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  1. copper123

    Advice on splitting proof sets for an album

    They fetched quite a premium a short time after issue along with 1972 and 1973. They are very cheap now near fifty years on ....
  2. poverty porn for the masses to look at and be horified Typical "Daily Mail" readers and sorry yes that includes me a couple of days a week.....
  3. copper123

    Halfpenny ID check

    Any chance being remembered in your will?!
  4. copper123

    Halfpenny ID check

    It is a unique rarity and so great seeing it on here thanks
  5. copper123

    Halfpenny ID check

    I agree could be die wear , collectors will still mark it down prob a grade because of lack of clarity on the reverse , still worth around £1700 though..... If it were a penny of similar rarity it would be £6000
  6. copper123

    Halfpenny ID check

    That reverse is not near unc in fact its not EF obverse is much better. Makes me jealous though.....
  7. Maybe the people that pay massive amounts for coins online have been too busy attending parties at number ten this past year or so - just a thought.......
  8. copper123

    Halfpenny ID check

    I myself found a A in fair grade (but very clear) it was the more common A to the left . I sold it as I did not consider it collectable in that grade as it had been polished as well and I am a bit old school on polishing (I hate it) Heres hopeing I find another
  9. copper123

    Halfpenny ID check

    Die letter C much rarer than the A
  10. copper123

    2021 Unc set mystery

    I am sure the grammar and spelling nazis on here have not bought the coins or they would be first to complain
  11. And the compare is dominic cummins
  12. My fav for the new title Grand old duke of pork
  13. copper123

    Coins for 70th Jubilee