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  1. copper123

    Coin equipment

    I need this t-shirt
  2. copper123

    Coin equipment

    I asure you its not Some people , when you try to help them ,all you get is criticism and derision
  3. copper123

    Coin equipment

    Hi just back from lidl I bought a rather large magnifyer which though advertised as ideal for craft work is actually brilliant for coins its available for £19.99 but if you use the voucher from the metro or mail last weekend you get £5 off a £20 shop so effectively 25% off . Great for those of us whos sight is not as good as it was
  4. I must admit having a soft spot for french soft cheese , not as high in fat as most cheese as well
  5. copper123

    BBC article on least valuable British coins

    A cheap freeman 530 would be great for me or a vf mule farthing
  6. copper123

    BBC article on least valuable British coins

    Should have been easy to spot no anne patterns for 1711 are known
  7. copper123

    BBC article on least valuable British coins

    I dont think the quarter farthing was ever legal tender in the uk , but the half farthing certainly was if only for a few years.
  8. copper123

    BBC article on least valuable British coins

    There were farthings circulateing in Queen Anne's time they were both Charles II and William III and william and mary farthings of 1694. While anne farthings were not ment to circulate a few did, mostly dated 1714 just like the william and mary metalets often found very worn from that era.
  9. well i am pretty sure that figure is more right than 70% Maybe our exports are 20% counted as a reverse and really we import 27%
  10. Another of her great boobs was telling the tory conference we import 70% of our cheese (it is in fact 7%) a quick check on google would have told her she was making an idiot of herself in front of millions . Maybe we should rename her the tory dianne abbot
  11. I would have a stab at the rose farthings - there are many options though and its only a matter of opinion Amazing after all these years we are not sure exactly how they were made
  12. I cannot help but think everything is ONE BIG MESS
  13. Does not mean they were not produced alongside other currency issues . Remember at the time a commemorative issue was being produced every 25 years
  14. Worth about £30 + IMHO