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  1. I was using the word "realistic" in relation to our expectation that the rest of the world should adopt democracy as the optimum. I was in Hong Kong in the 1980s when democracy was being pushed by the then British rule. The reaction of the local populace was interesting - the bulk of the local Chinese could not grasp the concept and were fearful of expressing any political opinion. I suspect it is now part of their evolutionary DNA after thousands of years during which expressing any dissent from the ruling Emperor was a short cut to execution. Yes, some of the more intelligent and Westernised took to the idea enthusiastically, but it is that minority that are now suffering the wrath of the dictatorship. For most of the West, democracy in one form or another is now ingrained, and unlikely to be replaced. It does not always produce the best results for society as we tend to oscillate from one extreme to another. For some reason the middle ground seems elusive - parties that claim to represent it never do well.
  2. It seems some countries are predisposed to choose to be run by dictators/emperors. Both Russia and China have spent most of their history this way, and despite brief forays into democracy in the 20th century, have now reverted to form. Maybe it is us in the West, with our fixation on democracy, who are being unrealistic in our expectations?
  3. OK - I surrender - I have ordered one now too. I wonder if Wayne is on commission? If not, why not!
  4. There was another good one before Ebay cottoned on and deleted his id: whale_oil_beef_hooked
  5. In the early days of Ebay I spotted a seller with a number of badly identified coins, which puzzled me. Then I saw his ID - norfolk_n_idea!
  6. Paddy

    Adding pictures

    I was encountering a similar problem yesterday, but I think it was because the internet was particularly busy and I had some update already downloading. Maybe, if the bandwidth is not available the software ignores the request until things improve?
  7. For reference, the tip posted before was the use of "Ctrl Z" to back track on any mistake you make within Windows. So, for example, if you have inadvertently deleted a block of text, or moved a folder in your email somewhere you can't find it, if you hit Ctrl Z it will backtrack your last action, miraculously amending your mistake. Repeated hits of Ctrl Z will keep backtracking as far as the last Save in that application. (Either a deliberate save or one caused by closing the app.) So if you suddenly realise you have made a mistake, don't panic and close the app - use Ctrl Z to recover!
  8. A little while ago I posted a tip in response to another thread, which proved very useful to some people here and turned out to be something many were not aware of. It occurred to me that there are other useful tips that can make life easier for coin collectors on here, so I thought I would start a thread. Here is one that is very useful in dealing with photographs, whether your own or ones found doing research on other sites: At any point you can create a screen shot of a portion of the screen (as opposed to the whole screen) by pressing the Windows button (the one with squashed window shape usually between "Alt" and "FN" on the bottom row of the keyboard) along with Shift and S. The screen will dull and you can then draw out a rectangle covering whatever are of the screen you want. As soon as you release the mouse button, it copies a screen shot of the area to your clipboard, ready for pasting wherever you want. If you want to get this screenshot into a .jpg for further use, you can paste it into any picture handling app, or as a second tip into a Word document. If you then "Save As" the Word document as a webpage (.htm, .html) it creates a folder with any images in the document as .jpgs - from where you can copy or edit them wherever you like. Or, if you have Notifications on, you will see a message pop up in the bottom right of your screen. If you click on this it will open the image in the Microsoft picture editor and you can save it from there. (Default is to save as .png, which is larger and not generally what is used on the web, but you can save as .jpg instead.) I hope that is useful. Also works as a way of dealing with uncropped pictures on your own machine.
  9. Paddy

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    100% fake and not even a good one.
  10. Paddy

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    There are people here who know a lot more about pennies than me, but as an amateur I can see immediately that this is wrong. The hair is too coarse, the features on the bust are crudely executed - I describe it as "cartoon-like". The toning is unnatural and clearly modern and artificial. That is before you get into the actual errors - the shield should be more convex and the line spacing looks wrong. The date numerals look too large and possibly the wrong font - but there are so many errors that the overall effect is dreadful.
  11. Senility and fawning flunkies will do that - just look at our current batch of dictators - Trump, Putin, Kim, whatever the Chinese guy is called....
  12. Paddy

    Help identifying coin

    Yes, definitely an Indian Temple token for the Hindu religion. If you know anyone that reads Hindi they should be able to translate the writing for you. You can find many examples to compare with here: http://indiannumismatics.com/products.php?id=152
  13. Important Government Notice: When using old brassieres to make your own face masks, it is vital that you use only the left hand cup. Otherwise you will look a right tit!