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  1. These may be ten-a-penny for all I know but I have just acquired it and rather like it!
  2. I'm down to 9 after picking this up from The Druid last month
  3. Newbie. Finally nabbed me one of these elephant jobbies (a crown). Wasn't particularly after the RE.X variety but beggars can't be choosers!
  4. Newbie (farthing) - last two Is in IIII struck over II
  5. I acquired this coin a good while back (from Rob I think), just wondered if it seemed okay to people?
  6. This is the example from MH Coins, currently graded PCGS MS64
  7. Paulus

    Pennies High grade.

    Yes please Pete
  8. No Ottley reverses, no, and I haven't come across one either! And I've only got one reverse 4 example:
  9. Gorgeous examples! So you're one of the Birmingham Kempson buildings collectors I'm competing against! Funnily enough I also have 10 left to collect: 150 ST. BARTHOLOMEW'S CHAPEL. 159 THE OLD MEETING DESTROY'D 167 MEETING PARADISE STRT 171 ST. PAUL'S CHAPEL. 180 GENERAL HOSPITAL 184 LIBRARY 186 BIRM WORKHOUSE 194 BLUE SCHOOL 202 THE NEW BRASS WORKS 205 NEW BREWERY