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  1. Many thanks Bernie - reverse F is there on page 14. Not sure why the year isn't anyway in the book at all...
  2. I would have guessed something like a new die finish - I guess that's what craigy is getting at.
  3. When it's rotated like that it's called an upset. They're not common in this day and age but they happen from time to time. I can't say for sure if it's real but it looks okay to me (the E would just be from a grease-filled die or the like).
  4. Mr T

    2014 50p Shield Doubled Die Reverse

    Are modern coins still made with hubbing?
  5. Oh thanks - I actually did try searching some auction sites - I was looking for a Freeman 768 I think - 1*+A farthing anyway - but couldn't find any sales or images.
  6. Is there anywhere to get better images of the coins in the plates in Freeman? Does Peck have better images?
  7. I have a .pdf of the auction of the Remick Collection from Spink (their site is a disgrace but notionally you should be able to view the lots on their website). Lot 1102 (in part III, auctioned January 2007) is a proof 1882 Jamaica penny with the note that 'This date and mint-mark was only struck as a proof. With note by Remick "V.Rare"'. If anyone has a .pdf with high-resolution images or knows how to get the Spink site to work I'd be very interested either way.
  8. Does anyone have a copy of "Great Britain Maundy Coinage Since 1822: A Guide to the History, Ceremony and Coinage of the Royal Maundy"? According to https://www.coinbooks.org/esylum_v11n13a33.html it was published at http://site440.mysite4now.net/hoschcoins/site1/Portals/0/MAUNDYwork.pdf but it is no longer there, and the Wayback Machine doesn't have a copy either (just a copy of another book by Charles R Hosch: https://web.archive.org/web/20090207110941/http://site440.mysite4now.net/hoschcoins/site1/Portals/0/COIN DESIGNERS.pdf). And can anyone recommend "The Royal Maundy" by Robinson in 1977 or "Silver Pennies and Linen Towels: Story of the Royal Maundy" by Robinson in 1992? Is there much about the coins themselves?
  9. Thanks - re the Robinson books I was wondering if there was anything in-depth about the coins in them - I guess not, so all good.
  10. The dent on the forehead isn't always there. But I'll agree with 6 - after reading some confusing descriptions and looking at some photos it looks like the D of F:D: on obverses 4 and 5 is rotated clockwise a little whereas it is straight on obverse 6.
  11. Yes I remember in one of his books he decided they were done post-mint - must be the latest edition because I remember them being in the tallies in his first book.
  12. Mr T

    Spink book sale

    Can recommend The Uniform Coinage of India - bargain at that price too.
  13. The Fijian threepence was the only similar coin struck at the time but it was 6.2g I'll agree with struck on a split planchet.
  14. Mr T

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    The portrait looks a little cartoony.
  15. I thought not all the 1915 recessed ear had the broken tooth?
  16. I've used a pin/needle combined with little drips of vinegar on the end of a tooth-pick - all very carefully.
  17. Indeed - so the 5+A is pretty rare I'm guessing, given that its unconfirmed in Davies.
  18. I think I've heard that the PVC vapours can get through the plastic. I wouldn't risk it anyway.
  19. Have you seen any 5+A with any other die numbers? Are die number and die pairings not necessarily linked?
  20. Still trying to get my head around it all. https://headsntails14.wordpress.com/george-vi-varieties/ (yes the URL says George VI but it is George V) says 1927 pennies are known with 4+C and 5+C but gives the Gouby references as D+d - I assume they should both be 4+C? Basically, besides the Gouby D* for proofs, there are no varieties of 1927 penny? And do all proof pennies 1927-1936 use the Gouby D* reverse?
  21. Very nice - I like the little cards too.
  22. Mr T

    1935 Threepence

    Did anyone ever get to the bottom of this? I don't have any British threepences to hand but from the image I could find it looked like the 1934 and 1936 are the same - maybe it's a strike thing?
  23. Mr T

    Best info source for coin education

    Agreed - this forum more than anything to keep up to date. Price guides and reference books are good for basic knowledge too.