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  1. pensioners discount
  2. I did say novichok to the losers
  3. A majority of Russians have approved amendments to Russia’s constitution allowing President Vladimir Putin to hold power until 2036, election officials said. However, the referendum was tarnished by widespread reports of pressure on voters and other irregularities. With most of the nation’s polls closed and 15% of precincts counted, 71% voted for the changes, according to officials. For the first time in Russia, polls were kept open for a week to bolster turnout amid the coronavirus pandemic — a provision that Kremlin critics denounced as an extra tool to manipulate the outcome. A massive propaganda campaign and the opposition’s failure to mount a coordinated challenge helped Mr Putin get the result he wanted, but the plebiscite could end up eroding his position because of the unconventional methods used to boost participation and the dubious legal basis for the balloting.
  4. looks good ordered myself
  5. copper123

    Novel way of protection

    looks like shes married with a kid
  6. Boris has found an new imaginary girlfriend
  7. copper123

    Proof there is no god

    The states is a stange place not centrally run yet centrally run , at least it means UKW cannot fcuk up the whole country
  8. copper123

    Proof there is no god

    Yes I think what happened in 1918-19 with the millions dead after that is wavering over what government are doing at the moment. Things do look very hopefull here but south america , jesus what a mess , doing it all wrong.
  9. copper123

    "Slap" tokens

    they would be very easy to forge
  10. reverse looks good but obverse is plain nasty
  11. copper123

    Proof there is no god

    The strange thing in statistics is the black and asian citizens are more prone to covid19 it's often mooted as a fact. Are not black and asians more prone to be diabetic as well. Being diabetic make you more prone to covid19 this fact is never mentioned in the media , its alway "why are black and asian folks so prone to it"
  12. Reverse possably a bit better than good fine
  13. we have our own "pyramids"' here in wiltshire with both silbury hill and avebury both, along with stonehenge are pretty impressive