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  1. I can't say I have any food related memories that get me that nostalgic, however I do recall the annual family performance in the lead up to bonfire night! At that time local stores could provide only a limited range of smaller fireworks, so we were taken on the train (a treat in itself) to central London and the Selfridges store, where we were allowed to select the fireworks we most desired from the dazzling display beneath the counter. On the train home we took it in turns to take out our favourites and read the descriptions on the labels. (Can you imagine what "Elf n Safety" would say about that now?) At home, the fireworks were stored in our own bedroom for the week until bonfire night. On the great night we were allowed to light a range of fireworks for ourselves, making the displays they made even more exciting to us. The morning after, we would explore the local area trying to recover as many of the spent canisters and rockets as we could. On the rare occasion we found something that had failed to ignite properly, we then set that off in the field on our own. I can still feel the excitement today! Is it any wonder I spent a career in the army learning about and using explosives - eventually in Bomb Disposal?
  2. The last bit on this saga - the final dealer has now been sentenced. He got away with a suspended sentence because of his health... https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-england-hereford-worcester-51234408
  3. We could always take the French approach - move the decimal point a couple of places to the left. Then the old pound becomes a Penny and the new pound is equivalent to 100 old pounds. Effectively winds the clock back about 100 years in terms of buying power... I am only joking!
  4. As I have previously expressed here, my main concern with moving to a cashless society is that "Big Brother" will know exactly where we are and what we are doing all the time. I suspect it would be the demise of the Flea markets and car boot sales too.
  5. First side appears to read "Moneta Revalie" and the second "Magistri Livonie". I had a look through Livonia coins on Numista and came up with this: https://en.numista.com/catalogue/pieces156067.html "Modern copy of coin from Livonian order Reval. Tallinn."
  6. This from the BBC today: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-51134884 Honest guv, wasn't me!
  7. To me the current design is classic PC bunkum, typical of the almost puritanical disregard for people's real needs and desires. We need art, entertainment, enjoyment, excitement - not meaningless mealy-mouthed platitudes. You would have thought by now they had got the message - the wishy-washy original objectives for the Millennium Dome proved a disaster, but now focused on providing entertainment and enjoyment as the O2 arena, it is thriving.
  8. From experience I can say that Barclays generally do accept the £2 and £5 coins. Lloyds definitely don't. Anyone any feedback on any of the others?
  9. Paddy

    Empire Settlement coins and others

    ... I doubt that is meant as a compliment!
  10. I think we are going to need sharper pictures than those. Could you spin the top one so it is the right way up too?
  11. Paddy

    Seaby Coin & Medal Bulletins 1959/1960

    PS - a local charity shop has another pile of the Seaby Coin & Medallion Bulletins dated 1969 and 1970. If anyone badly wants these I can get them in for you.
  12. Paddy

    Seaby Coin & Medal Bulletins 1959/1960

    Sadly not. Just the ones listed I'm afraid.
  13. I have been left with a bunch of these - any interest to anyone? Postage + whatever you feel is a reasonable donation to the cause! 1959 Seaby Coin and Medal Bulletin - March issue 1960 Seaby Coin and Medal Bulletin - all issues except April Also "Coins and Medals" magazine April 1967 (Volume 4 number 4) A5 size, topics include Celtic coins, Bath tokens, New Zealand Varieties and Propaganda banknotes. All in reasonably good condition - not worn or excessively dog-eared although the staples on the bulletins are a bit rusty. First come first served.
  14. Paddy

    1682 Sixpence

    I have a 1682 - it is pretty worn but it looks to be 1682/1 as well.
  15. I agree completely. My enquiry on relative price was simply to get an idea of relative scarcity as the coin is definitely not for sale. And yes - I do like it very much. I think the reverse design on the veiled head half crowns is one of the best they came up with.