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  1. copper123

    Proof there is no god

    Maybe hes not as interested in vice as the president - thats a weird one ......
  2. The flans for charles II farthings were surplied from sweden so it probably was not the royal mints fault they were a bit over - still its careless and must have cost the swedish compay that provided them loads - it was rhe last time they were used 1679 I think. yummy coin by the way
  3. Large flan farthings of george III are quite common - I dont think quality control was very good back then....
  4. One for the genesis fans You really dont want this in your back garden (It prefers riverbanks anyway)
  5. Sounds like an encounter with Donald trump
  6. copper123

    Proof there is no god

    On the plus side trump announces today hes taking a unproven drug thats probably of little use and might kill him . It would at least leave a slot for pense
  7. copper123

    Proof there is no god

    Andy Burnham to automatically be mayor for an extra year as coronavirus delays elections Having initially resisted calls from the Electoral Commission and councillors, the government today agreed to put off May 7’s poll Bet someone over the pond feels jealous
  8. Spent the last week or so painting the new garden shed (well sixmonths old)- quite bright colours - it looks a bit like a beach hut now . will try to put a pic on soon blue and cream in case your interested
  9. You would think they would be pleased with people showing an interest in the auction
  10. probably because most "Interesting" coins were gold and silver so at least had an intrinsic worth
  11. Incidently George V had a couple of hobbys that most kings that went before would have laughed at they were of course stamp and coin collecting. Most that went before him were interested in fornication and drink/ drugs.
  12. copper123

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    Looks tooled to me would not pay £100 for it . How a slabbing company could ever put their name to that - words fail me
  13. Top 10 attractions Brits want to visit when lockdown is over: 1. National Trust park / property 2. Natural History Museum 3. Blackpool Pleasure Beach 4. London Zoo 5. Alton Towers 6. Eden Project 7. Brighton Pier 8. Science Museum 9. Tower of London 10. National Gallery Personally I am surprised that chester zoo ain't there , its got to be a favorite with both mancs and liverpudlians , you could even see a beaver (:))