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  1. bagerap

    Feng shui

    Trying not to overcomplicate the matter, but in chinese there are two currently used alphabets depending of wich is used can in some cases affect pronunciation. I'm not proficient enough to know whether that applies in this case. In Traditional Chinese its written 風水 and in Simplified Chinese 风水. I'm fairly sure that when written in Simplified, it's prononced Fung Schway and indeed when my office building in Singapore was renovated the officiant who carried out the blessing was introduced as The Fung Schway Man. (Pronounced as such)
  2. bagerap

    50p Scarcity *

    I think that the reason the 2017 Shield will be a sleeper in numismatic circles is that Joe Public is only looking for short term gain commemoratives. Shield coins have no interest to commemorative collectors. BUNC 2017 shields will hopefuly do well enough in the next decade to make storing them worthwhile.
  3. bagerap

    Feng shui

    @JLS perfect example
  4. bagerap

    Feng shui

    If Feng Shui started life as a Francophone transliteration, then it makes sense. The French pronunciation of Feng would sound pretty much like "Fong" Shui is an example of the Schwa phenomenon, an unstressed sound known in French as e muét or e caduct. The ui phoneme in this French example would be pronounced as a weak eh. Hence Fung Shuei or indeed Fung Schway.
  5. bagerap

    50p Scarcity *

    According to that learned and august journal The Sun, the figures for 2018 are: 50p Peter Rabbit (Beatrix Potter): 1.4million 50p Flopsy Bunny (Beatrix Potter): 1.4million 50p Mrs Tittlemouse (Beatrix Potter): 1.7million 50p Tailor of Gloucester (Beatrix Potter): 3.9million 50p Paddington at the Station: 5million 50p Paddington at the Palace: 5.9million 50p Representation of the People: 9million
  6. bagerap

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    Strangely, I didn't need to be psychic to know whose listing it was, before I clicked the link. OTOH, his misattributions of medals & tokens have probably earned me more money than any other seller on ebay.
  7. bagerap

    Hertfordshire Coin Dealers?

    There's a shop in Hemel, mainly stamps but carries coins as well. Libritz, London Road, Apsley, not really worth going out of your way for.
  8. I've been trying out a new camera set up for coins and using some hard to capture pieces to test focus. When I checked the results, I thought I saw this as a 1773/3 although I had it listed as Obv. B, Rev 2. Any thoughts (apart from the fact that it's a washer 🙄)
  9. There was a 1901 Death of Victoria, Acession of Edward medal that used that reverse, but I'd be very interested in seeing a coronation medal with that format.
  10. bagerap

    TimeLine Inc.

    Back in the 60s, I was a "Saturday Boy" at Marshall Amplication in W7. Duties mainly involved humping and lumping and sometimes accompanying the hire gear to a gig if Jim didn't like the look of the roadies. Since then, I've hardly ever had the back off an amp but the local amp repair service heard a bit about my ancient history and I get invited for a look-see every time he gets an old Marshall in for service. Prices on some of that gear is getting a bit worrisome too.
  11. BTW, if there is no signature on the truncation, then this is a knock off copy of the Spink issue.
  12. My BHM isn't to hand, but from memory I'd say that this isn't included.
  13. bagerap

    more FAKES

    Read the text of any of the listings. It specifically states that shipping to NZ is not £12.00 That's because ebay don't have a setting for NZ. They just regard you as "Rest of the World" You get charged the same rate as Oz.
  14. bagerap

    more FAKES

    Follow the link to my ebay istings below. There's another 15 or so waiting for photographs so they'll be on next weekend
  15. bagerap

    more FAKES

    I've spent this evening listing 20 or so toy coins. Mostly Lauer which generally say "Imitation of" whatever. The listings all start TOY MONEY and they're listed under tokens. I had ebay autobots all over my a**e for the entire evening telling me that I couldn't list because blah blah blah. Sometimes I'd used identical wording just minutes before witout demur. As a result my listings will be finishing after midnight which is a practice that I usually find unprofitable. So my take from this is that genuine collectable articles can come under severe scrutiny but just list an outright fake and it's Absolutely fine Sir, enjoy your selling experience.
  16. All the runners & riders, prices realised: https://live.spink.com/auctions/4-4IW5U/19040-the-waterbird-collection-of-choice-numismatic-rarities-we-start-at-315-uk-time
  17. bagerap

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    And they're offering the 1951 crown as silver too.
  18. bagerap

    First hammered coins

    I thought it might be one of these, I see them from time to time. Here's my usual sales spiel. Death of Oliver Cromwell 1658, a Dutch copy of the Thomas Simon medal worn by mourners at Cromwell's funeral. Obverse: Bust left, laureate and armoured Around which the legend: OLIVAR. D.G. R.P. ANG.SCO. HIBERNIAE. PROTECTOR Reverse: A shepherd attending his flock near an olive tree Around which: NON. DEFITIENT. OLIVA. SEP.3 1658, VG Contemporary cast copy of the large Dutch Medal References: Loon II, 420 Eimer 200 They usually come out around 49. mm, 28.5 gr
  19. bagerap

    First hammered coins

    I missed this thread the first time round but I'd be really interested in seeing your Cromwell medal.
  20. It should be pointed out that Monnaie de Paris have retained the dies for probably every coin and medal they have ever issued. restrikes are common and if you have deep enough pockets, old medals can be struck to order.
  21. There is a book by Davis & Waters, published in 1922 Tickets and Passes of Great Britain and Ireland (Struck Or Engraved on Metal, Ivory, Etc. for Use at Theatres, Public Gardens, Shows, Exhibitions, Clubs, Societies, Schools and Colleges; Also Truck Tickets, Colliery Checks, Railway Passes, Gambling, Lottery and Racing Tickets, Etc) However should you be able to find a copy, it will cost you both arms, a leg and your first born. Last one I saw was around £475. Try your County Library.
  22. Krause lists so many varieties of C17th Irish farthings. Anyone have a clue what this might be. 17 mm, less than 1 gr.
  23. bagerap

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    FFS, there's loads of people trying to offload these washers for a fortune. Has one of the Red Tops been spreading numismatic porkies again?