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  1. copper123

    The bronze in your pocket 2021 pocket change

    your probably in the majority at the moment - personally i would rarther not mint any more and allow them a slow death
  2. Anyone noticed that the pre 1991 bronze in your pocket is becomeing scarcer and scarcer Recent rises in the price of scrap bronze might even be making the withdrawal of these coins and their hoarding / melting a common ocurance. While illegal it would be hard to prove it was happening . There is no pot of gold at the end of the rainbow with these coins though , you might get a 50% premium at the moment and its a lot of messing around for little reward
  3. copper123

    Help With Denarius Identification

    Like Trump?
  4. A recent picture of phil and the "person who makes him happy" personally i think he should trade her in. And a rather sad pic of phil in a wheelchair
  5. there should be a book somewhere ..........
  6. copper123

    Help With Denarius Identification

    Septimus severus is an interesting emperor he died in York UK after catching an unknown infection (probably a flu bug ) and leading a battle against the scots Funny enough not many emperors put the uk on their bucket list after this and most remained stuck on the palitine hill with its mod cons and relative safety.
  7. I really cannot see everyone in the country suddenly wanting to ditch their pounds/dollars/euros One of the main things is, virtualy nothing is backing these virtual currency" fads" , at least the pound or most major currencies are backed with gold and foregn currency and goverment goodwill when the 75 year old little old ladies start exchangeing their life savings into bitcoin I will join in. Even the major pension funds dont bother" investing" if you can call it that when theres nothing backing these "Alternative investments" By the way , if you want to have a go I tip my hat to you , braver than me .
  8. copper123

    R.I.P. Don Everly

    I surpose the weird like me liked The who LOL
  9. Trouble is its hard to value up coins when they have already been sold to a dealer (the dealer will probable have been lied to over their source anyway). You also have the problem that a fraudster will often lie about what and where he sold his items.
  10. My car is worth less than £500 book price never costs much, does 50+ to the gallon and is 20 years old - the main thing is it gets me from A-B
  11. copper123


    What if they all 1967 pennies?
  12. copper123

    R.I.P. Don Everly

    Mick is famously very mean with cash , maybe one of the reasons for those endless tours LOL
  13. copper123


    Oh what a tragic loss to numismatics
  14. Typical of pennies around then I surpose and into Georges reign