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  1. Also that's on a Jubilee head rather than a young head right? And where did you get the images? Are they from an auction? I've had no luck looking for a "wide date" 1887 sixpence.
  2. Ah understood - thanks.
  3. Oh, maybe like the 1887 half crown - do you have a picture of the whole coin? Odd that a pattern would have such an overdate though.
  4. I don't know the history of the Franklin Mint but I thought it went out of business or similar and continues to exist in name only. Not outside the realm of possibility that staff kept or sold old dies.
  5. Ah nice, thanks - looks I had that bookmarked but the auction search doesn't seem to highlight whose collection it was.
  6. I'm a bit confused - 2+G, 3+G and 6+G are the known die pairings for 1862 right? Reverse G obviously has a number of different date spacings, but the obverses don't vary do they?
  7. Thanks Nick and just.me - great information. Is that an 8 over 8?
  8. I haven't looked at ebay much lately - I see a few coins trying to sold on UK Facebook coin groups but I don't pay enough attention to see if they do sell.
  9. Hm, the plot thickens. Was the Franklin Mint source published in one of those early catalogues?
  10. Shame - I periodically see the unlisted types get mentioned here and note them down. I don't suppose there was an auction of Davies' collection at any point? Or is he still collecting?
  11. Mr T

    1908 Sovereign

    Yes the date doesn't look right, not does the rim.
  12. Oh interesting - not in Davies. Do you know where they were published?
  13. Again, for 11 pieces, why bother? Is this a coin for which the dies were mysteriously sold off or was that another Panamanian coin?
  14. I see now that the numbers for the groat and threepence obverses match - convenient. But it looks like Graham Dyer found another one not mentioned above.
  15. Mr T

    Prince William Five Pound

    Agreed - it is a good likeness. As for the monogram - I agree, but I suppose they needed something.