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  1. I bought 8 lots and only missed out on one lot that I really wanted because the price got silly.
  2. A nice 1743 sixpence. A tiny bit of wear to the hair just around the cheekbone. So a decent EF.
  3. Tracking seems to be the thing now. I am able to track just abut all my coins whether I buy them at DNW, Heritage or from a dealer. I like it.
  4. Me too. They are upping their game which is a good thing.
  5. I think it is. The certificate number is the same. The Heritage photo makes the coin look worse and not better. Quite how PCGS gave it a PR66 is beyond me.
  6. My experience with a recent purchase from Atlas was that their photo did not do the coin justice and understated its beauty. Specifically, it did not capture the toning. The coin was spectacular 'in-hand'. Incidentally, Atlas gives the certificate number so I was able to look at the NGC photo of the coin which was better than the Atlas one. Similar experience with Spink whose photography is generally horrible. Their photos tend to understate the coin as well. My experience with London Coins, on the other hand, is that their photos tend to hide problems with the coin and specifically hairline scratches.
  7. Thanks. It is a very nice strike. I took the photo through the slab which does not flatter the coin. In hand it is a gorgeous example.
  8. 1824 Sixpence - MS65 - an significant upgrade on my existing example:
  9. I bid on two lots and won both of them. Both lots were NGC slabbed coins. Nothing particularly exciting. A 1907 sixpence which is an upgrade at MS63, two George V sixpences (AU58, MS64) and a George V farthing (MS63) for my type set. Saving the big spend for DNW this time around.
  10. "Scope creep" is the problem. Where do you draw the line? My thought is to start very basic and then I can expand as little or much as I want as the mood takes me.
  11. I have started building Edward VII and George V type sets. For the time being I'm looking at one example for each coin. Maybe later I will start expanding the type set to different varieties of each coin found during the reign. So, for example, for Edward VII, I have a: Third farthing Penny Sixpence Shilling Florin So far. Still a few to get before I start worrying about varieties.
  12. You and me both. I enjoy doing date/variety runs. Also getting into type sets by monarch.