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  1. Ian bradey would have had no chance then......
  2. Anyone else out there not to sure about the goverments help for bill payers this winter? If it happens (and I am sure it will) what will it happen in year 2 3 4 and 5 will this not add tens of billions to the national debt, all to be given to putin for his nasty little war. The point is any goverment that stops doing this "subsidy" or paying peoples bills for them will be immediately voted out of office . The goverment even compounds this by giving the Ukraine weapons and money to carry on with the war I cannot see anything else but tax rises in the future unless truss has found that magic money tree and I don't belive she has
  3. sadly most george halfcrowns suffer bag marks esp on the obverse
  4. Incidently was that not the number of illegal immigrants every day last summer? And the number that ended up in Rwanda off the top of my head arround 0 I think
  5. u mean trolls don't you? Or that what young people call them
  6. copper123

    BMC 525 Farthing - looking for a very rough valuation

    I agree while the charles II series has been very popular over the last twenty years its mostly been the silver and gold, coppers have been left out in the cold a bit - the exception is high grade halfpence and good attractive farthings . Unfortunately error and mistake coins have never really joined the party not sure why I surpose its because its always been a niche market . Ie everyone wants a high grade charles II as a type coin but few specialise in the more interesting errors
  7. copper123

    Thanks NHS

    A big thank you to everyone in the NHS and spa medica after my sucessful eye cateract operation which means fantasticly inproved sight . While I am not prepared to say I will never need glasses again , it is a posibility.. I strongly suspect cateract operations might be subject to charges as there are so many people getting them now Many colours are much enhanced and I am sure in a week or to my coins will be as well .
  8. prefer the bottom , only my opinion though....
  9. You go to a pro Ukraine march for a English leason?
  10. copper123

    Rich and Poor- sizes...

    Prob during the second world war winny was a exception
  11. The pound did hit $1.04 but only for a short period
  12. Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 (MH17/MAS17) was a scheduled passenger flight from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur that was shot down on 17 July 2014, while flying over eastern Ukraine. All 283 passengers and 15 crew were killed. ... Malaysia Airlines Flight 17. Shootdown Passengers 283 Crew 15 Fatalities 298 Survivors 0 Why was Malaysian Airline shot down? Flight MH17 was shot down over Ukraine in July 2014, by what has been determined to be a Russian-made missile launcher fired by Russian-backed rebels. Relatives of the 298 people who died when Malaysian Airlines flight 17 was shot down have accused Russia of lying about its role in the incident.6 Sept 2021 Odds on Russia invading a country on its borders would never have been that high - dont you remember when they poisoned zelinsky with novichok and shot down that passenger plane over ukraine and killed 280 passengers all the time blameing ukraine for it . they have been building up a war chest for a while unfortunately
  13. $1.04 is a bit exact isn't it ? how would you collect the bet ? After all its $1.06 today does that mean you have a losing bet? Or can you collect on the exact day it reaches $1.04 and what happens if thats during the night when the bookies are shut , can you claim even though its gone up and you have not stated the day the pound will reach this low level..? Lots of ifs and buts on this bet
  14. How interesting - not sure what 4 quarters of wheat was but as it was probably the most usefull of the above products and would have been chosen by the most people given a choice . Wheat was a staple at the time and as it was mostly cut by hand on small farms so it was in really terms very expensive compared to the machine cut wheat we have these days that is both cheap and plentyfull. Cheese and butter were also staples.
  15. £16 must have been a serious ammount of cash back then probably about a third of a years wages for an ord working man
  16. The date 1660 points more to a medal if it were 1662 or later I would agree with it being a pattern - a fine work anyway , really lovely.
  17. copper123

    Little coins big prices

    Starting an arms factory and selling to Russia and the middle east would probably be very lucrative
  18. copper123

    Little coins big prices

    Exactly thats why i said sovs were a better investment the best investment over time from the 1972 -73 era was definately shares
  19. copper123

    Blank for a Brass Threepence?

    As these were the first pressings they were experimental so different alloys may have been used
  20. copper123

    Little coins big prices

    The "plastic " set of 1953 was an increadably sucessfull selling over a million if I remember rightly they were issued in post offices at a small premium over face value as a coronation keep sake. Many were broken open in the seventies or even sixties the penny waa always touted as "rare" even though its not most of the higher value coins went back intoi circulation but the bronze remains in large quantities unused. Even today the cheapest way of getting a set is in these plastic wallets
  21. copper123

    Little coins big prices

    Hey it already shows a healthy premium on its original issue price it has taken 44 years to manage it though you would have done a lot better in sovs