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  1. Colin88

    Slabbing - Learnt my lesson

    I agree....but you know what, after 40 years of actively collecting I think I have a fair idea of what my coins are and what grade they are...also if they send coins to Mark Rasmussen and Steve Hill then I could save myself a lot of time and money and show it to them here....its not what I'm paying for and waiting months for. Also if you send the same coin to 3 different TPG's you will invariably get 3 different results.
  2. I've learnt my lesson ...never again ....whether its the fact that in the US they still don't really understand non US coins, particularly varieties, whether its the fact that if its not in Krause they don't understand...or whether they employ visually impaired people ..or whether they grade depending on what mood they are in.. because the inconstancies in grading are enormous and for me at least, not acceptable. Never again.
  3. Err... I would suggest that if you pay 50% over the original, massively inflated sale price that you would be a money launderer or on drugs ...or possibly both..
  4. At the end of the day 99% of these coins are only going to be worth their metal value on the secondary market...doesn't matter what shiny boxes or plastic coffins they are in ...all the marketing hype from the likes of RM, Westminster Mint , London Mint, Hamilton & Byrne and all the others wont make a jot of difference when it comes to resale. Oh and I was offered recently with all the accompanying marketing hype , two crowns - 1935 and 1937 Crown ....can you believe the price at £149 !!...that's a 1000% over market value ......I'm in the wrong business for sure......
  5. Colin88

    1850 Sov

    I like that !
  6. There are one or two beautiful halfcrowns in there (21st March)
  7. Colin88

    NGC Slabbing

    Jeez, I bloody well hope not ! If thats the case, that the insurance risk is on me on the return leg then that must be a major flaw in the entire process and people should be made well aware. I'm going in to see them on Wednesday....will let you know what happens.
  8. Colin88

    NGC Slabbing

    14 weeks !! Their excuse is that it can take that long, so can a manned mission to the moon and back. I may have to explore what happens when coins are lost, how do you prove the value of lost coins and I wonder what their compensation/insurance procedures are . My guess is that they will duck under US laws. What a sodding nightmare !!
  9. Colin88

    NGC Slabbing

    12 weeks and still waiting ...always the same bullsh!t answer when you speak to them in London..
  10. Colin88

    NGC Slabbing

    11 weeks later and I’m still awaiting the return of my coins after being submitted to NGC via the new London office
  11. But you will only get scrap silver price when you come to sell it which is the point I was making
  12. All scrap / bullion when you come to resell I'm afraid....RM is really just a marketing company ..you pay for the beautiful boxes and the advertising...with only very few exceptions the resell value is the gold / silver value only regardless of whether they are proof / low mintage/ in a shiny box
  13. Its a bit of a mess and as Secret Santa says, it completely non-intuitive....I thought it was just me !