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  1. A recent win from Noonans I'm very happy with Charles I Scottish Thirty Shillings, Third Coinage (1637-42), Briot’s coinage mm. flower and b on obv., thistle and b on rev SCBI 35 1427-9, S. 5553, Bull 6 (this coin) Ex. Maurice Bull collection SNC April 1989 (1846)
  2. It's a restoration broad (20 shillings) by Thomas Simon
  3. Patterns are not something I usually go for, but got to have at least 1 example, right?
  4. If Lloyd Bennett was there, then very likely, yes
  5. Thanks Stu - do you remenber that 'research' Newark piece you sold me a few years back?
  6. By far and away my coin acquisition of the MONTH!
  7. Increasingly liking this one, my best example of a George II young head roses halfcrown type
  8. Getting in to Conder tokens increasingly, this a rare Middlesex Hackney example, D&H 309, just landed
  9. Exactly! I've amassed 29 of the blighters now, all very different ...
  10. Limiting myself to Charles I halfcrowns so as not to get spread too thin Stu!
  11. Newly acquired 1643 Halfcrown Oxford, Briot Style Horseman, Oxford Plume in field S. 2964 N. 2420 Bull 607/29 (this coin) 14.88g Provenance Bt MH Coins May 2022 Ex Maurice Bull, plate coin for 607/29 Ex Mark Rasmussen list 20/56, 2010 Ex Colin Adams 189 (£400) Spink 177,2005 Ex V.J.E. Ryan 1244 (£3), 1952
  12. Sounds like a bum issue to me, return it
  13. Paulus

    Elizabeth Halfpenny, good or wrong?

    My vote is thick