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  1. copper123


    Some of the stuff I have picked up over the years is certainly a lot more in demand , but its a small but growing market a lot of the collectors from the seventies that collected just as an interest have much more knowlege so people are less willing to let the more interesting item go for a song . By the way do you have a joseph moore quarter sov?
  2. copper123


    Will have a look through my collection and see if i can find anything interesting and put it on next week , going to birmingham will take up most of sunday
  3. copper123


    Sorry but I could not justify paying around £40 for one of those george v coins they are simply a bit poor for that sort of money , about £12 might be right , I surpose they are really rare though.
  4. copper123

    24 Hours in Police Custody

    Ahhh but did it get him a lenient sentence? The answer is no
  5. copper123


    I have seen a couple of george v 1911 coins I think a shilling was one of them , they are pretty rare , I would certainly love to have a couple , soon afer 1911 the climate changed for german firms selling to the uk and never really recovered
  6. copper123

    24 Hours in Police Custody

    He should have phoned the police first not being a policeman himself it does not even cost anything , easy to say now but the only course of action really
  7. Hope they had plenty pills as well , if so it might not have closed down in the sixties and been very popular with hippies .That beeching had no soul
  8. copper123


    I would say probably 30-60 I don't think there are less than 10 My example anyway
  9. copper123


    The answer to the "Albert " coin might be quite simple Albert was given the title "Prince consort" in the middle of 1857 so the "albert" coin was possably an early version before he was titled that of course means all the rest were post summer 1857. How rotten is this country giving him this title so late
  10. copper123


    I too have a single ALBERT piece not sure how rare it is but there are at least two existing mine is in much better grade than yours though
  11. copper123


    I am pretty sure my 1902 hairy head farthing is copper coated iron but its in such great nick I dont fancy scratching it to find out. Sounds like rogers spotted the farthing specialist 1849 quarter farthing too late after John had sold it to another collector and he never found another one , life's like that for coin collector's isn't it?
  12. copper123


    Is it in rogers the 1849 I mean? I saw one listed in the seventies in a farthing specialist list so theres more than one hanging around
  13. copper123


    I always thought the usa coins were really dear it always frustrates me that these lovely coins have so few fans probably less than 40 serious collectors such a shame