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  1. Was cumming caught giving an away service then .......LOL
  2. And if it looks bad to you , I am sure you would not have to travel far to find another person who considers it awful
  3. THat pigs for the chop
  4. Es el cerdo correcto
  5. They should invent a term for that in numismatics. I would surgest "Cleaned at one time by some stupid bastard , now retoning but still mingin'."
  6. The telletubbies might have a new recruit on that photo . What happened to the watch your weight lecture after he caught covid. There again who am I to talk lol . That picture above is wrong anywhere where is the £2000 a roll wallpaper?
  7. copper123

    Proof Set Boxes

    The leather case was obviously the one to buy . Cardboard for the plebs , hey wait 75p each , I will have four , darn they are sold out.......
  8. Ah a bit more like some of the terms that entered numismatics years ago like "Edgy" which might mean light damage ie edge knocks on a coin , that is certainly more used than many .
  9. "wiped I consider a meaningless or even pointless term , why say it ?
  10. With nazis in it? We have ways of making you laugh.............
  11. I note that the 1845 large date farthing never sold - maybe £500- £700 was like I thought a very optimistic price esp with those heavy fees as well
  12. I hardly think anyone even remembers this film . Mel brooks is the one for making us laugh at nazis in film it can be a sore subject.........
  13. Yes the 1841 halfpennies have been a drag on the market for a few years now , there are less halfpenny collectors than farthing collectors but there again the farthings would have soon disappeared into nice collections because many collectors were putting up with substandard pieces I was lucky enough to buy a GEF 1834 the rare peck variety a few years ago for a song - it remains my best William farthing . Its a pity a few pennies were not included in the hoard they would have been highly sort after. I always thought victorian india had its own coins strange to find some GB issue
  14. "Not a lot of people know that " micheal caine
  15. copper123

    Ebay fees???!!?!?!

    Should be more like 25% -30%
  16. copper123

    Gardening advice required

    I think you might find that would work , depends how fast they are and according to "Alice in wonderland" they are pretty slow , in fact usually asleep
  17. William IV farthings in the absolute top grades are really well sort after , most fetch over £100 there does seem to be a lot of them around but most are in good fine or less , with a few nicer ones in GVF and lower. The smallest bit of wear on Williams bonce loses the coin a lot of value. High grade examples tend to just stay for ever in good collections or be sold by the london auction houses . Ebay is pretty useless for high grade William farthings as well , you have to wade through piles and piles of rubbish to find anything decent
  18. copper123

    Gardening advice required

    they are nice in aspic I here
  19. copper123

    Gardening advice required

    Or kill them illegally
  20. Great prices william pennies are really rare above good fine or so
  21. copper123

    Gardening advice required

    U mean on the wife ? LOL
  22. "Got a little prick from me " LOL