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  1. I recently acquired a 1703 Vigo sixpence and these tickets came with the coin. Does anyone recognise them?
  2. The pics on LCA are deceptive. They flatter the coin and hide hairline scratches and other defects which are often not mentioned in the description.
  3. It has been quite a while since LCA has offered anything that is 1) of interest to me, and, 2) that I would be willing to trust LCA on.
  4. My recently acquired 1710 sixpence
  5. jaggy

    Steep slabbing premiums

    It isn't always the case that prices are higher in the USA. For example, a 1911 penny slabbed NGC and graded MS65RD sold for £250 hammer at BSJ not long ago. I bought a 1911 penny slabbed NGC and graded MS65RB for £109 ($142) from a dealer in the USA. I have made recent purchases in both the USA and the UK and prices seem to be generally pretty similar. Certainly there are outliers in both countries as a result of auction competition or greedy vendors. Up to us as customers to know what we are willing to pay.
  6. I was never able to attend the LCA auction in person anyway so it makes little difference to me. I always felt that LCA were missing a trick by not putting their auctions online in the same way as DNW or Spink. But it's their business and their decision. I will review the catalogue when available and enter bids if there is anything there for me.
  7. My example cost £270 (inc Buyers Premium and postage) from Heritage in 2017. It's graded AU58. Personally, I think £440 is a little on the expensive side.
  8. I have bought two coins since the lockdowns started. One has been delivered and one is en-route. I think this could push the price of higher end coins up as they are seen as an alternative investment while the markets tank. For the rest, unless incomes take a serious hit then I don't see that there will be much difference in prices.
  9. George V, 1932, NGC, MS65RB
  10. I have several bags of old pennies, a lot of GVI and EII sixpences, a piggy bank full of GVI and EII shillings and florins and other odds and sods outwith my 'collectable' coins. I'm sure that I'm not alone. There is probably a lot more out there than people realise.
  11. jaggy

    1682 Sixpence

    I have a 1682/1 in VF. Bought from Glendinnings, March 15, 1988. I don't have a 1680 or 1682 other than the above. I haven't really researched these years as my focus has been elsewhere.
  12. It's business. You make what you can make and what you believe the market can bear. And it works both ways. I'm sure we have all picked up bargains at auction and from dealers. I don't ever recall offering to pay more than I got the coin for. Nobody forces you to buy and its up to the buyer to do his/her research and work out how much they are willing to pay.