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  1. Absolutely splendid 1893 and 1920 examples, very well done!
  2. Previously posted in the hammered section, but an acquisition from this week
  3. I often increase the insurance on Special Delivery, I thought the maximum cover with the RM was £2,500? Good value imo, never had to claim so far ...
  4. The latest addition to my Charles I halfcrown collection, this a type 2b. Ex Lingford, Porter, Bull (the plate coin for 127/17)
  5. I'd agree with the grade opinion on the 1887, maybe slightly less on the 1902, here's mine
  6. Paulus

    Die Numbers

    I think they are not to be relied upon, I have this die no. 49 1878 shilling which I'm (fairly) sure is fourth head Bull 3051 even though the maximum die number is stated as 47
  7. Just landed. Forging ahead with my Charles I halfcrown collection, this (my first) Briot First Milled Issue example
  8. Nice Briot portrait, my one and only Charles I Scottish example
  9. Latest addition to my Charles I halfcrown collection, this time a York Mint type 5
  10. Yes, it's a type (based on Spink and Bull / ESC classification) that I didn't have - 5 types of young head sixpence as far as I'm concerned, I'm just missing the 1 type now
  11. Latest addition to my sixpence type collection, only mid grade but quite attractive and scarce
  12. Sterling work gentlemen! Looked them up online somehow, or in something you have locally?
  13. Thanks Rob - looks like Bull downgraded it to R2 in the latest edition, for what it's worth!