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  1. Paulus

    Charles I Halfcrown S. 2764 (?)

    Thanks both. Here are my pics of it, I'll be leaving all the wax where it is
  2. I've just acquired this (seller's pics) - I believe it to be S. 2764 1a2. It has wax on the reverse, presumably for cataloguing purposes back in the day - can anyone identify it as an example that may have appeared in a book/catalogue? Bit of a long shot perhaps, but thanks in advance!
  3. Getting there, slowly, with this series .... just landed
  4. This just in, never thought I'd justify the money for a decent one, but here it is!
  5. Just landed, type 3a2 with welcome provenance and tickets, the plate coin from Maurice Bull's "The Halfcrowns of Charles I" vol 2 (with his tickets too, I believe)
  6. A January DNW win (Half Crown)
  7. So the printer was Eaton but the portrait is Thomas Paine?
  8. Thanks for that, I didn't know of the connection