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  1. 15 hours ago, DrLarry said:

    yeah but funny it just arrived the I is missing and it says VICTOR   A REGINA   she has one hell of a nose on her 

    She's german not jewish

  2. Just back from holiday 5 days in fuertaventura (nice and hot) stayed in a hotel in morro jabale full of germans cannot stop saying Guten Morgen  all the time now, would have  loved  Basil Faulty to have been there it would have been a scream.

  3. 12 minutes ago, DrLarry said:

    Here is an interesting one I found the other day , a strange odd looking attempt to replicate the model half sovereign.  I purchased it but it has not arrived yet so cannot look at in in detail  

    Crude half Sov model.jpg

    crude Half Sov  model 2.jpg

    Looks to crude to be a lauer piece , but very interesting yes , I collect model half sovs as well .

  4. 2 minutes ago, DrLarry said:

    Oh wait I seem to recall references on the model coin section of Rogers referring to him 

    Magnay, David Edgar (1942-2009)
    Contributors to British Numismatics 24 July 2021
    Biographical and Other Notes
    Spent his early years in the UK and Singapore. Educated in Northumberland and
    aged 18 joined Lloyd’s Bank in Southampton. In 1960 his interests changed from
    stamps to coins. He moved all over the country with his job, rising to senior
    manager of the Liverpool City centre branch and senior commercial manager in
    Cardiff, living in Cowbridge. On being made redundant in the late 80s he founded
    The Business Mortgage Company Ltd. from which he retired in 1998. He spent 37
    years in the Territorial Army. He specialized in toy coins and model money,
    Victorian pattern pennies (DNW February 1999) and helped D. Roger’s with his
    book Toy Coins (1990) and D. Young and J.G. Scott’s book on imitation spade
    guineas. Regular at Token Congress and many articles published.

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  5. David magnay was a big fan of model coins though it was not his only interest - I have a letter from him in the early eighties thanking me for discovering a couple of pieces he had never seen .

    I am sure his collection was sold long ago.

    I think I got his address out of coin monthly


  6. They are becomeing more collectable now than in the past - people realise that a great and interesting collection can be built up for a tiny amount of money - you try a few hundred quid on Victoria bun pennies and see the poor quality and low grade stuff you will have to put up with .

    A few hundred pounds on to hanover tokens will buy you lots and lots , though I have noticed that a few more unusual pieces are fetching £20-£30 on ebay so there must be some demand for interesting pieces , this will only increase as more and more stuff sells on the bay.

    By the way larry I do think your example has no "Lauer" but cannot be sure, so might have so I say 20/80 sure

  7. 1 hour ago, DrLarry said:

    well done ...then we can finish the year on a HIGH no Lauer 


    is it the same date 1830?

    It was just a find from google so its not my coin , its a pretty good guess there are loads more around though.

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  8. 7 hours ago, DrLarry said:

    even taking into account the possibility of corrosion it would seem pretty unusual for Lauer not to self promote .  He was even clever enough to translate the name Lauer into demotic greek on the lauer toy 5 drachma ....I can see no remnant of a signature at all even under pretty high magnification.

    Remember this was an early piece from 1845-55 at a guess but it does seem strange yes - at least we have at least three varieties to go on now , I now have to search down one without "Lauer" and also one with Queen on the obverse.

  9. 7 hours ago, DrLarry said:

    I also just received a tiny 8 mm model quarter dollar how some of these things survived god only knows they must have been so easily lost down the side of a draw or thrown away .  perhaps that explains it self then they get shoved into some box mixed up and someone finds a box of mixed up "coins"

    CM221229-122420005 (251x300).jpgCM221229-122443007 (259x300).jpg

    Rogers  # 2466 reported at 9mm but there is a question mark over the size as he had never seen one so more likely an error in reporting RRR*  no image in Rogers with the entry ( unless my calipers are wrong the dog ate them the other day ) !!!!!!

    Totally lovely coin I also saw that on ebay and don't quite understand why these dont end up selling for hundreds of dollars in the states - everything to do with this period is avidly collected in the usa and fetches big money , why not this coin - their loss i surpose.


    Another Putin critic died after falling out of a window

    Rebecca Cohen
    Tue, 27 December 2022 at 3:34 pm GMT·2-min read
    In this article:
    • Vladimir Putin
      Vladimir Putin
      President of Russia (1999–2008, 2012–present)
    putin armenia
    Russian President Vladimir Putin arrives to the welcoming ceremony in Yerevan, Armenia, on November 23, 2022.Contributor/Getty Images
    • A second Vladimir Putin critic has died after falling from a hotel window.

    • Pavel Antov, 65, died Sunday in India just days after celebrating his 65th birthday.

    • A June WhatsApp message linked to Antov's account was seen as critical of Putin's war in Ukraine.

    A second critic of Vladimir Putin died Sunday after reportedly falling out of a window, Russian media outlet TASS reported.

    According to reports, Pavel Antov fell from a hotel window in Rayagada, India, just days after celebrating his 65th birthday. He was visiting the state of Odisha in eastern India.

    Antov was the chairman of the Committee on Agrarian Policy, Nature Management and Ecology of the Legislative Assembly of the Vladimir Region and was well known in the region, according to TASS.

    "Our colleague, a successful entrepreneur, philanthropist Pavel Antov passed away," Vice Speaker of the Regional Parliament Vyacheslav Kartukhin said on his Telegram channel, TASS reported. "On behalf of the deputies of the United Russia faction, I express my deep condolences to relatives and friends."

    The speaker of the legislative assembly, Vladimir Kiselyov, called Antov's death a "difficult and irreparable loss" in a statement on the website of the regional parliament, TASS reported

    These  people have no imagination

  10. On 12/25/2022 at 10:18 AM, 1949threepence said:

    With regard to coin fairs, auctions and the like, another factor to be taken into consideration is how expensive the hobby can be. Older people tend to be the ones with the spare cash, hence you probably won't see many young people there as they just can't afford it. I wouldn't mind betting that was also the case 50 years ago.   

    Well young folks these days would be far better off concentrateing on putting a roof over their heads than obtaining a coin collection , so I see their point

  11. I somhow suspect that the lauer family were coin producers for quite a while the original father passing his knowlage on to his son etc .

    The early lauer coin were counters till about the year 1870 "To hanover" etc ,when the younger son took over he also had new coin producing machines that produced smaller and  unusual coins never produced b4, that caught the imagination of the public all over europe , these are the most common pieces found today

    If you think about it this forum will also be a legacy for coin collectors (as long as it's kept going) it would be nice to have a forum on model coins but the number of fans is limited so  it might never happen, this is the nearest we might get.


  12. 21 hours ago, DrLarry said:

    Oh I found one of those 1830 QUEN cumberberlands reasonable but yours is of much higher quality .  I think the Lauer is there below the bust but it has not arrived yet 

    s-l1600 (1) 1.jpg

    You can always upgrade in the future - I am sure the Lauer will be there

  13. 15 hours ago, DrLarry said:

    the problem with leaving a collection of coins is that you have to work for years ahead to write all the notes so that some unscrupulous collector lies and cheats because let's face it 99% of the time only 1% know the difference between an open 3 or an N over Z or an B over an R.  I have tried to find someone on the charity to teach but no one is interested so the only thing is to write a lot 

    and thank goodness you do

  14. Rogers book is sadly missing from my collection I really would love a copy and it keeps its value when you want to sell it on .

    I would agree a website would be best , but it's working out that it does not leave you out of pocket thats the hard thing