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  1. I've found some amazing gems on ebay, even some described correctly and still ending at a bargain. This i purchased for £50 last year
  2. just reading through ESC and a footnote mentions a 1901/1902 mule halfcrown, Was just wondering if anyone has seen this coin in auction or has any pictures of it? Have scoured the internet for it but apart from being in this footnote i cannot find another reference of it.
  3. heritage is 5% for signature items or 10% for other
  4. For sale is the set below, just looking to get spot price for this(£~1170x1.75oz)+£10 postage(uk). Message if interested, will add to ebay later tomorrow if no interest.
  5. an important note for the Edward VII coinage with regards to TPG that i have noticed, looking at the pop reports there is something with this coinage that they rate very poorly, the average grade(apart from 1902) is 64, this is quite alot lower than the norm of 65/max 66. Not sure what the TPG do not like about this date series for HC but 63 is a very high grade for this, i would personally not treat is like a normal 63 price wise.
  6. interested to see whether the 1808 will bring more than it made the last time it was sold
  7. rpeddie

    1981 10p

    i bought £60 worth of these old style 10ps a while ago and just checked through them, dont have any 1981 so they do seem illusive unless someone filtered it before me
  8. rpeddie

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    £742 seems cheap for a PF64 cameo, so they probably were put off by the photo, believe i seen a few end at about £950 or so
  9. rpeddie

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

  10. rpeddie

    1934 wreath cron

    cannot see a picture attached unfortunately
  11. rpeddie

    Is the Royal Mint that desperate for money?

    been in the ether from 1974-2018 Decent marketing really, kinda jealous i don't have all these tools at my disposal to jack up prices
  12. possibly cleaning at some point too as seen by some excessive redness around the high point, fedinately get it graded before putting it for sale, i would recommend a USA auction house as this would achieve a better price
  13. looks to be, the 4 star variety is the rare type, maybe the seller confused this for the 2 star variety when looking at prices. Note yours also has the die characteristics of the one used for the main PCGS picture, i would rate yours around the F12/15 mark
  14. rpeddie

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    have a gamble, could be a 100g gold bar
  15. rpeddie

    Is the Royal Mint that desperate for money?

    bentley one (EF) sold for $288k, Id say this one is on par grade wise(if not the same coin, unsure from pictures) with the one sold in the hemisphere collection may 2014 for £41k. Really confusing the way they are trying to sell this, making it out like you will "win" or get something for a great price if you are the lucky chosen one. maybe a skilled marketing gimmick that will entice someones complete pension pot into this coin with a £60k profit to the RM. Interesting aspects none the less .
  16. I cant help with catalogs but i like it I have recently started collecting NZ coins, i feel they are unappreciated at the moment. I will definitely have a look further into this site
  17. rpeddie

    Hey guys

    yea there are alot of fakes for this coin, have a look for soapy texture, cast lines around edges, bubbles in fields etc etc. but yea a better picture would do wonders
  18. rpeddie

    Hey guys

    athens tetradrachm, C500-400BC, £100-£200 if real
  19. "this week on ready steady cook"
  20. Have always wondered is there a difference in technology used at the time to create pieces such as shown below? they features and detail on these medals are always much more detailed than even proofs coins from this period. Wondering if there is a reason for this and/or a different technology was used(ie not dies but something else) link
  21. went down a rabbit hole and there is a book available with some illustrations of plate from this period (Illustrated History of English Plate: Written by Charles James Jackson, 1911) possibly a bit of bias data as all the better pieces that ended up in the book were set aside or not located near battlefields/troop marches? Don't know how selective they would be with melting down plate, just more to get an idea of what the plate would look like and the ammount of work that ended up into these pieces. What i imagine is there were alot of simple "plain" plates goblets and cutlery but this would all be lost to time.
  22. Really interesting, i remember a couple years ago being confused by what a couple of articles referred to by "plate" but makes complete sense now to hold wealth like that rather than ingots or coin. Are there any useful resources on types/designs plate from this period or is it a bit scarce for stuff to survive? Do you have any pictures to Newark pieces with hallmarks on them?
  23. nothing to add unfortunately, don't think i've been collecting long enough to delve this deep Always wondered what a travelling mint would consist of though, how were they able to reasonably replicate 1/2 crowns while on the move without everything the tower mint facilities provided.