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  1. I gave up testing for perhaps a year now. Like many people, I used to test twice weekly for a long time but have never tested positive. This helped to convince me that perhaps I am one of those people immune to covid. (The four jabs are enough reassurance even if I am not.)

  2. I haven't given a second thought for Covid for quite a while now. However, my understanding is that we might never reach herd immunity for the disease. The vaccinations greatly reduce the symptoms of the covid but are not able to prevent many people from catching it due to variants. It will probably linger in the background as a mild inconvenience for a long time. I am more worried about catching flu.

    14 hours ago, Rob said:

    My son went to a gig in Manchester 2 weeks ago and presumably got it there (second case). He had all the same symptoms at the same intensity as a couple years ago, but these cleared up inside 3 days.

    Did he actually test positive for Covid?

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  3. For me, rarity could refer to the total number of pieces available, condition rarity, or "rare" eye appeal such as excellent toning. I personally prefer collecting the later two categories. A relatively common coin in rare UNC grade is more exciting to me than a very low grade coin with only a few examples known.

    I am not a serious enough collector to have anything particularly valuable but do have a few pieces which think would be hard to upgrade.

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  4. On 5/11/2023 at 3:16 PM, Lotad said:

    The returns process is automated and free, but requires you to print off your own label. Quite frankly its the most efficient part of the RM now. Today I received a reply to an email I sent over 2 months ago, now they ask me for my order number, luckily I included it in the email title, shame they didn't read that bit. 

    I have just printed off the label asking for an exchange. I also managed to get to them on the phone and the chap said they will check before posting a replacement. Can't say I am convinced. Let's see what happens this time. 

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  5. I have just received my coronation coin. It supposed to be signed for but the postie just left it on my doorstep.

    When I opened the box, I was surprised by the lack of quality control. The plastic case is quite badly scratched where the date is. But the coin itself is scratched on the letter Y of May.

    This really killed the excitement of getting a coronation coin. Is this the normal standard of the RM these days?

    I suppose I would want to have it replaced (or a refund if this is the norm of the RM). What do you think? I don't want to pay for the insured postage back though.



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  6. 14 hours ago, TomGoodheart said:

    Yes, Helen Farquhar who was deeply interested in these things suggested as much in her paper in the British Numismatic Journal, Sword!

    The rock, beset by storms, was one of  three symbols used on memorial medals to illustrate this 'fortitude'. The others were a salamander, emerging unharmed from flames (CONSTANTIA CAESARIS) and a diamond which, though placed upon an anvil, resists damage from the blows of a hammer (INEXPVGNABILIS).

    Medals as propaganda, I guess.

    The legend "CHRISTO AVSPICE REGNO" on Charles I coins was blatant propaganda. Unfortunately for Charles, it didn't stop people from overthrowing him.

    The numismatic legacy of his reign is simply unmatched by any other monarch.

  7. It could be the train is taking off and flying into the sky...

    Seriously, it is shocking quality control. It is still for sale at the RM and so they should be able to send you a proper replacement. Otherwise, I would ask for a refund and buy something else.

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