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  1. Hmm I don’t see any obvious signs of tooling but it’s difficult to rule out ! Assume there would be still be the outline of the letter visible under a loupe due to the surface under the removed H being less toned ?
  2. Talking about missing Hs, I picked up this 1876 penny recently - no trace of the H at all ! Assume a filled die given the position of the date.
  3. Ah I meant D&H 364... Does 361 typically have this edge inscription ? Otherwise everything seems to match up.
  4. Hi all ! Wondering if anyone here who's more familiar with this series might be able to give me a hand on this...probably a pretty basic question ! I have a 1789 Druid halfpenny which I think is D&H 394 because the obverse has 25 acorns and the 9 of the date is below the H of "THE". What is the standard edge inscription for this issue ? Mine is "PAYABLE IN ANGLESEY LONDON OR LIVERPOOL . X ."
  5. According to Spink (phone this morning) everything goes live 3 pm today. Fingers crossed.
  6. Crazy busy right now but I will ring Spink tomorrow morning because it is really getting a bit ridiculous !
  7. Quite annoyed by this as I have a lot consigned for sale...
  8. Impossible to tell if worn, toned, cleaned and retoned or worn, toned, worn, retoned. In the absence of any tell-tell signs like directional hair lining on the high surfaces might as well believe the latter.
  9. Maybe we could do with state mandated coffee prices like in Italy...I enjoy my €0.80 espressos...less so at £5 as charged in London nowdays
  10. Yeah, I'd ID as 10cf4 then - working with the plate coin in Spink and https://www.ukdfd.co.uk/pages/edwardian-Pennies/Edwardian Pennies P1.htm Probably worth getting a second opinion as I'm not much of an expert on these - used to collect Edward I pennies but was going by class/mint rather than sub-classes - most of my examples long sold.
  11. I would say this is a 10cf4 - right hand fleur of crown is hooked and the left hand arrow ornament inclines to the right. What's the mint ?
  12. Probably worth noting though that during the late 17th - early 18th century I believe there was a fair bit of circulation of Dutch copper coinage in the South of England given that the farthing was a bit impractical as the smallest denomination - I think this started during the tin coinage.
  13. Interesting ! I've never seen one quite that worn. Suspect it probably did circulate throughout the 30s although the 0.500 silver always seemed to have worn quite badly. It's possible that in some areas of the country these crowns were readily accepted as currency because there was a fair bit of 0.925 silver going around, including Victorian crowns. It's hard to believe that the really basal state old head crowns got that much wear in before 1920. I imagine the sterling disappeared from circulation faster some places than others. Reminded of the story of English and Italian travelers in rural 1830s Spain - they received 16th century and even the odd Islamic or Roman copper coin instead of contemporary 1 maravedi pieces in change; there was a tacit assumption that any old copper coin was roughly worth a maravedi !
  14. JLS

    Striking Errors - bronze and copper

    You might want to look at R. Ingram's current list and the catalog for the DNW sale on 5-6 June - both have some decent examples of modern British errors at reasonable prices/estimates.
  15. I think there was some circulation of Wreath crowns. Hard to believe that all the VFish examples were pocket pieces. In the end the idea was to give them as Christmas gifts, and they had a fair bit of spending power. Same with the 1935 Rocking Horse crowns, which turn up pretty low grade occasionally.