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  1. The Gazette - New 10p Designs

    We'll see - in Australia they did a letter for each $1 for a few years (I think they may have stopped) - none circulated and they did each letter each year for a couple of years.
  2. Thanks. Looks like it's missing the 1863 die number 5 penny.
  3. 1p varieties

    Maybe - I wouldn't be surprised if there are more varieties these days, though I expect a lot would be such small changes that you couldn't spot them with the naked eye as they don't hand make dies any more. They could probably easily reduce the profile by 10% without anyone noticing and strike a whole lot more coins.
  4. March 2018 LCA

    I'll make a note of it.
  5. 1p varieties

    Even in Australia there are a lot of decimal varieties (particularly after the introduction of the Ian Rank-Broadley obverse). I suppose modern mints are just as interested in extending die life as the mints of last century.
  6. March 2018 LCA

    Is it available online?
  7. Looks more like a proof to me.
  8. TPG/Ebay Worst Offerings

    Couldn't agree more. I think this case isn't too bad but I shake my head whenever I see Perth Mint bronze with indistinct denticles and Queen's face in an MS slab. It may be technically uncirculated but if it doesn't look uncirculated I'm not going to pay uncirculated money for it.
  9. See a penny, pick it up...

    What about the obverse?
  10. I'd say EF but the colouring makes it look like it may have been cleaned.
  11. Avatars

    Are the avatars that load taking a while to load?
  12. I would agree with Freeman 1+A.
  13. Avatars

    Works for me - it looks like it's being served by the forum too so if you're seeing other people's avatars you should be seeing your own.
  14. 1837 three half pence

    Just checked the catalogue, mintage of a bit over 30,000 compare to all the others in the low 100,000s - I guess that explains it.
  15. 1837 three half pence

    Rarer than it seems?