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  1. Mr T

    Royal Mint ads on Youtube???!?!!

    What was it advertising?
  2. Looking back at https://coins.ha.com/itm/great-britain/great-britain-george-v-penny-1933-ms63-brown-ngc-a/a/3105-32230.s it says that year sets (as opposed to just single pennies) were interred under new buildings. My understanding was always that it was the penny but I guess that explains the 1933 proof being from a proof set. I wonder if the under foundation stones have proof sets too and the other four examples are circulation coins.
  3. Interesting - touching and not touching the shield?
  4. I've got Remick's book and it's decent. It doesn't go into a lot of details with varieties but that's to be expected. I hadn't heard of the Spink book - can anyone recommend?
  5. Would anyone happen to have a copy of this book? I believe it was published as a .pdf at http://site440.mysite4now.net/hoschcoins/site1/Portals/0/MAUNDYwork.pdf (maybe at http://www.hoschcoins.com/ too) but neither works any more. I think it was published in 2008.
  6. Mr T

    Charles III portrait

    When do new mint sets normally get launched in the UK?
  7. Mr T

    Charles III portrait

    That was quick! And the article says it was done from photos not from a sitting.
  8. What 1887 penny was it? I had a look on their site and could only see a June auction.
  9. Mr T

    Little coins big prices

    What caused that?
  10. I know there aren't many half sovereign collectors but does anyone here know of any sales of/listings of/references to a proof or pattern 1892S half sovereign? I've been able to find sales or listings of all of the other pattern half sovereigns of the same era. I doesn't seem to exist in any institutional collection either.
  11. Thanks - I saw nothing in the Murdoch collection. I might reach out to Eric Eigner too.
  12. Mr T

    Royal Mint 2022 Unc set

    Surely they've been for sale all year and anyone who wants one has one?
  13. Does anyone happen to have a catalogue of the Murdoch Collection from 1903-1904 handy? I saw on another site that three 1897M half sovereigns were financed by and struck for John G. Murdoch but no citation was given. I assume the auction catalogue is the source of this information but I couldn't find an accessible version online (I think there was a link available only in the USA).
  14. I tracked down the catalogue in question: https://nnp.wustl.edu/library/auctionlots?AucCoId=511728&AuctionId=525399 But it makes no reference (that I can easily see) of Murdoch arranging to have the coin struck for him.
  15. Does anyone have an image of a DISH 504 half sovereign? David Iverson and Steve Hill's publication just has a close-up of the initials and the only image I can find is https://www.londoncoins.co.uk/?page=Pastresults&auc=166&searchlot=901&searchtype=2 which isn't particularly clear.
  16. Yes that's it - thank you. Did the brochure accompany a sale? I couldn't find a catalogue. edit: I see there's a listing at the end of the brochure but they're the same small images.
  17. Mr T

    proposed heating payments this winter

    Sorry wrong thread - please delete.
  18. Mr T

    2015 britannia £2 rarity

    Nice - is it a circulation only coin?
  19. Looks like a Holland D* as well (sub-variety of Freeman D). Paul Holland has looked at some die cracks in his articles but they're in-depth (not just documenting the different cracks).
  20. Has anyone found one of these 1860 pennies with the two extra lines in the shield?
  21. Yes I just had a play with the search - it didn't return anything obvious. Lots of British West African pieces are photographed but not British pieces.
  22. I think I found second 1982 Solomon Islands proof set (no case, just the coins) for sale on ebay for $5 or thereabouts. I had no need but the mintage is unknown (but likely less than 200). I'm sure the set would normally cost around $200. Other than that it has been a struggle to find even one of the Cook Islands or Solomon Islands rarities.
  23. Are they photographed on their website?
  24. Mr T

    Ebay's BEST Offerings

    I suppose it was before we were all born, so we have no fond memories of it, but was there any copper book similar to Freeman's when decimalisation rolled around? I assumed that bronze varieties were popular because they were cheap (to pull from change at least) but also because there was a readily available reference book that got to the point.