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  1. rpeddie

    Rare coin lost in post

    is there an inventory list somewhere of what is missing from Stewart collection?
  2. my one too for comparison,
  3. rpeddie

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    apologies to the seller and for wasting your time gents does look real to be fair when comparing against a penny the lettering and design are interestingly very different. i always thought a reducing machine was used for these, but might be too early for this tech?
  4. rpeddie

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    really good fake 1797 penny, a lot of subtlties are different
  5. i dont think fibers but underlying details from the over struck Spanish 8R?
  6. rpeddie

    Possible Fake Coin

    convert to a smaller size, pics will help judge whether the reduction in weight is justified
  7. love this series, ?problem? with it is in my opinion the proofs did not get much better of a strike than good, much cheaper, BU examples. I had a proof 1936 6d PF 65 and a 1935 CGS 88, i could not for the life of me spot differences. Personally wouldn't be tempted by a PF61, would probably end up going for £100-£200
  8. in some cases provenance is worth an extra $574.50 😶 Most expensive non error Churchill crown?
  9. rpeddie

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    interesting fake
  10. heres my old MS65 for comparison
  11. I've found some amazing gems on ebay, even some described correctly and still ending at a bargain. This i purchased for £50 last year
  12. just reading through ESC and a footnote mentions a 1901/1902 mule halfcrown, Was just wondering if anyone has seen this coin in auction or has any pictures of it? Have scoured the internet for it but apart from being in this footnote i cannot find another reference of it.
  13. heritage is 5% for signature items or 10% for other
  14. For sale is the set below, just looking to get spot price for this(£~1170x1.75oz)+£10 postage(uk). Message if interested, will add to ebay later tomorrow if no interest.