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  1. I've been after one of these (sixpences) for a while, pleased with this
  2. This was slabbed with a yellow label stating 'Altered UNC' You could ask LCGS not to slab rejected coins. LCGS has now stopped their slabbing/grading service and the database appears to be unavailable.
  3. Certainly, in fact I have decided that is the case! But I decided eventually to share, it will be the first that Rob has heard of it too!
  4. Thanks for the opinions so far chaps, much appreciated! I did think they could have meant some kind of tooling, but I can't spot any (not an expert in that anyway), and I'm not sure what the point would be? It's a solid GEF to my eyes and I don't believe there's a scarce variety someone is trying to mimic?
  5. Can anyone spot anything 'wrong' with this florin? I bought it from @Rob over 4 years ago, and it remains my nicest example of a gothic florin. At the time I was prone to sending some of my nicer coins to CGS (as was) for grading, attribution, etc. I'm not after another debate about the rights and wrongs of slabbing, or the goods and bads of CGS. It was rejected as 'altered' (no further explanation was forthcoming), but I'm damned if I can find anything awry with it!
  6. Trying to collect 1 example of a coronation model for each monarch Charles I to Victoria ('proper' monarchs only, not wives of kings!). Just James II, George III and Victoria to find. My latest (George II) arrived yesterday
  7. Me neither (well not in a grade/eye appeal I would share!) Just got the earlier IIII example, a keeper though ...
  8. Yes, disappointing that so many are cleaned - I suspect they will still realise very high hammer prices, given the current market ...
  9. That's a nice 1914, good ear ... I'm pretty much the same, a type collector on everything apart from Georve V sterling silver, where I', going for a date run on all silver denominations
  10. Rather chuffed with this newbie, mid-1790s halfpenny Conder token
  11. Thanks chaps, I'm leaning towards a recut 3 (as did the seller)
  12. What do people think of this one please, 3 over 3? Recut 3?
  13. Standard type, just querying the rarity rating?
  14. Bull / ESC have this listed as R2, which doesn't seem to be reflected in Spink or realised sale prices. Probably an error? Anyway, here's my only example, not particularly high grade.