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  1. Yes, I was comparing to my uncirculated 1913 penny; strike on Britannia is generally much better except for the head which is much stronger on the 1913 piece ? Not sure how much wartime affected production standards on these though, no expert on the series.
  2. Not normally one for penny varieties, but this was so nice I couldn't resist...
  3. JLS

    50p Scarcity *

    I'm pretty sure anyone who buys these in quantity and holds them rather than flipping is going to be burnt pretty badly at some point. The mintage figures are just too high for collector demand alone to be causing the prices we see. A lot of the proof sets have mintages of 5,000 or below, but they haven't seen the crazy demand and price increases the 50 pences have - which to me suggests that the actual number of serious decimal collectors is pretty low, as you'd only need a relatively small number of people to make these expensive.
  4. JLS

    Feng shui

    Similarly, this is why Ouagadougou is pronounced more like "Wagadagu" or "Wegadagu" rather than "Oogadoogoo" as an English native speaker might expect...
  5. Is this the sea below bead variety as usual ?
  6. JLS

    F 67 - Specimen?

    Is there a die break on the top of the reverse ?
  7. John Clarke & Co. wasn't just advertising on tokens, but also in cookbooks ! From Soyer's "A Shilling Cookbook for the People", 1855, a full page advert. If I have a free afternoon I might go over to the British Library and see if it really was patented.
  8. I recently picked up this, John Clark & Co.'s penny token, 1854. Same size and weight as a pre-1860 copper penny. What I find surprising about this issue is the "PAYABLE AT JOHN CLARK & CO" legend - this was presumably still illegal as of 1854 under the 1818 act banning private coinage ? In any case, this piece is rather rare, so perhaps it was not issued in enough quantity for anyone to care particularly about it. The "Professor Holloway" issue of 1857 and 1858 was much larger in quantity, and saw circulation in London, but had no indication that it was a payable token.
  9. JLS

    more FAKES

    You can put vague numerical grades though - I sometimes list US coins as e.g. "MS60 - 62" and I've never had any problems. The French dealer Numiscorner does this on basically all of their listings.
  10. JLS

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    In a sales catalog I like photographs of which show all the defects of a piece, not which hide them using clever lighting. Having said that the grader will have viewed the coin under multiple lighting conditions. You’re right that it’s hard to judge the condition of this piece based on one set of photos.
  11. JLS

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    Yeah...I wouldn't go so far as calling that a problem coin...but it's definitely been mishandled at some point. aFDC with surface marks, can't be above a PR65. But these numbers are really a marketing trick with US auction houses, I think they tend to get the best number from the TPG that's plausible\. At least we don't have the nonsense of CAC labels with British coins. Looking through London Coin's archives, it's extraordinary to me that you could buy one of these described as "nFDC" for under £2000 less than 20 years ago.
  12. JLS

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    Is it just me, or is this not actually a choice piece? The frosting might be excellent but I don't like the marks in the field.
  13. JLS

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    The mintage is over 700... Must have been a very happy vendor. I can't imagine the prices staying this high because you could buy a whole set ten years ago for around £10-15k - I imagine there are a fair few people who bought back then or earlier who'll be tempted to submit to PCGS or NGC and cash in.
  14. JLS

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    £60k...that was for a Una and the Lion right ? Still crazy. If it's for an 1887 or 1893... 😮 those are not even rare coins....
  15. Here you go ! This medal exists in brassed bronze (as shown) as well as in bronze, gilt bronze, white metal and silver. I have all except the silver striking which is very rare. Not sure if this actually dates to ~1936 or whether it is a later fantasy, but it rarely turns up in pristine condition which to me suggests an earlier manufacture if not contemporary.