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  1. 4 hours ago, blakeyboy said:

    About what, exactly?

    Oh you never heard the threats from russia against the uk as in nuking it?

    Remember Ireland is only a short distance away as well and would also be totally destroyed there again whats another 4 300 000 pointless deaths when you have acheaved your objective

  2. On 5/18/2022 at 12:50 AM, Bruce said:

    Good, if they can sell this, more and more of the same must be offered by them in near future.

    Bet you would have a problem finding a worse minger than that ........

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  3. 21 hours ago, 1949threepence said:

    I had a feeling that the situation of a lot of female refugees with kids, being housed with British families, would end in tears for many.

    For one reason or another............. 

    Surpose that if a male imagines hes getting a 19 year old and he ends up with a overweight 55 year old it could have something to do with it

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  4. image.gif.0cec9c5a301322112fff0676e8c073c6.gif

    A Ukrainian refugee rehomed under a government scheme has claimed she and her teenage son were left homeless after being manipulated by their hosts.

    The woman, 45, who fled Bucha, north of Kyiv, came to north-east England on 16 April but said she was asked for money and told to leave after three weeks.

    "I am fleeing the war and all of a sudden I am on the street," she said.

    The government said Homes for Ukraine had helped more than 33,000 people, with very few unsuccessful cases.

    The mother and her 13-year-old son - whose identities are being protected - are being helped by a Sunderland-based charity and are in temporary accommodation while waiting to be matched with a new family.

    She told BBC Look North she thought her hosts would be kind and caring, but within weeks she "did not feel safe or secure".

    "Our host approached us and said 'I need money'," she said.

    She said the family told her: "We spent so much money on you - look how expensive you are, look how much you have cost us - I want money."

    The hosts set up an online fundraising page purported to be for the benefit of the exiled mum and son - which raised more than £850 - although the woman says she never saw any of the money.

    She added: "All of a sudden I am fleeing the war and all of a sudden I am on the street."

    ReutersCopyright: Reuters

    , according to the latest opinion poll.

    On 2/26/2022 at 9:35 PM, DaveG38 said:



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  5. Just checked up on the lyrics and guess what for the last forty years I thought chicks were chips .

    WHAT A PLONKER as del boy whould have said.

    "That ain't workin', that's the way you do it
    Get your money for nothin', get your chicks for free
    We got to install microwave ovens, custom kitchen deliveries
    We got to move these refrigerators, we gotta move these color TVs"

    Mind you "We will rock you does also sound like freddie is kicking a cat all over the place" not a can" worthy of a west ham player

    And that devil has a sideboard in bohemian rhapsody as well

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  6. 10 minutes ago, jelida said:

    Yes,  at least with the solid blocks of steel the Royal Mint historically used as dies, and to the degree shown on your coin. As to why, we shall never know without evidence. But people certainly do strange things to coins, for fun, as test- pieces, to re-purpose, to defraud , as art-work and as puzzles and many others.

    And the need to restore a coin bent or damaged due to agricultural activity often presents,  in practice many detector found coins benefit from careful conservation to be acceptable to collectors.


    Few coins found with a detector are worth much more than scrap value - a few hoards over the year are always mind blowingly brilliant - but most single coins are in pretty dire straights

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