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  1. Many years ago, we did the history of Glasgow at school but I don't remember the story behind the arms. However, as I remember it, the full motto is 'Let Glasgow Flourish by the Preaching of the Word'.
  2. So I bought this Token at Heritage last night. Graded MS64 RB, it is a Lanarkshire copper 1/2 Penny Token dated 1795. But the real reason I bought it is because it is from Glasgow with the Glasgow coat of arms on it and that is where I grew up and where, in many respects, I still think of as home. The photo is from Heritage.
  3. I keep my collection in my gun safe. 😎
  4. jaggy

    LCA June

    Not a lot there for me.
  5. Acquired at Heritage yesterday: George II sixpence, 1728, plain in angles. graded MS63
  6. Acquired at Heritage on Thursday, 1836 sixpence graded MS62 and an upgrade to my existing example.
  7. jaggy

    Slabbing - Learnt my lesson

    I bought a coin at auction which was slabbed by NGC and incorrectly attributed. I called NGC and they agreed they had got it wrong and asked me to send it back so that they could fix the attribution at no cost to me. Incorrect attributions do happen although, in my experience, not very often. What matters is how the TPG deals with the error when it comes to light. However, overall, my experience with NGC is that they invariably get the grade and the attribution right. Part of the problem is that we, as collectors, often have some emotion invested in our coins and we sometimes think they are better than an impartial third party might.
  8. I haven't. I have sold a total of eight coins in the 35 or so years I have been collecting. My duplicates generally come from buying a better quality coin for my collection and the duplicates are still sitting in my trays. Sometimes I have bought a duplicate because I like the coin and I like the price (which is why I have 35 1952 sixpences). I have never bought a coin with the intention of selling it subsequently. At some point I am probably need to clear out my duplicates. When? I have no idea. Maybe never.
  9. It's all relative. I'm at a point in my collecting where I have relatively few gaps in my main areas of interest. So if Atlas (or any other dealer I trust such as Rob) has a coin that fills one of these gaps, the fact that it may cost a couple of hundred dollars more than it might at auction (and you never know what the auction cost will be) is not necessarily an impediment. The reality is that they have it, I don't and I have no idea when an equivalent quality example will come up at auction or what it will cost when it does.
  10. I don't care how much their mark-up is. That is their business and that is true for any dealer from whom I buy. I care that the coin is what they say it is, that the photos accurately represent it and that the price is one that I am willing to pay having done my research.
  11. Parliament might not have a choice. The EU might simply say no.
  12. I have bought from Atlas in the past. They have some very nice coins, shipping is included at least in the USA and their customer service is excellent. Prices appear high but not always so. When you take into account what the auction price might be, plus the 20% premium, plus shipping, Atlas prices can be reasonable. I bought an MS62 1741 sixpence from them in 2016 for $495 at a time when a similar example was being bid on at Heritage and the bidding had gone beyond the Atlas price. An Abt EF 1741 sixpence sold at DNW last year for £440. Add 20% plus shipping you are looking at £540 or $702. It's like everything, you have to do your research. How much are you willing to pay? How easy is it to get a similar coin elsewhere? What do fully loaded comparable auction prices look like? How badly do you want the coin?
  13. George V, 1928, MS65 BN. I'm just building a small George V collection but on an opportunistic basis. I'm still a sixpence collector first and foremost.
  14. To a large extent I'm now 'cherry picking' my acquisitions, filling gaps and upgrading. I would say that the main areas of my collection are 80% complete. Of course there are still plenty of coins to buy and pre-George II to expand into (I already have quite a few). There are also targets of opportunity. The penny I bought at Heritage had a low estimate of $75. I stuck a bid of $35 in and got it at $32.
  15. I picked up three sixpences; 1903 (MS66), 1908 (MS65+) and 1910 (MS66). All three are upgrades and this completes my EdVII sixpence series.