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  1. William IIII nay nay , yours is a coin I would be happy with , George is what you ment I am sure. I am not seeing that die flaw though , it looks weekly struck
  2. In my opinion its only a good one if VF and above but i have still not come across a nice enough one to call it a keeper - strange thing is there is no example in the colin cooke collection so it might be rarer than I think - depends on what someone will pay for one I surpose.
  3. will put on a scan of my coin next day or so
  4. That pattern penny must be one of the best paterns ever issued for 1860 joseph moore was such a tallent , it must have gone quite close and have been seriously considered as a private pattern - the above silver coin had a lovely tone on it why anyone would want to dip it I just don't know.
  5. Bungle the bear and geofery might like them (Remember rainbow!)
  6. I am constantly surprised by the high prices on ebay fetched by cleaned coins - in my opinion they are worth 1/3 of what a decent uncleaned coin is worth.
  7. Apparantly he wanted thanks for sending the US stock market to record highs ( well yes donald you did do this but only by the realization that there would be a handing over too someone else soon and america would be rid of you). Well not rid of but certainly , but at least you might be able to go full time on those golf courses
  8. copper123

    More Pennies

    Well it was never there in the first place LOL
  9. I also doubted very much it was a 46
  10. Come on paddy its more fun to look at the actual coins in your collection than refer to a spreadsheet - when you are doing that you know your collection is tooooooo big LOL
  11. This shows how challenging a nice collecton of silver threepence coins from Victorias reign can be - not for the faint hearted
  12. copper123

    Bu 2021 sovereign

  13. copper123

    Bu 2021 sovereign

    Called "King George III " that would be madness