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  1. Hammer was £2,700. There was nobody in the room bidding against me. Based on the photos, I think the grade of EF is probably about right. There are some scratches but they do not look like cleaning ones. If I have it graded, I think AU53-55 would be fair. That said, given its rarity and condition, this was a hard one to walk away from.
  2. Thanks. I missed it first time around at DNW
  3. Yeah, I got mine. Lot 42. 1893 Jubilee Head sixpence
  4. The auction is running and I'm watching some pretty meaty bidding.
  5. I decided for both Edward VII and George V to build a type set with an example of each denomination. However, they are not date dependent. Edward VII is complete and, now, so is George V. This does not preclude me buying better examples to upgrade, however. For George V I have a complete date run of sixpences but I'm trying to improve the quality of that. I'm also working on a George V date run of pennies, shillings and half crowns but only when the right opportunity shows up. I only really want higher grade coins and at the right price, of course. 😀 My focus will continue to be sixpences but the gaps are fewer now and harder to fill. So I'm branching out into some other areas.
  6. Bought at Heritage, MS65RD, to complete my George V type set.
  7. I suspect that most of us on here don't need price guides and have an instinctive feel for value.
  8. That will just push more people to ebay and dealers.
  9. Many years ago, we did the history of Glasgow at school but I don't remember the story behind the arms. However, as I remember it, the full motto is 'Let Glasgow Flourish by the Preaching of the Word'.
  10. So I bought this Token at Heritage last night. Graded MS64 RB, it is a Lanarkshire copper 1/2 Penny Token dated 1795. But the real reason I bought it is because it is from Glasgow with the Glasgow coat of arms on it and that is where I grew up and where, in many respects, I still think of as home. The photo is from Heritage.
  11. I keep my collection in my gun safe. 😎
  12. jaggy

    LCA June

    Not a lot there for me.