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    Commonwealth hammered coinage, Pennies, Guineas, fast cars, power boats, live music (anything except Jazz, C & W and folk !)
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  1. Colin88

    NGC Slabbing

    11 weeks later and I’m still awaiting the return of my coins after being submitted to NGC via the new London office
  2. But you will only get scrap silver price when you come to sell it which is the point I was making
  3. All scrap / bullion when you come to resell I'm afraid....RM is really just a marketing company ..you pay for the beautiful boxes and the advertising...with only very few exceptions the resell value is the gold / silver value only regardless of whether they are proof / low mintage/ in a shiny box
  4. Its a bit of a mess and as Secret Santa says, it completely non-intuitive....I thought it was just me !
  5. Colin88


    Been waiting nearly 2 months now after submitting to them. Not the friendliest of peolpe to deal with either. I think the Pyramids took less time to build
  6. ....what isn't against eBay's policies is taking the money, no matter what.....
  7. ..... reginparto0 ..... should really state that these coins are restrikes/copies/fakes.......
  8. It does say including ....not that this was the entire collection that was stolen However I suspect that the unfortunate victim could very well have been a classic client of those companies that we all know, who prey on selling to mainly the elderly and definitely to people who don't know the value of what they are buying and who often do it furtively and with the best intentions in order to leave something of what they think is of value to the family when they've gone and generally is worth about 10 to 20% of what they paid..at best. Stick to your knitting is what I say ( can you still say that ? ..of course men knit too....phew ! I think I got away with that one...) ......don't buy what you don't understand or haven't researched....Crypto being a recent classic example of people doing this
  9. Colin88


    I understand that currently they are just submitters and are finally open at Spink's offices ...apparantly they are working towards doing it in situ at some point which will be good ..
  10. Colin88


    Chuck I Rex D:G .... after taking advice from Meghan .....
  11. Its like when I get put through to a call centre in India....and they say "Hello my name is John" ....er, no it isnt , so you're lying to me from the off ...!
  12. Colin88

    LCA September

    ...or Scotland Bob
  13. Colin88

    LCA September

    sorry just seen the previous post.....£5,500 ....cheap coin I would say....