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  1. copper123

    Novel way of protection

    now this might be better
  2. copper123

    1945 3d Discovered

    I would have thought it should have another £10, 000 really
  3. copper123

    Novel way of protection

    Well at least she ain't a baghead
  4. copper123

    Novel way of protection

    I also love the way she has a single eyehole in the middle of her head and two nose holes - veryy strange
  5. copper123


  6. copper123

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    Typical the thief is from manchester - talk about give a dog a bad name LOL
  7. Is the B/R shlling a recognised variety ? It looks a bit like it could be R/R with a small die crack at the bottom , my opinion only
  8. copper123


    Imagine the size of the press for that one
  9. copper123


    I thought it was a bond 10p anyway , that was the first bond coin
  10. copper123

    Munich coin show

    This could have been handled better
  11. Some football fans want the premier league canceled this year due to the virus Most live in manchester and london
  12. 20:22 Trump has 'no symptoms' of coronavirus The US president says he is showing no symptoms of the coronavirus after he met a political aide to Brazilian president Bolsanaro at the weekend, who later tested positive. “We have no symptoms whatsoever,” he told reporters during his press conference in the White House. There had been speculation that President Bolsonaro had himself tested positive, but on Friday said he did not have the virus. Donald Trump sat next to Mr Bolsonaro at a dinner at his residence in Florida last week.
  13. I bought dettol its cheaper