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    often hammered though Many thanks to Tom and Colin for your knowledge and wisdom. I will pass on your information to my friend and see what he would like to do next. There are quite a few coins but these do appear to be the pick of the bunch. The rest consist of coins like Inverness Pennys from 1795 and 1796 and others that are practically blank discs. As a final request would any of you care to hazard a guess at the value of the coin from the first post? Picture below, apparently a Henry the VIII penny. Many thanks, Mark.
  2. Hello All, I think I have got my act together regarding posting the pictures so I will post the next three now. Same request as before really 1. What are they? and 2. Do they have any real value? As before if anyone wants better resolution pictures email me at and many thanks to all you knowlegable people out there! Mark Whitton.
  3. Hello All, A friend of mine has had a family member pass away. He was a keen metal-detectorist, (if that is a word!), and has left quite a number of coins. He has asked me to see if I can 1. Identify what they are and 2. if they have any kind of value. To be honest I am a little unsure what to do as I have very little knowledge on the subject. Could any of you possibly help? I have picked 4 coins to show you all initially as they appear to be the oldest and most interesting. (It may take a couple of days as I only have 150k of daily picture allowance though!)If anyone would like a higher quality picture email me at and I will send a higher resolution picture. Thanks in advance, Mark.