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  1. Didn't he play a Great Female Part lol
  2. copper123

    More Pennies

    I found a 1862 halfpenny A left to for a fiver well cleaned got £100 for it , dealer looked at me like I was mad giving him £5 for it
  3. copper123

    Whitman Deluxe penny folders

    They don't turn up that often
  4. copper123

    More Pennies

    I found a 1862 penny with a 6 over 8 in the birmingham fair recently and bought it for 20p and sold it for £320 beat that lol
  5. It' s quite a good bet that most serious sovereign collectors are quite well heeled
  6. I presume this coin comes with another that says "Except islamic oil rich dictatorships that murder their own subjects"
  7. I am just gobsmacked that it could have had so many different dates on it
  8. Crowns from the sixties and seventies were seen as curios and often ended up in shop tills for a long time before being banked . I worked in a shop for about seven or so years from 2008 to 2015 and while not common i did have a few of the pre 1997 two pound coins and also five pound pieces pass through the tills - as i know they were oficially legal tender I accepted them .
  9. They were a pain as in the size of the darn things I mean , like modern cartwheels
  10. this proves crowns circulated doesn'nt it
  11. Quite a few 1972 and 1977 crowns went into circulation
  12. Hard to find in mint state - I presume because it was a lot of money to put aside in 1893 a crown is easy funny enough though its around £150
  13. They tend to be sold first by a collector at they are so valueable . They were easy to trade in quickly for ready cash , its all churn , churn,churn
  14. All maundy coins are legal tender and every date has a much lower mintage than the kew gardens 50p
  15. Maybe misleading the public would be a more true statement .