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  1. I found this recent story in the press funny
  2. father ted rip gone too soon
  3. who remembers this pic from a classic rock bands first movie
  4. Just looking back on the monty pythons life of brian clip Did you know it was the ultimate insult to say a roman had a huge penis , in roman society having a "large one " was associiated with barrarians and enemies of rome . heres a picture from" the hidden room" in naples where I went last year for a city break in Naples. It would have been brought out at the end of an evenings entertainment , it depicts northern european foes of Rome , they are of course lamps .
  5. To the best of my knowlege that tubby salford lad never made it to NASA so maybe the old buggers wiser than everyone thinks
  6. I laughed out loud hearing katie price might go bankrupt . To think she might have too end up giving bjs and tit jobs to any old man with wads of money and false teath. I might be in with a chance, LOL , two out of three aint bad as meatloaf said .
  7. copper123

    The Proclamation Coins

    My father told me about the israel conflict against the uk troops , apparently there were many sneaky terorist plots and bombings, they had enough in the end and just pulled out - who would have thought that from the most anti -terrorist country on this earth , being created from terrorism
  8. copper123

    The Proclamation Coins

    The Eu was winston churchills baby wasn't it he always wanted a united states of europe to avoid another world war. The french however made sure that we never joined till after churchill was dead , so he never really saw his baby born
  9. copper123

    1847 gothic crown

    there are quite a few for sale in china
  10. copper123

    The Proclamation Coins

    it is and sorry I forgot it does not have its value on it anywhere
  11. copper123

    The Proclamation Coins

  12. copper123

    The Proclamation Coins

    wont be any good to me then lol
  13. copper123

    The Proclamation Coins

    Now , now , is it not right that everyone has an opinion and is allowed to share it ? I said it was my opinion that the brexit vote went that way - i never actually voted -as i think I was not informed enough about what the vote was about , I still have no opinion either way but I also have a great belief that this country will actually do better out of europe , only politics can ruin things now and the best thing is no fingers can be pointed at europe and the "Its all their fault " excuse will no longer exist .
  14. copper123

    The Proclamation Coins

    They must be a bit thick anyway to accept a coin saying one penny on it circulate for two pennies