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  1. I have been called an -unt many times so it is not just a female thing LOL .
  3. copper123

    Anyone go to coinex ?

    He will not manage to take me for a spin in his car
  4. copper123

    Old Coin for Son

    Oh its made in London as well - added interest PLN= London
  5. NEF and rare in that grade - its been in a cabinet a long time
  6. Bet the person who lost it was really gutted - must have been a couple of weeks wages back then
  7. copper123

    Elizabeth I Milled Sixpence

    great news for buyers then
  8. copper123

    Elizabeth I Milled Sixpence

    If there is no "No returns " policy does that count for the time limits that people put as well Ie 7 days or 14 days if so you would be allowed to return the coin / coins after say six months . Seems like a great deal for buyers
  9. copper123

    Elizabeth I Milled Sixpence

    If you give it a ring and compare the sound to another genuine silver hammered coin it sould tell you if its in the right metal
  10. copper123

    Elizabeth I Milled Sixpence

    Well the truth is its either a fake or not , there is no middle ground i'm afraid. so its either worth £200 or £2
  11. copper123

    Elizabeth I Milled Sixpence

    why would someone" give away" a £200 coin - just a thought.
  12. by ther way it was the 1977 book i was on about I remember all the stuff about elizabeth in it.
  13. yes they are best collected as type sets - too expensive otherwise
  14. I had a copy it fetched only about £5 on ebay read it myself , yes more about the history than the coins themselves . I would say its a must if you collect maundy but not much use for a general collector