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  1. copper123

    More Pennies

    A year or two b4 the survey it was in the national press about the H and KN penny , judgeing on the presses power these days to practically cause circulating coinage to dissapear in an instant , I would expect that to be the reason
  2. copper123

    London Coin Fair Nov 2019

    Best tip arrive early , they can get very crowded
  3. If only that area at the top and bottom was well struck up - it would treble the worth of the coin
  4. Lovely token farthing from the edge of the northwest . Wanted one of these for ages just for the lovely design and now I have one
  5. Coin is gef + scan does not do justice i will try to put obverse on funny enough I have had a scarcer a/unc bright finish for years
  6. !897 dark finish farthing (please dont laugh everyone ) . A much harder date to find in top top grade and has been missing from my collection for years . Picked up in a pound box for a £1 at this weekends birmingham coin fair , (at least when it arrived it did so at a great price , I grade A/Unc
  7. Nice recent pickup A/unc after near 180 years
  8. Like the reverse obverse not very flattering though , but probably a reasonable likeness
  9. copper123

    more FAKES

    I must admit a quick luck at the anne farthings on ebay , with about 96% being fake but not described as such . The funny thing is if you are honest and list your contemp . copy as such you are punished by it fetching £70 instead of the £250 you would have got listing it as genuine. With all the fakes on there I would never consider buying off ebay , it has to be at a coin fair - I do hope to buy a couple one day. As the bay is now the home of chancers and charlatans it may never get its reputation back
  10. copper123

    more FAKES

    Does the word MODEL help?
  11. Widely known I am just a nut LOL
  12. A recent buy not from birmingham just had to have it , A/Unc after 180 years and a slightly scarcer date
  13. Anyone remember the coin weekly ? It was breifly around in a comic like format - I have never seen any copies for years