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  1. I'll correct myself - in my attempts to not do any further damage to my somewhat tattered copy I overlooked a couple of thin first pages that do state the year and edition.
  2. I think if it's a circulating coin (or at least a circulating denomination) that helps but beyond that I don't know. An initial shortage might push up the price of some things.
  3. Interesting - seems like there were at least three die letter A dies then.
  4. Mr T

    1947 proof florin

    Please do.l
  5. I didn't think there were any 1911 crowns - or any between 1902 and 1927 for that matter.
  6. Mr T

    403 'forbidden'

    I remember having a problem with something similar a little while ago - I can't remember what exactly but doing something slightly differently worked in the end.
  7. Many thanks Bernie - reverse F is there on page 14. Not sure why the year isn't anyway in the book at all...
  8. I would have guessed something like a new die finish - I guess that's what craigy is getting at.
  9. I've got some questions about the books written by Michael Freeman: I only just found out that his original book (The Victorian Bronze Penny) had two editions - one in 1964 and one in 1966. I had a quick look at my copy and I don't see an edition or year so I'm not sure which one I have. Are there any major differences? Is the only change between the 1985 and 2006 the prices? I can see in the 2006 various things have been revised (there's no 1* farthing obverse, various proofs and other coins are noted as non-existent) so were these revisions actually between the 1970 and 1985 editions? Thanks for any help - just trying to hunt down any gaps in information.
  10. When it's rotated like that it's called an upset. They're not common in this day and age but they happen from time to time. I can't say for sure if it's real but it looks okay to me (the E would just be from a grease-filled die or the like).
  11. Mr T

    2014 50p Shield Doubled Die Reverse

    Are modern coins still made with hubbing?
  12. Oh thanks - I actually did try searching some auction sites - I was looking for a Freeman 768 I think - 1*+A farthing anyway - but couldn't find any sales or images.
  13. Is there anywhere to get better images of the coins in the plates in Freeman? Does Peck have better images?