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  1. Bandwidth and storage space wouldn't be a big issue. I currently have a hosting account, as well as a VPS on a dedicated server with 2 work mates (They dont have access to any of my files on there though) That's a good point, Peck - initially we will have to put up with the variations in photographic standards as all the photos will be coming from different sources, so we'd never get the beautiful standardised look of Accumulators. There is a certain amount a curator could do though, even with a scan - standard circular cropping, standard background, standard image size. Whack 'em all on a Photobucket account so we don't have to worry about finding gigabytes of hosting space for photos.
  2. Well, there's a stroke of luck! How about thumbnails on a grid? I'd be happy to draw the grid... On second thoughts, division by denomination might suit most people here a little better. Seems to be a lot of denomination collectors here. Navigation is everything! I'm not sure how you lot would go with this or whether I've got a wrong idea. But I wondered, most coin sites I've been on are always arranged under Reign, then under Value, and finally in order of year oldest first. I could do most sites do. But then have it so that only one coin is listed for that year of that value. Ie Ed VII, Penny, 1903. And this coin shown would be the highest voted as being the best grade? Could then have a link or even click the image, and have it open a new page. Which has all uploaded coins, along with who uploaded it, how many votes and what its grade is believed to be? Something like that?
  3. That would be a great idea and source of information for people on here like myself. I'm a PHP web developer by job, but my problem is I'm absolutely terrible at any kind of design. If someone would for example draw a design of how it would/should look. Ie with what should be shown, and so on. I might be able to chuck something out in my commute travels between work and home. Just a possibility. I know years ago there was a site, web developers usually slag it off due to bag practises they teach, but they do teach you the basics and its free. I believe it was www.htmlgoodies.com also www.w3schools.com is quite good for learning basics. How would you determine if one is better than the other too?
  4. I know they're not an amazing acquisition but while out yesterday, the girlfriend and I went down some of the lesser visited shops in the town we live in. Found one where a woman looked to be hoarding things rather than selling. But was very nice. Found a pot of coins, pennies, half pennies. Apparently she often gets more in. But had a look through and found these for 20p each. I'll link to them as theres 2 pics each, and you're limited per post on here it seems for pictures. The rest can be found here: Pennies and Half pennies.
  5. Hi all, I know it's not much, just curious, what would you grade this at? Would it be in the fine region? Thanks:
  6. It'll be hard to keep secrets from this place! You'll be the lot I'd likely be showing off what I have got, and asking information, if it's a good gain etc. But I'll try
  7. Yes, nice penny - the first and last picture show it off best. On the subject of pictures (Chris - PLEASE get this put in a thread as a 'Stickie'!!): 1. Import your picture to an image editor; it doesn't even need to be Photoshop - Apple's Preview or the Windows equivalent will do the job 2. Reduce the resolution from whatever it is now down to 72dpi, which is all you need for a computer screen 3. Reduce the size - Dave loves his 'dinner plates' but all you need is around 600 pixels square to see the coin clearly with all details showing 4. Reduce the quality (increase compression) - i.e. Photoshop 7/12, or 'Medium' or 'Moderate', or halfway between 'Highest' and 'Lowest', or 'Best' and 'Worst' The end result will be a picture that should fit into the 150k which is the limit per post here (and you can put the obverse and reverse pictures into separate posts, so you get 300k per coin). I use Windows Powertoys image resizer. Once loaded you just right click on the image file and pick it from the drop-down box. I would usually have just resized it in gimp or paint depending on the OS. But I hadn't gotten the laptop started. In future I'll do it properly and stop being so lazy lol. Sorry to disappoint. Might make you happier if I say my first coins were cleaned and polished? Cheers for the welcomes you two. It is a nice coin. Waiting until I find a new one. But I think I'll still steer towards for the time being Edward VII pennies. Hopefully EF or UNC
  8. Nice! No excuse for less than that for 1901... Don't be afraid to crop your pictures tight, saves the image processing on all that wood! And has the effect of getting us closer in to the coin. Needs a bit more light too - bring an angle poise lamp down close but angle it so the glare doesn't bounce straight into the camera. Thanks, I got this from Chris, I took the photo on my phone so next time will take better pics.
  9. I got my first (uncleared) and hopefully of many coins, it's a 1901 AUNC won't show pictures directly due to size of image but it can be found on: My penny
  10. Greg


    What was happening in York today?
  11. Greg


    Hmmmm thanks The snow looks to be thinning out the closer i get.
  12. Greg


    I used to work from home Then the boss decided to get an office in London, and offered more pay, more prospects. Would have been amazing. But I had only just moved up to Suffolk 2 months before, from the borders of London.
  13. Greg


    You're not like these other people then! Can't do anything because a little snow has fallen.
  14. Greg


    It has just stopped snowing here. But didn't really settle much anyway. Well I can think of loads of things wrong with working in London: 1 - I pay around £500 per month travel, £40 parking, £80 (actually gone up now) tube rides, £360 or around that per month train ride, 2 - From the house to the office, it takes around 2 hours. 3 - People are rude as anywhere! Even had a man in his 40's (all suited) a couple months ago attempt to barge my clearly showing pregnant girlfriend off the tube. 4 - The tube is evil! 5 - Prices through the roof for everything. There are more I'm sure Yeah, everything seems to shut down. I'm having to keep watching the sites to make sure my trains don't get cancelled.
  15. It seems most of the UK is currently shivering with fear at the threat of snow (Actually I think a lot of the UK is snowing atm ) But anyone affected by the trains being cancelled just because there was snow foretasted last night? Most of the trains I would have got on (between Colchester and Liverpool street) had been cancelled or delayed today. Sadly the ones I get on weren't. So I had to go into work. I did stand in the cold for over 50 minutes in Marks tey (essex) yesterday due to a broken down train, ended up getting on my other train back home. Was -10 there yesterday! One of the only downsides to traveling to London to work 5 days a week.