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  1. Sterling work gentlemen! Looked them up online somehow, or in something you have locally?
  2. Thanks Rob - looks like Bull downgraded it to R2 in the latest edition, for what it's worth!
  3. This no stops on obv 6d I'm considering comes with 2 tickets, anyone recognise the collector / dealer from them?
  4. Upgrade, pretty little thing ...
  5. Yes, certainly better than the obverse ...
  6. The 1911 proofs are often very nicely toned, due, it is thought by many, to the materials in the box the set came in. Discussed and shown before, but here's mine - I think it's truly beautiful
  7. Thanks Rob - I think this is the SCMB Listing (XM219):
  8. My first hammered Charles II example, comes with an interesting ticket, expressing £5 5s as £5 1/4 ...
  9. I was lucky enough to get them at £20 each, they sold out at this price in no time