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  1. I've got a fairly worn 1860 threepence and I'm trying to work out which Davies obverse it has. It looks like an obverse 1 as the G in D:G: looks like it has a big right serif and not much of a left serif. The Queen's ear is completely worn away so I can't use that, and the serif on the G seems a little shaky as a diagnostic (prone to die fill or damage I would think). Anyone got any other way of telling the two obverses? I have pretty much no young head threepences to compare with.
  2. 10 million might sound like a lot but the less there are, the less chance of a security company delivering thousands of dollars/pounds worth to anywhere near where you live. I'm very much into Australian decimals and anything with a mintage of lower than 10 million is, anecdotally, difficult to find.
  3. I'm sure GST would be implied - I don't think you're allowed to advertise prices without GST (unless you clearly state GST isn't included). It is a price guide so I guess it wouldn't matter either way but in practice pretty much every price includes GST.
  4. I guess that's known from an auction? Do we know when/where that was?
  5. Mr T

    Pennies & Halfpennies Listed on Ebay

    Ah yep - I wasn't getting redirected but the direct links show "Does not ship to Australia" in red. edit: actually digging a bit deeper it says will ship to Australia and UK but not to Oceania and Europe - I guess the will not ship to takes precedence.
  6. Is there a write-up or article about the Pretoria Mint had? I've seen mention of the 1924 proof set with 1922 penny here a few times but haven't been able to find any primary sources.
  7. Mr T

    The Proclamation Coins

    Need to get myself a copy. Have you read Coins, Coinages and Currencies of Australasia by Coleman P Hyman?
  8. Mr T

    Pennies & Halfpennies Listed on Ebay

    The link works but I see nothing for sale and nothing sold.
  9. Mr T

    Pennies & Halfpennies Listed on Ebay

    Got a direct link? I can't find it.
  10. Mr T

    The Proclamation Coins

    That's a great site (though the maintainer unfortunately died of cancer in the last year or two I think).
  11. So I counted 151 rim denticles on that 1911 halfpenny reverse. http://www.coins-of-the-uk.co.uk/pics/g5/ha/ha11.jpg Is the above the other reverse? I counted 151 rim denticles on it too anyway.
  12. Nice, I've tried something similar before but gave up because of the character limit - that little hack to increase it is neat though. This should be stickied.
  13. Mr T

    New to this, found comemorative coin

    I had a link to Euro website which I don't recall, but I guess the value would be dependent on the mintage, but it looks like that site only gives the total mintage and not per mintmark.