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  1. Ah that would explain it. The archive link on their website leads nowhere to I see. Was it a .pdf in more recent times?
  2. Hard to say from the pictures, but comparing to https://collections.museumsvictoria.com.au/items/57841, there might be a bit more detail in the King's hair and area under his eye, and on the reverse the left arm of the centre cross almost touches the bottom arch on the pattern but is well clear on the standard. Both reverses have 180 denticles and both obverses have 183 denticles by my count. Are there any better images?
  3. Is it still published? And is it anywhere on the Spink website? Google gives me a couple of hints, both of which are dead links.
  4. Anyone got links for the 1889 2+C shilling and 1898 2+B sixpence as well?
  5. Do you know if the 7 to head is known on circulating coins? I'm inclined to call it a pattern because it looks like an unrecorded obverse too - there are two lines on the bottom of the crown like obverse 1 but three pearls on the central arch like obverse 2.
  6. Thanks - I'll try and take a closer look on the weekend.
  7. Mr T

    1860 penny Freeman 14. LCW below foot.

    Defiantly instead of definitely too. Any time I see the word defiantly now I assume it is incorrect.
  8. Is that the unrecorded reverse half crown in the above list? Which lot number is it?
  9. Thanks - any other differences to look for besides the edge?
  10. Mr T

    20p Varieties 1982 - 2008

    Nice work. Poor old decimals never seem to enjoy the same love as predecimal.
  11. Mr T

    1860 penny Freeman 14. LCW below foot.

    It's been a while since I did Latin but I thought that in Latin you could decline Greek nouns either the Latin way or the Greek way. In English we seem to do the correct thing with French words.
  12. Oh interesting - hope you can dig it up.
  13. I got it, but I still think quintuple sovereigns are very much an unpopular coin, for a few reasons.
  14. Mr T

    ESC, Davies, Freeman, Rayner

  15. True, but in the scheme of things I think there are much fewer collectors of high denomination gold than pennies or sovereigns for example. I imagine a big reason for most people not collecting them is the price, so their higher prices and apparent popularity seem a little strange.