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  1. Always interesting to see how well, or badly, coins did in the auction. I didn't bid at DNW this time around as I didn't see anything I really wanted. Hopefully, nbext time will be better.
  2. I am very pleased to announce the birth of my first granddaughter and second grandchild, Victoria Luisa. I had nothing to do with the choice of name but I am sure we can all imagine what one of her christening presents will be. Mother and daughter are doing well.
  3. LCA June

    Looks like I got two out of three of the coins I bid on, both close to the high estimate.
  4. LCA June

    Well done Jerry! I didn't bid on any penny lots so very happy for you.
  5. There is a 1853 groat - MS64 - coming up for auction at Heritage ......
  6. LCA June

    Yes, a small scratch but nothing major in my opinion. It is certainly as nice as my own example. I shall be interested to see what it fetches as I got mine from Glendinnings in 1990.
  7. LCA June

    I'm going to leave you a free run - free from me at least - on the DNW sixpences. There is nothing there that is a must buy for me and I need to husband my funds for one of the upcoming Heritage auctions. As the DNW sixpence offerings go, The 1821 looks nice but I bought one at the last DNW sale. The 1831 also looks nice. The 1675/4 is a nice coin. A bit nicer than my own but not 500 pounds nicer. The other Charles II sixpences are good but not great. The George II, 1750 also looks nice. I shall be watching what it goes for as I have a similar one. I also like the 1829 but the 1852, 1853 and 1856 look like they have some contact marks, the 1855 has a die clash and a scratch on the reverse and I don't like the look of the 1885. If there is one sixpence I would bid on then it is probably the Commonwealth 1649. Lovely coin.
  8. LCA June

    I have bids in on three items. There is one I want more than the other two so if I get that then I will be happy.
  9. There are a number of patterns around this period both by Droz and Pingo. I have the 1787 Pingo and the 1788 and 1790 Droz patterns. ESC gives a pretty comprehensive listing of the patterns. I think the main significance of the patterns is the use of the new steam presses to produce them. In terms of their appearance (size and weight) , they are very much a continuation of other 18th century sixpences and they have very little in common with the new generation of sixpences which appeared in 1816.
  10. Not so much "inability' to add to my sixpence collection but already having many of the examples I want means that my 'buy list' is somewhat shorter now. For that reason I have branched out into a couple of type sets. It is enjoyable to have a slightly changed focus. I think that when one likes coins, even if an interest area is quite focused, it isn't hard to find other areas to enjoy.
  11. Warrington Auctions

    Here in the USA, I have bought a couple of coins from Atlas. Now, I know that they are generally on the pricier end - though not always - but postage is included in their price. What you see is what you pay. Personally, I find that policy to be very attractive.
  12. 1967 - thin flan, milled edge and just 1.4 grams
  13. A couple of error sixpences acquired from PWA 1967. 1963 'off-strike'
  14. Doesn't look all that worn to me. Nice coin.