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  1. number of farthings

    just an update on the 1821 farthing double arrow head,what do you think the bottom of the two arrived to day or the better one.
  2. 1918 KN axis

    thank's again Nordle for your help, if i come across another i'll keep you in mind.
  3. 1918 KN axis

    i did'nt know what the term for it was,thank's, the coin is in a 2x2 just flip clock wise,i tried the mirror about 10 time's i just could'nt get a photo i was happy with,for this error it's a first for me to see or even find,i'm going to hang on to it until a better one come's my way.
  4. 1918 KN axis

    thank's for getting in touch,the trident would be to 12 and britannia's head at 11, making the trident vertical with the obverse,it's a hard one to photo,it's the only 1918 i have and compared it with a 1919 kn which has britannia vertical.
  5. 1918 KN axis

    hi, how common is it for an 1918 kn penny to have trident pointing to 12 o'clock rather than 1. thank's shamo
  6. 1825 farthing - R over R

    hi, i don't know were to put this,1822 or 1825,t in Britannia,what do you thing.
  7. Damaged "t"'s To Repair Letters

    i feel a right fool is it they possible recut part of the letter and it's a repair,sorry for the post
  8. Lost In Space

    thank's Danz,the person has not got in touch from my last message,So i don't know now,it can still turn up.
  9. hi, i like to know how many came across this,this is an 1842 farthing,i'v seen it on another farthing,what do you think.i hope the scan's are all right. thank's shamo
  10. Lost In Space

    i sent another message looking proof or a receipt from the post office and fore warded to me. thank's again every one
  11. Lost In Space

    the person offered the refund,but i haven't excepted it,which she could still go ahead and refund me,and from Gary 1000's post i did'nt take that in to a count,and to ebay that's not a load ether,i just hope it wont drop from outer space with a heavenly buy it now tag.
  12. Lost In Space

    i'm thinking its a bit fishy,but all the box's are ticked and she could be straight forward and decent.the only one other bell that would be ringing for me is the photo could have come from some were else and not her's or spotted the flaw and keep it. it's going back to a legal owner ship of any item be it a pair of shoe's,the person has excepted the money for the item.if the item come's up fore sale again,ether by that person or persons other who own's it. point being 1 coin 3 5 10 known you didn't spot it when you bought and payed for it,and just payed normal postage,until you look back and see what you had bought,it is going to a hard pill to swallow and more so if you were to see it again for it a case for some you win and some you lose.
  13. Lost In Space

    thank's for getting in touch, Nordle 11 i like your post,i do have good faith in the RM and the postie's,i know two who worked in London head office, 1927 much much lustre penny reverse: missing down ward stroke to sleeve under Britannia's arm missing,cuff extend's to below elbow like a ribbon. send out the sniffer dogs,it's my my my my
  14. Lost In Space

    hi Rob and thanks for getting in touch. the person not a dealer as such,i call every body a dealer if there selling something.Because were all looking deal's. the person has 100% feedback so there was no prob's there,and she did offer a refund.she marked the box as being posted,and date of being posted in ebay. so every thing is fine to this point. i don't wise to except the refund,and still hope the coin turn's up,like your self i had one other parcel go a stray,it turned up at my door 6 month's later,had been redirected from abroad.We all have the saying finder's keeper's or most people do,but it has come to light that is not the case.So is it legally my as i have payed for it were ever it turn's up.
  15. Lost In Space

    hi again, looking to pick some brain's found a coin i liked bid on the coin i liked payed for the coin i liked the coin i liked was posted this is the part lost in space 6 week's waiting for the coin,contacted the dealer, offered a refund,that,s ok and fine the problem is i liked the coin and i would still like to have it,so does the coin belong to me if it ever turn,s up again,or what is the protocol,over this. i.e. 1862 b/R bought for 15 quid and worth a lot more,if it had got lost in space,and turned up a few year's latter, the one who bought it first for 15 own it and belong's to them. thank's shamo