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  1. George V, 1932, NGC, MS65RB
  2. I have several bags of old pennies, a lot of GVI and EII sixpences, a piggy bank full of GVI and EII shillings and florins and other odds and sods outwith my 'collectable' coins. I'm sure that I'm not alone. There is probably a lot more out there than people realise.
  3. jaggy

    1682 Sixpence

    I have a 1682/1 in VF. Bought from Glendinnings, March 15, 1988. I don't have a 1680 or 1682 other than the above. I haven't really researched these years as my focus has been elsewhere.
  4. It's business. You make what you can make and what you believe the market can bear. And it works both ways. I'm sure we have all picked up bargains at auction and from dealers. I don't ever recall offering to pay more than I got the coin for. Nobody forces you to buy and its up to the buyer to do his/her research and work out how much they are willing to pay.
  5. It really is a case of Caveat Emptor. Most of us 'regulars' are pretty savvy when it comes to prices. We know our fields of interest, we know when a coin is scarce or doesn't come up for sale very often, we know how to grade, we know how to check auction archives for sale prices. So we don't often overpay for a coin and, if we do, we usually have a good reason to do so. We also need to understand that a dealer has his/her costs as well and they do need to make a margin on a coin to be able to stay in business. How much that margin is will depend on the costs the dealer has. However, we all know that there is buyers premium on top of the hammer price, that there is postage and insurance to pay both in receiving the coin and in sending it out and there is the cost of capital tied up in the coin. On top of that, the dealer has to make enough profit to make it worth his/her time. All that can add a substantial premium to the hammer price.
  6. I have no interest in provenance for my own purchases. I'm only interested in the coin. However, I always note provenance in my database because I know it is important for some and could add value the day the coin is sold.
  7. Hammer was £2,700. There was nobody in the room bidding against me. Based on the photos, I think the grade of EF is probably about right. There are some scratches but they do not look like cleaning ones. If I have it graded, I think AU53-55 would be fair. That said, given its rarity and condition, this was a hard one to walk away from.
  8. Thanks. I missed it first time around at DNW
  9. Yeah, I got mine. Lot 42. 1893 Jubilee Head sixpence
  10. The auction is running and I'm watching some pretty meaty bidding.
  11. I decided for both Edward VII and George V to build a type set with an example of each denomination. However, they are not date dependent. Edward VII is complete and, now, so is George V. This does not preclude me buying better examples to upgrade, however. For George V I have a complete date run of sixpences but I'm trying to improve the quality of that. I'm also working on a George V date run of pennies, shillings and half crowns but only when the right opportunity shows up. I only really want higher grade coins and at the right price, of course. 😀 My focus will continue to be sixpences but the gaps are fewer now and harder to fill. So I'm branching out into some other areas.
  12. Bought at Heritage, MS65RD, to complete my George V type set.