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  1. All luggage is close to half price in debenhams , you could always trade it in LOL
  2. Growing cannabis is sooooo much more rewarding
  3. My wasps moved home this year moved from above the front door to the eves on the ajoinining house - still i am pleased they are not as visable this year
  4. 1849 is a hard one , I sold one ages ago and got nealy £50 for it - no sort of great shakes as far as grade was concerned - think it had around 20 watchers by the time it finished as well
  5. copper123

    Vinyl enthusiasts?

    An even larger subject than coins it is at least quite fun poking around trying to find obscure singles long deleated , I take my hat off to you ., have fun! Nice thing to leave the kids / grandkids
  6. Novichock in the enemies undies , whatever next ......... Beat that for an original punishment ...........
  7. Nobody likes poking around in a flask of urine , LOL.
  8. copper123

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    A holy error no doubt , not sure if its catholic protestant or a non conformist .
  9. copper123

    More Pennies

    1858/3 now thats a dodgy one , still waiting for a convincing coin
  10. yes and the rest ov the old soviet block they all pissed in the same pot had the same morals etc
  11. I dont really see the connection with sport and novichock I am pretty sure they are barred for cheating , I rather suspect they were cheating for many years , anyone remember how russia took medal after medal in the seventies- early eighties
  12. copper123

    Impressive Palm

    How about send one of those unemployed slave monkeys up it that would be a bit safer
  13. Interesting infomation board from the dickens house in london
  14. copper123

    Rare coin lost in post

    The last few months the post office have gone to pieces on recorded delivery and registered post , I had a neighbour come up to me in the street and say "Is this yours " and hand me a 1999 silver brittania coin i had ordered from ebay, it was on the floor wet and just there in the street The funny thing is with a coin of that size its pretty obvious there is something valueable in the package , I really was surprised to get given it . It seems like there is no requirement for the postman to get a signature anymore , the comunications trade unions are still fairly powerfull so I guess they have been told not to get signatures anymore