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  1. copper123

    1787 Shilling No Dot Over Head gEF

    Lovely coin
  2. copper123

    Trial of the pyx

    daylight robbery , not guilty malord
  3. I remember doing a sun crossword once and a question was sweetener in tea or coffee five letters - not very challenging
  4. Newmismatist 100 222 posts Report post Posted 3 minutes ago D & H has the YORK Number 70 as 'Scarce', see bottom of first attachment. But I have found another reference by S.H. Hamer (second attachment) which says that only 200 of these were struck. Is that a printing error, because surely the rarity could not be just 'Scarce' if only that number were struck. I would have thought it would get an R rating, probably RRR. Thanks for any education offered. Prob a collectors edition then with that low a mintage - most are prob in higher grades I would think
  5. Tokens like that have a duel following as they are great pictures of sailing ships from the 18th cent , they will alays be popular the liverpool halfpenny is a great coin as well
  6. Nice coin only £20 off the bay bargain of the century after my Gs over G farthing of course
  7. more like a wild turkey than an ostrich
  8. copper123

    Mintage figures

    I have never had a difficulton LOL
  9. A collectable coin is generally one that has seen less than ten years in circulation that would leave it in Nvf grade or so , it also depends on the metal and the size of the coin as well - smaller coins circulate less so are less worn . In general most collections out there consist of average circulated coins , the exceptions or collections from fanatics (like you will find in this forum) Remember most collections consist of coins from circulation or coins brought back as momentoes by servicemen in the last war and just after - there are plenty quite common foreign coins as well as english .
  10. After a quick look I spotted nothing rare in the uk coins , quite a bit of the collection is scrap silver as its such low grade , there are a few collectable coins in there as well
  11. Yes but that might put buyers off buying his rubbish mighten it
  12. "Five 50p Shakespeare commemorative coins," I would be really interested to see these
  13. I have every sympath with someone who paid out good money for that rubbish
  14. copper123

    Denarius find for i.d please

    I'm sure I will not look that good even after 20 years