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  1. Where do you find most of your model coins drlarry?

    Most of mine come from either birmingham or by searching "toy coins "  on ebay  must admit I dont add many to my collection now just the odd buy   , I love bulk collections  and the odd pickup  is nice but probably around three time a year now.

    Searching "model coins" does get more views and thus higher prices , so i dont bother as much.

    Unfortunately buying this way you get lots of doubles , I usually bag them up and put them on the bay  as a bulk lot

  2. Just now, DrLarry said:

    My examples of the Crown are the same as in Rogers both of iron coated there are three variations ~'s 775 to 777 as there are 4 possible types in the sovereign I wonder if other varieties exists.  Please look 

    3 Half Crown types

     I think I have found a third new type of Florin with differing letter sizes on the reverse and a second variation in the obverse I will take photos and list later  

    note the star under edwards head

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  3. 11 hours ago, DrLarry said:

    I will check through my examples of Hairy Heads and get back to you ...they are yes certainly rare .  Oh that is a lovely story I did not realise he was a vicar 

    If I remember rightly it was the penny and i am pretty sure it was dated 1902 it was in about unc grade so it was not poor quality if there is a picture in rogers  book it will be the one I sold him .

    He could have retired in the early eighties so maybe he would not use the title reverand when retired , I am pretty sure he built up his collection over 15 years or so , remember it was so much harder back then with no ebay , farthing specialist was always on the lookout for nice coins for him.

  4. A full set of these would be very expensive they just seem to be found as singles I am sure they were not issued in great quantities.

    Might be interesting to know if the farthing also appears as a dated version Rev rogers book anyone?

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  5. And another in great grade .

    I remember sending one of these to the reverand rogers back in the seventies and he sent me a lovely crisp  £20 note for it so there ain't many arround


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  6. Talking of varieties does anyone know when the first 1862  6/8 was found I suspect its as recent as the late 1990's I am pretty sure there are about 25 or 30 at least known

    One for the penny geeks this one should not be hard as there are plenty out there

  7. 13 hours ago, Rob said:

    Peck was definitely not mainstream literature for the masses. At the time the second edition was printed, you were looking at around a fiver for a book. The same price as Seaby's were asking for a gFine Elizabeth I milled 3d or an EF Chas.II 2d. Colin Cooke once said to me that many of his customers didn't have reference books, and a good number didn't even have a copy of Spink/Seaby. The reluctance to 'waste' money on useful books is an age old problem.

    If you rely on CMV or whatever, coverage of varieties is a bit varied, with some pennies and milled coinage listed, but Civil War coins and hammered coins are not. Charles I Oxford halfcrowns for example are listed as from £350 Fine and £975 VF. That's it, one line to cover all varieties for everything. 100 years ago, Morrieson listed 102 varieties of Oxford halfcrowns in his BNJ article and that number is now larger. The same applies for all hammered coinage. Before I refocused the collection in 2008 I had a list of over 2200 halfpenny varieties documented or observed and over 1500 shillings, but that is hardly mainstream interest level. At that level, any discussion rapidly leads to the eyes glazing over and the shutters coming down.

    I suppose these days it is the internet that has become the equal to the written word and made the information available to a wider audience as it is searchable.

    Coins market values always valued the d over sideways d 1851 farthing  at about seven or eight time the normal coin - you try finding one in any grade its very difficult- well its still not in my collection after donkeys years anyway

  8. On 11/13/2022 at 12:04 PM, DrLarry said:

    yes I do think this is how it happens.  The sad thing is the degree to which slab buyers depend on it as gospel.  

    Time to give up collecting if you cannot buy a copy of peck or work out if a coin is a genuine mule or not.

  9. On 11/3/2022 at 10:44 PM, DrLarry said:

    I have listed this because it obviously is not a Mule and yet the NGC seem to have mislabelled it as beaded one side toothed the other ...sorry about any confusion it is listed on ebay 

    And they get paid good money for mistakes like this ?

    They should be in ten downing street

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  10. Well they have arrived after three weeks or so not the seven days  - I hope anyone else using this service has the same experience .

    GOOD LUCK EVERYONE - I had no choice but send the stamps up the only other thing I could have done was use them all in the next three months.


  11. Its getting harder and harder to leave bad feedback , mainly because ebay hate it because it means there are unhappy customers on their site.

    They make it harder and harder so in the end people either cannot or willnot leave bad feedback.

    In effect they are only fooling themselves by masking the problem

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  12. About three weeks ago a leaflet came through the post with all details about how !st and second class stamps have to be used by the end oof the year .

    Having built up a little collection of first class stamps over the last three years or so (84 stamps to be exact)

    I thought about this for a while and in the end decided to send off my stamps to be changed into new ones.

    BAD CALL PETER , it promised on the leaflet that my stamps would be with me in a week (that was three weeks ago)  and I have knowhere to complain to or to chase up my stamps.

    I surpose the old post office would not have been any better , so things never change.

    It really does annoy me that companies like this hold you too ransom then apparently steal their own product back

    I will of course keep you up to date and apogise if the stamps arrive  - i really think the high street post offices should have been given this job

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  13. 53 minutes ago, ozjohn said:

    Another coin I've had for a while .Again photo taken with hand held iPhone. as it produces a better result than my Sony camera with macro lens  A 1926 ME  halfcrown withe first issue shield. A nice coin with the reverse better than the obverse on account of some small scratches on the obverse.


    sadly most george halfcrowns suffer bag marks esp on the obverse

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