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  1. The Medici dynasty will always be associated with unlimited wealth and enormous power. The name is still majestic today.
  2. Sword


    In this particular case, I think the cleaning is definitely the right thing to do. The uncleaned coin has very poor visual appeal. Although the cleaned coin is not lustrous, it is at least much easier on the eye.
  3. Sword


    Sorry, they are still selling CGS coins. The "choice English coins" tab has been removed but they are still selling at the bottom of their web page.
  4. Sword


    I have just noticed that LCA is no longer selling CGS coins on its website.
  5. Sword


    Some of the earliest members like Emperor Oli and Halfpenny Jon were kids when they first joined. Now in their thirties and have probably given up coin collecting long ago. I guess the hobby was a little more popular with children when the internet was not so big. I don't think there are any regular members younger than 25 (or even 35) now. I have been thinking about Peter too. Hopefully he is OK and is just taking a break from here.
  6. Sword


    Users of LCGS have already reported that they are no longer in the business. (I too had an account from the CGS days. That ceased to work when CGS became LCGS.)
  7. Sword


    NGC has a London office. https://www.ngccoin.uk/news/article/6822/london-office-opens/
  8. 1699 Hungarian Thaler featuring Leopold I as Holy Roman Emperor:
  9. Here are some of my examples of thalers: 1565 thaler featuring Augustus as Elector of Saxony
  10. Thalers often feature impressive designs and I particularly like the cityscape reverses. Even 14th and 15th centuries thalers are usually milled and minted to a much higher standard compared to the hammered English coinage of the same period.
  11. Sword

    1905 Halfcrown

    I wouldn't myself. When a coin is worn, tarnish / toning tends to highlight the remaining details. For example, you can just make out the "I" of honi thanks to the toning.
  12. Sword

    1905 Halfcrown

    Yes indeed. A nice bold fine example to my eyes. A nice collectable example. And I disagree, I think it is very good :-) (grading that is)
  13. Sword

    1905 Halfcrown

    Apart from the grading issue, I am stunned that anyone could say that "a coin will be selected at random from the chosen condition" for an asking price of over £300! I want to know exactly what I am getting for anything costing more than £10.
  14. It was just an arbitrary decision taken by them in the beginning.