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  1. Getting in to Conder tokens increasingly, this a rare Middlesex Hackney example, D&H 309, just landed
  2. Exactly! I've amassed 29 of the blighters now, all very different ...
  3. Limiting myself to Charles I halfcrowns so as not to get spread too thin Stu!
  4. Newly acquired 1643 Halfcrown Oxford, Briot Style Horseman, Oxford Plume in field S. 2964 N. 2420 Bull 607/29 (this coin) 14.88g Provenance Bt MH Coins May 2022 Ex Maurice Bull, plate coin for 607/29 Ex Mark Rasmussen list 20/56, 2010 Ex Colin Adams 189 (£400) Spink 177,2005 Ex V.J.E. Ryan 1244 (£3), 1952
  5. Sounds like a bum issue to me, return it
  6. Paulus

    Elizabeth Halfpenny, good or wrong?

    My vote is thick
  7. 1797 Warwickshire Birmingham Kempson’s Halfpenny Conder Token Obverse: THE NEW BRASS WORKS 1796 Reverse: P. KEMPSON . MAKER OF BUTTONS MEDALS &c BIRMINGHAM Edge: Plain Part of Peter Kempson’s “Birmingham Building” token series, made to sell to collectors. D&H 203 Just 1 more to get hold of in this 27 design series (Birmingham Workhouse D&H 186/187)
  8. In this instance MS 70 is a cleaning product https://www.amazon.com/MS-70-oz-Coin-Cleaner-Bottle/dp/B000YQBZPE
  9. A recent acquisition, the eye has it (Rob taught me that!)
  10. There is ever increasing evidence imo that due to hype, blind acceptance of TPG grades, record prices being realised, and laziness, greed has become a big factor in our hobby
  11. Another type gap-filling newbie, this from the Spink eAuction last week (halfcrown)
  12. Following on from the popularity of the 'Let's see your copper coins ...' thread, and the recent postings on my question concerning the prevalence of toning in English milled silver, I have started this thread to gawk at pics of toned English milled silver. Anything goes, but attractive natural toning is preferred! Artificially rainbow toned US slabbed tat is specifically discouraged!! Here's a few of mine to get things started My avatar coin, and one of my first (lucky) eBay purchases
  13. Can anyone spot anything 'wrong' with this florin? I bought it from @Rob over 4 years ago, and it remains my nicest example of a gothic florin. At the time I was prone to sending some of my nicer coins to CGS (as was) for grading, attribution, etc. I'm not after another debate about the rights and wrongs of slabbing, or the goods and bads of CGS. It was rejected as 'altered' (no further explanation was forthcoming), but I'm damned if I can find anything awry with it!
  14. Thanks David! I guess that could be it, but I still have my doubts!
  15. Mine has O of GEORGIUS open at the top
  16. Thanks Rob, do let me know if you find anything!
  17. Paulus

    1666 Crown

    Did you want one with elephant below?
  18. @RobI don't suppose you could help with the provenance on this one?
  19. Thanks Rob, I'm getting there, trying to keep my standards up!
  20. I now have my second Charles I Oxford halfcrown, this time with an Oxford horse - and a very pleasing horse and king I think!
  21. Landed today. Latest for my Charles I halfcrown collection, 1644 Oxford, rare die pairing, Bull 617/6