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  1. Paulus

    Provenance Sought for Aethelred Penny

    Thanks for checking Rob
  2. A Facebook group member has asked if anyone can help with the provenance for this coin, any help much appreciated @Rob
  3. Yes the X is for 10 (shillings)
  4. 1642 Half Pound Shrewsbury Mint S. 2944 N. 2368
  5. Well the dealers sell them on to us don't they? With another margin on top of course ...
  6. Here's mine, whereabouts do you mean exactly?
  7. It sure is, well spotted. Nabbed a couple of others too ...
  8. Just arrived - 1873 florin die 20
  9. Newbie, now 8 Kempson's Birmingham buildings left to collect ... This is now known as St Paul’s Church, and a spire has been added
  10. Really nice, I just have 1 of this series, they are all scarce I believe ...
  11. How much is their standard buyer'a premium, anyone know? I can't find it on their website ...
  12. It was 24% including the VAT (20% + (20% of 20%)) which might be why the number rings a bell - and might be why they have chosen this number, as it might go unnoticed
  13. Yes, in theory if buyers stick to their budgets then the hammer prices will be that bit lower (although I doubt it!)