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  1. Thank you - I thought it was contemporary after reading an article from BNJ 1. Contemporaneous issues. These retained the official designs and legends and bore genuine dates of issue corresponding to those of the actual coins, viz. 1787-97 and from one issuer 1798. About a dozen Birmingham firms struck and issued them, and in most cases signed them with names or initials (which were their own1 —not the bogus initials found on the 'evasion' counterfeit halfpennies and farthings made during this period). Most were of brass. To avoid confusion with the gold prototypes, some had scalloped edges or were undersized and/or made of copper.
  2. Just looking through stuff I put away a few years ago and came across 1788 Imitation Spade Guinea by Wilmore Alston & Co and wondered if it was rare as cannot seem to find another on the internet, do not have BHM but did find a 1/2 guinea.
  3. FYI NGC census has 6 - AU55, MS62, MS63 (yours), MS64 x 2 and MS66 if that helps. I would guess 48,000 minted but purely a guess based on known amounts around the same time.
  4. Maybe top one is pit token or tool chitty ?
  5. rooneydog

    James i sixpence or at least the front is

    Thanks but cannot see any initials.
  6. rooneydog

    James i sixpence or at least the front is

    My first thought was brooch but the mount (lump of metal stuck on) is nothing like I have seen previously. Anyway if any one collects such items (fakes, copies, oddities) please just pm me an address and I will post it to you.
  7. Has anybody seen this before, a lump of silver added to the back, weight is now 4.2 gms ?
  8. https://wordery.com/contemporary-counterfeit-halfpenny-farthing-families-roger-a-moore-9781642558579?cTrk=MTAwMTkxNDI2fDViODkxZjdhMGExMjg6MToxOjViODkxZjZlNzg2MzU3Ljc5NDI1OTAyOjNmYTY0ZTI0
  9. Even though I have the book (Contemporary Counterfeit Halfpenny etc) I struggle to identify what these could be 😕 but it is possible that the 1774 halfpenny is coin Y family but do not hold me to that. Out of the numerous counterfeits I have I have probably only identified 1 ☹️
  10. rooneydog

    Baldwins new list

    Paper coins whatever next banknotes
  11. rooneydog


    Phil's response back in 2014: "Hello Jon, I was forwarded the information by Mike and, to be honest, I spent a good amount of time looking at it and couldn't work out what on earth was being suggested or looked at. The coin couldn't possibly have been in much poorer condition. I deal with a lot of matters like this in the course of the year and we have no obligation to include any of them. I need to consult some more people about this one. Kind regards Philip" I think Dave G's article in coin news states 5 known examples (do not know where I have put it) the only price known I suspect is the ex Nicholson coin sold by Colin Cooke (I found mine in a bag of inherited coins and it is responsible for my collecting)
  12. rooneydog


    For the 1695 Dei Gratia 1/2 penny, here's the end of my conversation with Mike Veissid back in June 2014 "I tend to agree that it would have been for circulation. We will put in the next edition of Coins of England and many thanks for the use of your image. Mike"
  13. rooneydog


    If that's Mr Skingley I am still waiting for a reply from 2014 when he was going to consult some people - good luck
  14. rooneydog

    Mudlarking find

    Maybe it's a pattern / private token of Charles II - they were issued in Roman armour ?
  15. rooneydog

    Old Greek coin or fake?

    How does this one compare https://www.sixbid.com/browse.html?auction=2352&category=46691&lot=1989884