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  1. coinmerchant

    Refused compensation by Royal Mail

    Thank you very much for your input. According to Wikipedia these coins are refer to as Non-circulating legal tender( NCLT) Which means they could be circulated, but are not because of their issue price/melt value is significantly above the arbitrary legal tender value placed thereon. Jerry, you made a interesting point about the re-imbursement of the ‘presentation pack. To be honest though, its probably not worth the hassle. William
  2. coinmerchant

    Refused compensation by Royal Mail

    Recently the Royal Mail Lost two Commemorative Royal Mint presentation packs enclosing a fifty pence. According to the Royal Mint website, both of these coins will not enter circulation and banks are unlikely to accept them. What I don't understand, compensation was paid for exactly the same coins last year, but now they are classed as legal tender and must be sent by Special Delivery. Would be interested to know if any other members have had similar problems. Best William
  3. At the moment I am storing my low grade silver coins in poly coin bags. Are these safe for long term storage. Any suggestions, regarding a better solution. William
  4. I have in my possession a 1668 Charles II crown. What exactly does it mean by inverted on this particular coin. Does it mean the letters are inverted on the obverse side, or some letters are the right side up and others inverted. Any advice would be appreciated. Best William
  5. coinmerchant

    Most Conservative Graders

    LCA: I presume you mean London Coin Auctions.
  6. I know grading coins is a subjective issue. But generally what companies, Auctioneers and Dealers are the most Conservative/accurate graders. Thanks William
  7. coinmerchant

    1845 Crown (Problem Coin)

    Yes Coinery, I know the coin world takes no prisoners.
  8. coinmerchant

    CGS (Coin Grading Service)

    The CGS website has been down for a couple of days, since i tried to use it. Any reason for this.
  9. coinmerchant

    1845 Crown (Problem Coin)

    Oops! I did not realise I was doing that. I do normally hold my coins correctly. Regarding the ex-mount, no excuse, I did actually view the lot and to be honest, I'm sure this was accounted for in the auction price, which in IMHO was quite reasonable. In Spinks 2013 its priced at £300 VF - Maybe put it on eBay for something between £100 - £150 ex-mount. Any suggestions. Thanks William
  10. coinmerchant

    1845 Crown (Problem Coin)

    Is the other Image.
  11. coinmerchant

    1845 Crown (Problem Coin)

    Acquired this coin in a auction lot I won recently. Looks to be in nice condition, possibly very fine to my untrained eye. Unfortunately I notice there are two tiny holes in the rim. So question is - how much does this devalued the coin? Again my thanks to any answers received on this topic. William
  12. coinmerchant

    1888 Double Florin

    Thank you for your replies and advice. William
  13. coinmerchant

    1888 Double Florin

    Got this In a collection I purchased recently. Any Idea whether this is damage or a error strike caused during the minting process. Also, is this coin now only worth the silver value? Be grateful for any views on this oddity. Best William
  14. Do not have a great deal of knowledge about coin collecting. But I have some coins like this, which have a brown sticky substance on the Obverse and Reverse. I would imagine they would best sold as junk/scrap silver. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks William