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  1. The 24% (29% with the juice ) from DNW is either greed or to cover large overheads ... also I suspect there’s more pressure from sellers to get zero commission for selling so the auction house has to squeeze more profit from the buyer ... bad state of affairs
  2. Sellers premium can be fully negotiable whatever is stated in print .. buyers premium is not negotiable , by law I believe ?
  3. They will all follow suit soon I’m sure and jack it up to 24% I tend to agree I’m sure there’s a market for one of them to put their head above the parapet and go 15% .. which is still a good profit especially if they’ve taken it from the other seller side too. Anyone fancy starting an online Auction company ? ! ... actually I would if I was 30 years younger ... actually I would start a revolution if I was 30 years younger...and thinner .. !
  4. Not good for anyone except DNW Buyers will factor in that 30% when they bid so the sellers will get even less..
  5. Ye gods ! What next ..keyrings, fridge magnets ...
  6. Probably make about £40 / 50 profit on eBay .. oops sorry I mentioned that awful word on this site ..
  7. Not really a conflict of interest .. it’s just that the 2 most expensive coin companies have teamed up together .. although personally I always referred to the RM as a marketing company not a coin company. I also have to exclude Westminster, London , Harrington and Byrne and Coincraft who are also on the strong side of pricing but must have a customer base happy to pay as they are still going strong. So who’s to say who’s right or wrong particularly if it ultimately gives pleasure to the buyer?
  8. SR and RM ( who really until this link up are just a marketing company ) are both at the top end of expensive .. so combined it will be doubly expensive ...
  9. Surprisingly for the RM this doesn’t seem too far off the right price .. nice coin. But I agree , the relationship between them and Sovereign rareties doesn’t sit right at all
  10. I'm sure the the 37 Edward VIII and 1808 would do well at Spink , although peronsally if they were mine I would get them slabbed and put them into Heritage....I feel that they would do better in the US with the Investor / Collector type out there ...just my opinion.
  11. I thought he died many years ago ? Nice guy I recall , always had time to talk .. unlike the me-expert-you-dickhead attitude of the Baldwin’s and Seabys of the time. Whilst I’m on that subject I remember Bob Isley always had the time to talk to me at coin fairs even though at the time I had very little money and he was a mega dealer .. Baldwin’s were dreadful in that respect , so high and mighty .. who was the guy who worked for them that always had a crumpled cream suit and resembled a cross between Charles I and Catweazel ?
  12. The thing is that John Minshull was the market maker in Farthings at the time .. and created the whole buzz around them ..much in the same way ( but to a lesser extent ) as Chris Rudd is with Celtic. Also there were so many more Farthing ... and Penny collectors then there are now... with numbers dwindling. I seem to remember that Richard Lobel bought thousands of 1895 farthings or was it 1896 that were found in a vault or a bank somewhere ?
  13. No inside knowledge it’s advertised in their catalogue I got this morning for their Isladulcie Collection of Hammered Gold Coins.. There was a time when I might have had a punt in it but not now !
  14. Looks like Spink have got a 1937 Edward VIII penny going into their September Auction ....
  15. Speaking of Welsh .. what happened to John Welsh ... ‘Choice BU’ that never was in my experience