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  1. I have also heard that our brucie had a terrible temper as well, it's only an adoring large crowd that he was interested in , oh and a big pair of knockers as well
  3. copper123

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    More like it aquired that tone on a trip back from wuhan
  4. WOW sum great songs there
  5. Pretty sure there never was a "lifehouse " album and pure and easy first appeared on odds and sods as a who album well it did on my old copy on "track records", it was used like whos next as a platform for petes lifehouse songs his best and most creative period .It really was a shame the whole thing never really came together
  6. "Little billy" and "pure and easy" pure ear candy
  7. Meaty beaty big and bouncy aint bad as well but I must admit whos next is a cracker
  8. I hope its quadraphenia like mine is
  9. copper123

    Calling all rock fans!

    Sun £9 holidays
  10. Have seen a bootleg of charlton and keith was like a little demon , looked like a classic concert
  11. Wow date really clear on that one - pity about the damage
  12. copper123

    Calling all rock fans!

    I can imagine whats going to happen after this lockdown , all ticket prices for gigs are goin' to double or treble WHAT A RIP OFF !
  13. Fantastic price wish that coin was mine , its been missing from my farthing collection for years Would grade it as Good fine and worth every penny of £100 You are very lucky to have it
  14. copper123

    BBC articles

    Actually quite nice , many Isle of man coins look like they were made in a hurry with little thought put into them but that's really nice , obverse engraveing of elizabeth and crown very nice 1981 was a year that they must have produced about twenty different crowns , better produce four good designs than twenty poor ones