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  1. Latest, a Bath penny Conder token, D&H 4
  2. Paulus

    NGC Slabbing

    Just when I thought I'd seen it all, here's a NGC designation I had not seen before - DPL. In case you cannot guess, it stands for 'Deep Proof Like'.
  3. My DNW halfcrown win also landed this morning, so here are my pics, plus I have a question on the 'ticket' that came with it. Can anyone help identify the ticket? All I have on the provenance is that the coin is ex Brooker collection (it is in SCBI)
  4. Great eye appeal that Rob, a long with everything else, no wonder you are chuffed!
  5. DNW win at the half crown auction today. Halfcrown, 1644, mm. plume on obv., Br on rev., small Bristol plume behind horseman, three Bristol plumes above Declaration, date below, pellet at start of legend, 14.37g/9h (Bull 640/1c (D13-1a); Morr. B-1; SCBI Brooker 980a, this coin; N 2489; S 3007) Provenance: J.G. Brooker Collection; bt Spink. Bull lists this Brooker specimen in error under 640/1a (but note the diagonal flaw through the centre of the 6) and gives an incorrect weight of 12.83g
  6. I won lot 66, which ticked a few boxes for me - my first Charles I Bristol mint, my first declaration coin, and my first coin illustrated in Brooker
  7. Just thought I'd start a new topic on this, there is much to debate, not for the first time I am sure! A while back I acquired 2 'pieces of eight' examples, the type collector in me wants at least a 4 reales, example and an octagonal counter-stamp example. Here are my 2 (Mexico and Bolivia (Potosi) mints), would love to see other members' examples!
  8. NFS. Rather chuffed with this recent auction win, William & Mary coronation medal
  9. I only have the 1 Pidcock's example at the moment, this one's a farthing, with an elephant and cockatoo. Undated but late 1790s, as Will says The other animals in the Pidcock's farthing token series are catalogued in Dalton & Hamer as lion, two-headed cow, pelican, beaver and wanderow (a type of monkey) The Pidcock's halfpenny token series also depict zebra, crane, tiger, rhino, eagle, nylghau (a type of Indian antelope), kangaroo, toucan and ostrich - I can only imagine that all these creatures were on view at the exhibition! There is evidence that Claudius had a 'war' elephant in England in Roman times, and that Henry III had a menagerie in the Tower of London, which included an elephant given by Louis IX of France in 1255. I continue to find these 'Conder' tokens fascinating pieces of our history!
  10. Starting a sideline in coronation medals, won this at LCA last weekend
  11. There are now 'expand' arrows in the top right. For me, if I click there, the coin images virtually fill the screen, as before ...