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  1. the mix that babies come from 🤩😥
  2. Funny enough in the early eighties I also remember coming across quite a few proof coins broken out of proof sets in circulation , they were hard times those thatcher years
  3. Betting shop customers , some , tend to be the ones that will look through the bottom of a drawer and find "interesting" coins that have been hidden away to get their "fix"
  4. copper123

    Anyone go to coinex ?

    Esp females that might be considered "eye candy" And not me
  5. Theres always, someone ,somewhere , a numpty on every corner.
  6. copper123

    Anyone go to coinex ?

    missed this - would have been fun to see
  7. copper123

    Anyone go to coinex ?

    Urban Dictionary: eye candy https://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=eye candy Something purely aesthetically pleasing, that is, pleasing to the senses. Can be a person, a film, a sunset, a flower, or anything else you can see.
  8. copper123

    Anyone go to coinex ?

    By eye candy I mean the Elizabethan and Mary gold and the many superb other coins of the stuarts and the commonwealth. It was not the sole reason for going, the afternoon was spent at kensington palace (was a bit dissapointed) and a lovely walk in hyde park (Superb) My first choice was buckingham palace but I wrote to prince philip asking if he would invite me for tea and never got an answer
  9. making a mint?Naughty , naughty.
  10. Got only one coin very pleased with it - interesting new location with a great view over the thames . Lots of dealers from abroad who you normally never see and some lovely eye candy on many stalls
  11. copper123

    Halfpenny ID check

    Don't forget that variety of 1861 Halfpenny with the boatymcboatface reverse
  12. Well some people just have all the luck in the world don't they. Best I can manage is the odd pre decimal farthing or Euro two cent coin in my change for a penny . No wonder your collections so good paddy
  13. I did find about four pre 1920 silver coins in the years 1975-79 if I remember rightly they were sixpences and shillings no florins so it was prob only 10p face value - they were in dire straits and it was very hard to work out what the dates were , they were true "scrap only" coins . TBH it was hardly even worth looking with the amount you found , I remember the best place to be given silver was by passing a note to an ice cream van , it's logical if you think about it , pester power would get parents to seach the bottom of a drawer to find a coin for little billys ice cream