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  1. Totally superb a great place to spend a day out
  2. By the way if anyones interested the wedgewood museum in stoke is really good and very underated as a tourist destination
  3. they are only double the bullion price if you buy a minimum of 100 just think of the fun you will have laughing at the postman dragging the parcel to your door., only £3000
  4. copper123

    1989 Half and Full Sovereigns

    Are You infering Jemima puddle duck and paddington bear along with the legendary peter rabbit are designed to attract kids?
  5. copper123

    Slabbing - Learnt my lesson

    Why google is usefull for practicaly everything coin related.
  6. copper123

    Slabbing - Learnt my lesson

    I thought these coins were slabbed by " experts" they should not be in a job if they cannot atribute a coin properly - they should have the appropriate books to refer to or is that something they lack knowlage of as well.
  7. Thank god there were no sprogs lol
  8. Yes I agree certainly looks like a die match - would still like it tio be better grade though
  9. Not good enough condition to tell anything really worth £4 or so a great beginers coin
  10. copper123

    Latest 50p from the Royal Mint

    Really? And I thought it was the goings on in the house of commons that was the april fool, Doh
  11. copper123

    Latest 50p from the Royal Mint

    Hey royal mint your latest 50p is a pile of S-H-I-T
  12. copper123

    Any ideas on this?

    My best guess is its a russian con a bit like Vladimir Putin LOL
  13. copper123

    First this year

    It's just an ord sheild reverse - nothing special , and just its very bagmarked