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  1. And he has managed to trap something inside the capsule after taking the coin out and replacing it. That object wasn't present earlier on in the clip. Then again, it could be outside the capsule
  2. It does have visual appeal and you do appear to have a knack of finding some winners (from a profit viewpoint) among the moderns 🙂 But the "design" is simply a compilation of elements from the British Trade Dollar and the Imperial Chinese Dollar together with a standard QE II portrait. (But there is nothing wrong with that unless you are submitting it for a GCSE Art exam!)
  3. Because it is almost impossible to get hold of a perfect currency specimen. You find a BU example but there is a weak patch on the reverse where the crown meets the shield. And when you find a fully struck reverse, then the upper ear and mustache are flat and /or some hair details are missing. Then you find one well struck on both sides (which is difficult enough) but the coin has lost some lustre which suggests a trace of wear. It is easy to upgrade on one specific area of the coin but just very difficult to have the complete package.
  4. Because they are strangely addictive!
  5. Wish this is mine. It was actually exhibited in the Tower of London
  6. I listened to Mrs May's statement tonight. All she did was to blame the MPs rather than taking some personal responsibility. If I have a chance to talk to her, I would give her the following responses to her statement. "I passionately hope MPs will find a way to back the deal I've negotiated with the EU, a deal that delivers on the result of the referendum and is the very best deal negotiable.” The problem is using “I” rather than “we”. Saying that it is “the very best deal negotiable” is arrogance. No politician should claim that they have done such a good job and that no one else could have done better. "And I will continue to work night and day to secure the support of my colleagues, the DUP and others for this deal.” Why do you need to work day and night for the support of just 10 DUP MPs? That’s because you managed to lose your majority against Jeremy Corbyn? Even after Corbyn was weakened after scores and scores of resignations? After the Tory had such a big lead in the polls. And then your famous billion pounds bribe to get the support of just 10 DUP MPs. If you weren’t competent enough to win that general election, do you honestly think you were capable of handling the much harder issue of Brexit? "But I am not prepared to delay Brexit any further than the 30th of June.” Yes, it is your deal or no deal isn't it. You should have already held indicative votes. "Some argue that I'm making the wrong choice and I should ask for a longer extension to the end of the year or beyond to give more time for politicians to argue over the way forward.” "That would mean asking you to vote in European elections nearly three years after our country decided to leave.” "What kind of message would that send? And just how bitter and divisive would that election campaign be at a time when the country desperately needs bringing back together.” Please wake up Prime Minister, the country cannot be any more divided ever since that ill-fated first referendum. "Some have suggested holding a second referendum. "I don't believe that's what you want and it is not what I want. Prime minister, please stop telling us what the public wants. The reason you lost your majority in the last election was because you misjudged what the public wanted then. Perhaps you should ask the public what they want now? "We asked you the question already and you've given us your answer. So why are you asking parliament for the third time if they want your deal after it has been rejected twice. Are you hoping that MPs will change their minds? But you don’t want to find out if the nation has changed its mind about Brexit however. "Now you want us to get on with it. "And that is what I am determined to do." But are you capable of doing that? If it makes you feel better Prime Minister, I think Corbyn would have done much worse. My question to you Prime Minister is this: If a second referendum is held (and you probably should quit if that were to happen) and the country decides to stay, what do you think it is the right thing for the UK to do then?
  7. Looks like nothing will actually happen on the 29th March. With hindsight, the prime minister should have set the original Brexit date three days after that date.
  8. Apparently, Philip Hammond was asked about the "wrong" date on the prototype pieces on the Andrew Marr Show. He simply replied “They could become collectors’ pieces”.
  9. I don't think that's a fantasy piece but is the official Royal Mint proposed design.
  10. Sword

    Toning while slabbed

    From memory, I think Paulus was shown their grading process once and said CGS didn't wear gloves either. Personally, I don't think they show enough care and some of my CGS slabs have foreign objects inside.
  11. Sword

    Peter Nichols cabinets

    2 months is not a long time to wait for a decent piece of handmade furniture. LCGS can take more than 3 months to grade a coin... 🙂
  12. Sword

    Peter Nichols cabinets

    I do like the thickness of the wooden frame. Quality.
  13. Sword

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    "I was looking for this coin for about 3 years and i think this is the best example that I found." You just got to laugh.
  14. Great. I will need to stock up on a sufficient quantity of wine then.
  15. Sword

    Toning while slabbed

    Just arrogance. The PCGS grading video also shows coins being handled without gloves etc. If you want your coin graded, then it is either PCGS or NGC and you don't have much of a third choice.