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  1. Anyone noticed that the pre 1991 bronze in your pocket is becomeing scarcer and scarcer Recent rises in the price of scrap bronze might even be making the withdrawal of these coins and their hoarding / melting a common ocurance. While illegal it would be hard to prove it was happening . There is no pot of gold at the end of the rainbow with these coins though , you might get a 50% premium at the moment and its a lot of messing around for little reward
  2. copper123

    The bronze in your pocket 2021 pocket change

    https://www.ft.com/content/8f80e1fa-562c-4a1d-907d-ff53bf305a06 Looks like the next shortage might be loose change
  3. The number of times I have heard "I have this really rare churchill crown/ 1977 crown Would you like it for fifty quid? Fifty pence more like .
  4. I can see a few other nice coins in there a rare find indeed , pity they will almost certainly go streight to the usa - nevermind
  5. How many ears does captain kirk have ? Three A left ear a right ear and a final front ear
  6. It wasn't the name that put folks off but the fact they were full of klingons 😅😅😅
  7. Don't listen to that william shatner. He's a waste of space. LOL
  8. copper123

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    I emailed the seller to say it was a forgery - I never got a reply
  9. copper123

    More Pennies

    So great seeing the different opinions on the 1882 no H penny . Surely what these forums were created for . ***** Five stars everyone
  10. copper123

    More Pennies

    I never realised there was only one Gs over 1874 farthing known till the late sixties , acording to peck There must be at least 20 floating around now very rare but not unobtainable
  11. copper123

    Long shot Langford 1770 Hannot sale

    Would not mind the set of tin farthings and halfpenies of charles II james II and william and mary 1689 farthing , yummy
  12. I would think there was more than one way to bronze a coin so possably several diferent ways were tried with various degrees of sucess. The coin above is bronze not copper so an experimental and maybe unique method was probably chosen. Remember its a very limited run of coins as all 1860 bronze patterns were possably 20 exist in various metals pos auctioned to collectors . Numismatics was a tight circle of collectors back then.
  13. Are they put in some sort of acid bath b4 striking , the process is probably writen down in peck somewhere , otherwise try the obvious and google it, LOL
  14. copper123

    The bronze in your pocket 2021 pocket change

    If i remember rightly pre decimal crowns and double florins are also legal tender , but they are rarely found in everyday change from any source , would be nice if they did.
  15. copper123

    The bronze in your pocket 2021 pocket change

    While it is not something you find everyday in your change in the states , silver is something to watch out for, kennedy half dollars are the most popular finds, though 1940s and 1950s silver is in there with a shout as well as silver is not pulled out by private banks for the fed it tends to circulate till someone finds it . Many current coins are still legal tender even after 100 years or so (cents) so the stuff that you can find (In theory at least ) is much more interesting than the uk where there is no circulateing silver and nothing b4 1971
  16. copper123

    The bronze in your pocket 2021 pocket change

    I thought the USA goverment has made the melting of current USA bronze illegal , its strangely legal to melt USA silver though.
  17. copper123

    Devon Tavern Tokens book for sale

    Pub tokens LOL
  18. copper123

    The bronze in your pocket 2021 pocket change

    drugs are more profitable , I hear , LOL.......
  19. copper123

    The bronze in your pocket 2021 pocket change

    your probably in the majority at the moment - personally i would rarther not mint any more and allow them a slow death
  20. copper123

    Help With Denarius Identification

    Like Trump?
  21. Sorry its a Nae from me with tickets starting at £240 ,£500 for two people to be entertained for two and a half hours no thanks Knebworth was less than a tenner MR GRUMPY
  22. A recent picture of phil and the "person who makes him happy" personally i think he should trade her in. And a rather sad pic of phil in a wheelchair
  23. there should be a book somewhere ..........