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  1. Decimals are clearly coming into their own!
  2. Mr T

    Halfpenny ID check

    Good point - has there ever been a true explanation of die numbers on the silver coins, or is all we have speculation?
  3. Mr T

    Ebay's BEST Offerings

    Not too bad - was that the one whose entire mintage was shipped to Australia?
  4. Mr T

    1989 GB £1 coin error die chatter

    Interesting - I've never heard it called die chatter before - must be the mint's internal terminology. I would have just called it double-struck.
  5. Mr T

    Halfpenny ID check

    Yes you're right - there are fainter lower windows. Maybe I meant there are no upper windows when I wrote that - I don't have a reverse I in hand but it doesn't look like there aren't upper windows.
  6. Mr T

    Halfpenny ID check

    In the notes I've left myself I have reverse G has lighthouse with two windows and one rock between lighthouse and shield, reverse I has lighthouse with no windows and two rocks between lighthouse and shield.
  7. I agree - I think the design isn't too bad all things considered but it does have a cartoony look to it.
  8. What is plate 432? Is it a Canadian provincial coin?
  9. Has anyone got their hands on a copy yet? I'm tempted to get one from https://spinkbooks.com/products/english-silver-coinage-since-1649-7th-edition-maurice-bull?variant=40339604963522 but is there much new in the 1816-1970 section? I don't expect so as Bull doesn't go as in-depth as Davies but the 1837 mule sixpence slipped under my radar in the 6th edition.
  10. Has anyone read The Diary of Leonard Wyon? It was published by Spink a few years ago: https://spinkbooks.com/products/hard-at-work-the-diary-of-leonard-wyon-1853-1867-by-attwood-p-bns-sp9 Is there anything new or interesting in there related to the coins he worked on?
  11. https://media.baldwin.co.uk/auctions/Baldwins Auction/BA catalogues/Baldwins auction 95 - catalogue.pdf
  12. Mr T

    Useful links (members posts)

    Oh nice - they're back.
  13. Mr T

    Coins for 70th Jubilee

    The centre one's not too bad.
  14. Nice - though at 26 pages I'll have to put some time aside for this. Thanks for posting.
  15. I agree - to me it's only really a proof if it's mirror finish with frosted devices, though I know in many cases that's wrong. My understanding was that a lot of 19th century proofs (and possibly early 20th century) "proofs" (i.e. without contrasted finish) were just nice early strikes anyway, but were labelled as proofs.