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  1. Do you think eye appeal comes with age and experience then ? After all the older you get the more coins you see and maybe the more fussy you become.
  2. In the absence of getting upgrades on coins in my collection , I have now started buying similar grade coins to the ones i have now but with a better tone (colour) , I really love the light coloured chocolate tone on early bronze and copper. Early Victorian bronze is harder to find with a good tone than the copper Anyone think this is a waste of time , or is eye appeal not valued in this country (Unlike the states). IMHO a lovely toned copper George IV penny for example is a real thing of beauty and to be admired a black toned one does very little for me , but I might consider it as a space filler. I sell the spares on ebay - this sort of upgrade usually cost me 20% of the coins value , so it really is not that expensive.
  3. copper123

    Room 101

    everyone loves a good farting
  4. copper123

    Room 101

    One of my loves is actually "Numismatic profesionals" who don't know jack shit (to carry on the swearing in this thread) how else am I going to fill those spaces in my collection with the rare varieties at a reasonable cost?
  5. Near vf reverse a bit better
  6. Ahhh , steven and the anarchy - lot more difficult that one. personally i would just try and get a nice steven penny - very hard at the best of times
  7. personaly i would count mary and philip and mary as seperate issues as indeed they are. stick to the groats and get a nice one of each - they are also a good investment as they are a lot rarer than say henry VIII half groats / groats
  8. Just about to get a PPI refund £5,850 Any surgestions what to do with it!
  9. copper123

    PPi refund

    The refund of cash was only £2.500 or so but lloyds had to pay me 8% interest PA and this more than doubled the value of the claim Where do you get 8% interest on your cash these days? never never land Or zimbabwe
  10. Lovely coin - but i must admit i cannot see a trace of lustre. However i have had coins of my own with lustre traces 10% to 25% and it has not shown up on a scaned picture, for some funny reason. I must say the deep chocolate tone is very attractive anyway
  11. I hear that acetone is not safe to use on Hysterectomies as well!!!!!
  12. I have tried acetone on cd covers - it has the same effect - totally ruins them. As for totally ruining slabs - i think acetone deserves a gold medal . You now have the perfect reason to set the coin free!
  13. Vicky ww portrait charles II William III George 1V George V willaim IV George III George II George I
  14. women usually have an ulterior motive- watch out - lol
  15. As mongo says these forums provide a wealth of information and help to anyone seriously interested in numismatics. The people that set up the forums are the ones to thank really , they do it more to promote the hobby than to make money and deserve a big THANKS from everyone who uses it. :D :D
  16. copper123

    On the subject of forgeries...

    This might be worthwhile yes - it should give you a good idea after six months of notes. Remember however you are far more likely to get forgeries in certain places than others - ie pubs , betting shops and the local corner shop , also taxi drivers tend not to check their pounds as well.
  17. copper123

    On the subject of forgeries...

    Last time I looked Scotland were in the UK. I know the Scots would rather it were different, but there you are.
  18. copper123

    On the subject of forgeries...

    By the way If you really want loads of forged pound coins just get in touch with me i could sell you 40 a week . i would charge £1 each , i suspect 5% of all pound coins are fake these days
  19. copper123

    On the subject of forgeries...

    By the way If you really want loads of forged pound coins just get in touch with me i could sell you 40 a week . i would charge £1 each , i suspect 5% of all pound coins are fake these days
  20. copper123

    On the subject of forgeries...

    The funny thing is that people actually think that scottish / northern irish notes are legal tender in the uk. Legally you are not bound to accept them just because they say "pounds sterling" on them. Only uk notes are legal tender in the england and wales and if you get someone to accept your "foreign" notes they are actually doing you a favor. Personally I don't like them at all but will accept up to £100 in these notes . The reason? pure and simple , I don't handle them that often and cannot spot a forgery that easy
  21. scott probably hangs round in the bury area and burys things
  22. WOOOW nice coin - would tend to agree with the other posters but 1699 date in Ex is quite hard to find - I would say even with the weak strike you have a £50 coin there
  23. Also does george look just a little too small ? My opinion only ! A bit like a dwarf on a horse really