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  1. Sword

    NGC London - Are they still operational??

    Not according to their website: https://www.ngccoin.uk/join/ "NGC and PMG Remain Open and fully Operational" whatever that means. I called my bank four times recently and couldn't get through either...
  2. Sword

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    It's not clearly written but I think it does not apply to photos of approved companies. "Activity that doesn't follow eBay policy could result in a range of actions including for example: administratively ending,..." Maybe it would be good sport if Ebay add this emoji 😉 after the statement.
  3. I don't use them myself but I am sure they are safe if Colin Cooke is selling them. You can e-mail to check if they are acid-free and I have no doubt they will say yes. Here is an alternative (from Rob): https://www.rpcoins.co.uk/collections/accessories/products/00099999 I think they are a good choice for circulated coins. You probably want to keep EF or better in quadrums or 2x2.
  4. My choice would be standard. Intercepts are designed to protect the lustre of BU / aBU coins and prevent toning. I don't think there is any advantage for using them with VF+. I buy quadrums from coin gallery myself but they don't do "pick 'n' mix". Highly recommend them. Good prices and always prompt delivery.
  5. Perhaps someone did/do sell mixed size quadrums on Ebay. The only one I can see now is this seller in Australia. But his postage is too expensive for the UK and so is not an option. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Lighthouse-Quadrum-2-x-2-Square-Coin-Capsules-MIXED-PACK-OF-10-YOU-CHOOSE/133183530325?hash=item1f025b6555:g:UpcAAOSwKQ9aJedv
  6. Don't think you can buy Quadrums in pick 'n' mix sizes unfortunately. Boxes of 10 should be fine if you have favorite denominations.
  7. Very occasionally, the washer can rotate within the CGS slab. Those are not fibres but marks on the coin surface. The coin was struck on an existing coin and I think the marks were made in the minting process. This is a photo of the coin before it was encapsulated showing that at least some of the marks are raised.
  8. I think having a divot is preferable to the horrid green colour of verd. The coin already looks considerably more appealing to my eyes after the cleaning attempt with toothpick.
  9. Some really nice additions! I particularly like the die clash on the George I shilling, and the Young Head halfcrown.
  10. It does look like they are very reluctant to start offering live online bidding. Otherwise they might at least have said that they are looking into this option. My guess is that they will be doing it by advance bidding only and hope that future sales will be back to normal.
  11. LCA is just burying its head in the sand. Might be they will announce their decision regarding live bidding when they publish their catalogue.
  12. I think there is a difference between a privately minted token and an official coin of the realm. I do find images of Wallace and Gromit rather cheerful but I just think it is bad taste for the government to be advertising private commercial products. I hope we won't eventually end up with limited edition banknotes advertising pop groups or TV series. Just had a look at the "Wild Man of the Land of Jesso" token. The image is a bit scary at first but I don't dislike it. Owing one is kind of cool I guess.
  13. Modern, daring or even unpopular designs are totally different to coins of the realm featuring advertisement for current products. I think it is wrong in principle for coins to feature advertisement as there is no fair method to decide which product to promote.
  14. Sword

    After lockdown

    I can't wait that long. Have been using clippers already. When the lockdown is partially lifted, which of the following two methods would you prefer your hairdresser to use?
  15. Since we are all self-isolating, I wonder if members would like to post good puzzles, riddles, number games etc to help pass the time? How about starting off with a chess puzzle? Not difficult but needs a bit of thinking. It was actually composed by one of the most famous chess players of all time. Sorry, forgot to mention that it is White to move and mate in two.
  16. Apparently, coin collecting was already referred to as the "Hobby of Kings"in Renaissance times. However, no one can argue that many kings were indeed far more interested in other pastimes...
  17. Sword

    Did the CGS numbers reconfigure?

    CGS hasn't changed their numerical system. It is still 1-100. But they have removed the prefix grades from their numbers. E.g. they used to give grades such as CGS AU78. Now it is simply CGS 78. (Their reason being that there could be grade inflation over time but claim their numerical standards do not change. Hence, they are saying that their 78 (AU, 10 years ago) is now what market would now consider UNC). Of course CGS is now called LCGS.
  18. Sword

    George III 1817 Half Crown

    I didn't mean to sound undiplomatic with regard to its "value". Although it might not be worth much in monetary terms, it is certainly an interesting item to "rediscover". Simply speculating how it got there and who it might have belonged to is a lot of fun.
  19. Sword

    George III 1817 Half Crown

    The initials GN are not mint marks. They were engraved onto the coin sometime after it has been minted by a private individual. A mint mark has to be part of the original design of the coin. The coin is sterling silver. However, it is only worth scrap value it this condition.
  20. Sword

    Charles I Tower Mint Halfcrowns

    A really good collection! They are well struck examples and most are nice round coins.
  21. Interesting newspaper clippings. With regard to the first clipping, I think the appearance of George V didn't change very much over the years. The modified effigy from 1926/27 did make an attempt to age him by adding some winkles around the eye and made his hair a bit more receding. It probably still flattered the King by giving him a bit more hair than he had, but is in my view still a good likeness. His beard might have turned white by 1935 but you can't show this feature on a coin. 1911 portrait 1923 photo 1933 portrait
  22. Just a thought. No coin fairs, no room bidding in auctions, less lots being assigned etc. Will there simply be much less new stock on the market in the next 6 months?
  23. For me, the most appealing part of the design is the dragon.
  24. I have always liked your avatar. I think it is a RE proof as it is better struck than a specimen in my opinion. Am I correct?