored horse tack. Within a week of it being installed it was raided and all the tack stolen when we had never had any burglary before. (They also nearly burnt the stable down with the horses still inside by throwing a blanket over the hot lighting.) Since then I have been somewhat distrusting of security companies as I can see no other way that the burglars suddenly decided to target us.
  10. Paddy

    10p a-z

    I am up to 11 from change/swaps with other collectors in the market. Got an "M" today as a swap. I hate buying from the RM - I feel immediately that I am being ripped off - but I may have to to complete the set... 😞
  11. To be honest, I can't see that negative feedback is justified there: 1. Is it genuine? Yes, it would seem so. 2. Is what you received the coin pictured on the listing? Yes it is, so no issue there. 3. Is his description misleading or wrong? Not really - he did not assign a formal grade. "Very High Grade" is entirely subjective and not far out. Very Fine also contains the "very" word. I would give a solid GVF to the reverse but only VF to the obverse - which is typical with Victorian silver. His pictures look OK to me - I can't see he was hiding anything there. 4. Was the price fair? Probably a bit high, but you chose to pay it. Negative feedback is a big deal for regular sellers, so I would save it for a really bad listing. If you are really unhappy with it, ask to return it for a refund, don't hit him with a negative out of the blue.
  12. Paddy

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    ... but Lucido_8 is no newbie - he has been selling coins on Ebay for years. AND someone paid £29 for this! What is going on!
  13. I have put this spare on Ebay. Offers entertained especially from regular contributors! https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/352561827890
  14. I picked up this rather nice medallion amongst some coins recently. Measures 50mm across and is Copper, whereas all the other examples I can find on the net are 32mm and pewter. This one is engraved to Francis Hamilton Mellor, Recorder of Preston on the edge - he seems to have been a bit of a celebrity in his day: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Frank_Mellor
  15. That is fair comment. I have sold a few single coins at DNW - the last sold for hammer £150 and I think I received £121.xx. They have a firm 5 week delay before paying off, which is understandable as they need to see the money clear and handle any issues first. With a big (and excellent) collection like this you should be able to negotiate a lower seller's commission. In my view all the top coin auction houses will be falling over themselves to get this one on their books.