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  1. So the printer was Eaton but the portrait is Thomas Paine?
  2. Thanks for that, I didn't know of the connection
  3. How about this Banksy that greeted people to my (current) home town of Dover, until the owner of the building it was painted on had it removed?
  4. Yes these are great, I have one - also love the Tudor garb!
  5. And another new shilling, progressing my type collection
  6. I've been concentrating on my YH Victoria shilling and sixpence types just recently, with a view to filling gaps and upgrading where necessary ... Is the 1861 shilling really 'R' (rare) as indicated in Bull / ESC? Here's mine
  7. Paulus

    MS 63 ?

    It will lose some detail especially with a poor camera setup but the ear for example, no way is it MS63, just silly
  8. Paulus

    MS 63 ?

    It's still there, you need to copy/paste the full URL rather than click on the link I must say it's one of the worst cases of over-grading by a top TPG I have seen
  9. Thanks Poka, I'm very pleased with it!
  10. Just landed, my first George II Young Head crown
  11. Yes, I always thought it a little strange that they didn't do a crown for 1911!
  12. Paulus

    Seaby Standard Catalogues etc

    Thanks, but I can't delete your re-post!
  13. Paulus

    Seaby Standard Catalogues etc

    Brilliant, thanks Paddy!
  14. Paulus

    Seaby Standard Catalogues etc

    Hi Paddy, I'd love the 1945 edition please?