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  1. This no stops on obv 6d I'm considering comes with 2 tickets, anyone recognise the collector / dealer from them?
  2. Sterling work gentlemen! Looked them up online somehow, or in something you have locally?
  3. Thanks Rob - looks like Bull downgraded it to R2 in the latest edition, for what it's worth!
  4. Following on from the popularity of the 'Let's see your copper coins ...' thread, and the recent postings on my question concerning the prevalence of toning in English milled silver, I have started this thread to gawk at pics of toned English milled silver. Anything goes, but attractive natural toning is preferred! Artificially rainbow toned US slabbed tat is specifically discouraged!! Here's a few of mine to get things started My avatar coin, and one of my first (lucky) eBay purchases
  5. Upgrade, pretty little thing ...
  6. Yes, certainly better than the obverse ...
  7. The 1911 proofs are often very nicely toned, due, it is thought by many, to the materials in the box the set came in. Discussed and shown before, but here's mine - I think it's truly beautiful
  8. Thanks Rob - I think this is the SCMB Listing (XM219):
  9. My first hammered Charles II example, comes with an interesting ticket, expressing £5 5s as £5 1/4 ...
  10. Does anyone (else) have one of these? I'm have been finding it extremely difficult to locate these in decent condition (better than GF really) but I'm hopefully about to upgrade this one soon. Seems scarcer than merely 'Scarce' (ESC) to me!
  11. I was lucky enough to get them at £20 each, they sold out at this price in no time
  12. I don't know to be honest, there are a lot as you say, even if you only count the plate coins - the 'overspill' section may be examples he traced rather than acquired? I do have his tickets for those that came from his collection
  13. Inspired by Maurice Bull! I have all 5 volumes of 'The Halfcrowns of Charles I' and most of mine are ex Maurice's collection ...
  14. My latest Charles I halfcrown, courtesy of Messrs. Bull & Worby
  15. I'm finalising due diligence on this piece, here's the provenance the seller has provided but would like to know more about such a striking coin ... hoping someone can help? @Rob? The provenance so far is superb of course, I would like to go back further! Provenance: Spink Numismatic Circular 1985 (£850) Spink Numismatic Circular 1986 (£850) Spink Auction 117, 1996 £605 hammer ex Coins of Britain 2016 Ex Maurice Bull Collection
  16. Not at all, I much appreciate the spade work! I don't have the SNCs in question, are you able to display the pics from them at all?
  17. Just landed - ticks plenty of boxes for me, including my first triangle mm example, my first 3a2 with rough groundline (S 2776), full weight (15.05g), and the Bull plate coin (383b/32)