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  1. Paulus

    NGC Slabbing

    Thanks Dave, I may well be sending you a few for the May grading session, I don't think I'lll be able to make the imminent one (but it might be possible)
  2. Paulus

    NGC Slabbing

    Do they send them to the US for grading? (i.e. is in on-site submissions or on-site grading?)
  3. Next up, the latest addition to my Kempson's Birmingham Buildings Conder Halfpenny mini collection (I now have 16 out of the 27) This one also has some nice provenance, being ex Sven Gahlin collection
  4. A few newbies worthy of sharing (hopefully!) This lovely Warwickshire County Conder Halfpenny Token is ex Richard Dalton (of Dalton and Hamer fame). It's an effigy of the upstart crow (Shakespeare) on the obv.
  5. Thanks Dave, should get it 'in hand' tomorrow
  6. Two newbies over the weekend, seller's pics for now 1723 shilling upgrade
  7. Another newbie, upgrade for a difficult year. Hopefully I can at least be certain it's a business strike!
  8. Thanks Nick, I'll have a closer examination of my newbie! If I've got another matt proof, never mind, I'll have a spare one for sale, but it will mean I still want a top grade business strike 1902 crown!
  9. Nice coin, may be slightly better than VF
  10. Not sure of this is conclusive, but here is a comparison, my certified matt proof (top) and my new acquisition below
  11. No I'm not sure - but I thought it was a circulation one!
  12. Newbie this week (circulation)