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  1. Hm, not sure. I searched their collection online and couldn't find one, and I thought it was privately owned but I'm not sure.
  2. Mr T

    New undiscovered 1860 obverse die

    So, just going through and trying to make sense of all this - if the new obverse die is called 2* then the coins that exist are: 1860 2 + B 2 + D 2* + D 1861 2 + D 2 + F 2 + G 1862 2 + G @rashenly2 do you know if this new obverse die occurs with both reverses D and D* as described by Paul Holland?
  3. Looks like it was struck through a lamination.
  4. Mr T

    Newbie Sovereign Collector

    No worries.
  5. Mr T

    Mint error or post mint damage?

    Looks post mint but bits of it look like lamination. Hard to say.
  6. Why is that? They didn't do the dates themselves did they?
  7. Mr T

    New undiscovered 1860 obverse die

    How about the obverse 2 on 1862 pennies?
  8. The curved/flat based letters occurs on Victorian silver too, as well as Australian pennies. I think it's got to do with metal flow, possibly during working die production. It's a smokescreen to lure people away from looking for that new obverse D !!!!!! There's a new obverse?
  9. Mr T

    Is collecting varieties a new thing?

    Not sure - can't check just now but check in one of the documents at the end - some of the later issues have a separate document for short articles and plates I think.
  10. Mr T

    Is collecting varieties a new thing?

    Someone was looking hard at bun head pennies as early as 1907: http://www.britnumsoc.org/publications/Digital%20BNJ/1907.shtml (look for "The bronze coinage of Queen Victoria").
  11. Mr T

    Any early advice?

    Very much so. Collecting circulating coins is good for maintaining progress.
  12. Mr T

    Any early advice?

    My advice would be to make a book your first purchase, and definitely start at the inexpensive end first so if you do make a mistake it won't be expensive. Looking back at some of my first purchases, I probably wouldn't have made them knowing what I know now but it's all part of the learning experience. For me I think that browsing this forum and ebay fairly regularly imparts a sense of what is a reasonable price and what isn't.
  13. Michael Gouby's book on the subject is quite good in that it provides large clear pictures of each obverse and reverse in their entirety.
  14. Mr T

    Clubs and societies

    I'm not a member of any societies, partially because I feel committed enough as it is, and partially because I like the sort of anonymity that the Internet provides. Societies do good work though, especially with their journal production.
  15. Type the URL, then highlight it, then click on 9th button along on the second row (the chain links with the green plus) then paste in the URL. I think.
  16. Echoing the sentiments of others - indescribably good. You should write a book. Any more details than what we got in the thread about it?
  17. Mr T

    Coin Values

    I'd agree with this sentiment that the unpopular denominations are undervalued, but being unpopular they're probably going to stay undervalued.
  18. Sorry, that's what I meant. Anyway, it's certainly good that numbers like 1475PP are a thing of the past.
  19. Didn't even realise there was a new edition - still, ordering by denomination and renumbering both sound like good ideas.
  20. Lovely coin, and a very comprehensive description too.
  21. I'd agree that it is double struck.
  22. I've got the September 1973 Coin Monthly and there is an article by John Foan about the pennies of 1860 to 1894 which, from a quick skim, mostly appears to be Michael Freeman's research.
  23. Mr T

    1842 groat

    Besides sovereign rings/necklaces I've only seen someone wear a gold-painted sixpence necklace. Too bad about the damage done by attaching the loop as the detail on Britannia at least looks decent enough.