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  1. kai1998inc

    Encased Farthings

    My Local Club! It's lovely to see these getting around further than the members own collections!
  2. kai1998inc

    2015 Commemoratives

    Oh God NO! Another Churchill Crown!!!
  3. Thanks for your replies. The coin is still an attractive coin even if it is gilded. I think I will get it. Once again, thank you for the advice!
  4. Sort of along the same lines, is there a safe way of removing gold gilding from a coin as I have my eye on a high grade copper coin but it is gold gilded. I understand that gold is very unreactive so I'm not holding my breath for a solution. Thanks Kai
  5. kai1998inc

    Coin engraved with the Lords Prayer

    If you're still in need of this coin then there are two offered in R.Ingram's latest list. Both threepences, on has a widow head Victoria on the Obverse and the other is an Edward VII.
  6. That's very early for a currency piece, unless of course, its from a set and you were lucky to pick it out of change. I don't know about broken up sets because I have 4 of them. (Unless I have been ridiculously lucky). Strangely only 10p's that I've got. No signs of any other denominations (yet).
  7. Just sorted my bulk lot of pennies to find 2 1916 Recessed Ear varieties but no 1915 ones Does anyone know a realistic valuation for these coins?
  8. I have seen your statement. I myself am 14 years of age and have more time for my coin collection than my playstation. Just thought I'd reply to let you know there are some, bu not many young collectors out there.
  9. kai1998inc

    Value of a 1919 KN Penny

    Thanks for the help people. Sorry I am unable to take a pic. It has helped a lot.
  10. Good to know that you've found it. On another note, I lost an 1843 half farthing the day it came through the post a month ago. Still no sign of the tiny thing though.
  11. I have a 1919 KN Penny in my collection and I am told very different prices on different website and books. Could anyone tell me what the actual realistic value of one of these coins in a VF condition?
  12. kai1998inc


    I dont do indian coins but i thought that this one was nice so i am entering.