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    Commemorative £2 coins

    Hi All, I have a ton of £2 coins at home all different ones and all of different quality, If theres one your simple looking for or missing for your collection, please just ask, a few of the ones i have, multiples ones of many of these. Robert burns 2009 Commonwealth Games 2002 Rugby world cup 1999 Florence Nightingale 2011 Darwin 2009 DNA Double Helix 2003 Isambard Brunel 2006 King James bible quote 2011 Top hat guy 2006 Marconi 2001 End to slavery 2007 Steam Engine 2004 St Pauls Cathederal 2005 Many More,, Feel free to ask
  2. Hi everyone, im rather new to this site so any help would be apprecited, i have an Isle of Man £2 pound coin dated 1998 has a picture of a car on one side and says ISLE OF MAN - ELIZABETH II on the other side. Every single £2 pound coins i have says something around the edge however this one doesnt. is that normal? any opinion or experience would be greatly appreciated. thankss
  3. all the £2 pound coins are reeded? this particular coin is in pretty good nick and its literally the first time i'v seen one without any writing on the edges.