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  1. I like these rocking horse crowns also and have one example of the RE proof. The coin above has presumably been graded ultra cameo and I wonder if this has affected the numeric grading? I also wonder if there has been any attempt to adjust the contrast to make the frosting more apparent. If so, I imagine it would make the "hairlines" a lot more noticeable.
  2. Sword

    Attractive coins currently in circulation

    Would you like to post pictures of the one you think best?
  3. I could look at it all day! It is a splendid specimen, and there would be no excuse for it not to be assigned a very high grade if the obverse strike is a little stronger. (But I don't think I have seen an example as nice as this and with a stronger strike)
  4. The toning (particularly on the reverse) is superb!
  5. When I was in holiday in Prague last year, I really liked the 50 Korun coin which is bimetallic (Copper and brass) with attractive obverse and reverse. The photos below are from Numista. Which designs of foreign coins do you like best?
  6. Sword

    Using acetone to clean coins

    I have never tried anything apart from acetone with a cotton bud. (And I will probably not try anything else). For me it is very good in dissolving a range of things such as grease. It is more volatile than the various alcohols (due to lower boiling point) and so will quickly evaporate. But I would only consider using it if there is a reason to.
  7. Sword

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    It's a bit more than that. Even the previous listing of the same item has also been removed. True, it might be back with a new seller's ID though.
  8. Sword

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    The listing has been removed (rather than ended)! Looks like it might be the action of Ebay.
  9. Sword

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    Notice only the date 1933 has been cleaned... Also I think people selling for a charity on eBay has the charity ribbon icon on their listings ...
  10. A very well struck obverse for the 1921!
  11. I normally collect silver, but have decided to buy a couple of pennies as type examples.
  12. Croydon Coins used to be the only cheap auction charging just 5% buyer's premium. But they didn't have photos for most of their coins then and so it wasn't great for postal bidders. It has since changed hands but the name is still retained. Now it is "21% plus VAT". They even added "Unlike some other auction houses which state 28.8%." on their website.
  13. I have never experienced that. I try to submit my bid in the last few seconds and the auctions ended on the time expected.
  14. Sword

    Little coins big prices

    That's rather worrying...