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  1. bagerap

    Thames Hammered River Find

    And a very fine book it is too. Mudlarking by Lara Maiklem
  2. Copy of something like this: https://www.numisbids.com/n.php?p=lot&sid=877&lot=6
  3. Swedish occupation money in Latvia (Livonia). If it's real, it is tha best I've ever seen so maybe repro. Originals were in billon
  4. It's 6.3% in bottles here too.
  5. This is a tax issue. A 500ml bottle at 4.5% pays a lower tax than a 5%. Difference per bottle : Tax on 5% = £0.477. Tax on 4.5% = £0.429. The UK has some of the highest beer taxes in Europe and CAMRA are currently actively campaigning to get it reduced before we lose all of our high street pubs.
  6. bagerap

    Jokes For Christmas

    Eggs Benedict is a dish best served on the hubcap from a '57 Austin Cambridge ... because there's no plates like chrome for the Hollandaise
  7. bagerap

    UK Election

    My sympathies, Jerry. As a former Hertfordshire resident I was in almost daily awe of the red kites above me. I also had the pleasure of meeting your father once.
  8. bagerap

    UK Election

    The demonisation of Corbyn is, and was, real. If anyone wishes to be bombarded with rebuttals of the mass media distortions, please PM me. This forum is no place for that kind of activity. Having said which, I can't help posting one thing.
  9. bagerap

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    Sadly, neither actress is listed on the cast roll.
  10. Knew a guy whose parents didn't think ahead, Alan Ian Richard France. Best part is he was a cargo handler for British Midland.
  11. I also have one of these George IV tokens. Thought they were listed in BHM, but wrong. The ones described above as not being Ingram usually have a stop after BRITAIN.
  12. The earliest use of this portrait that I can find seems to be an anonymous Great Exhibition medal listed by Leslie Allen as HP-B390. Brown has it as 2469 and Taylor 165dd. All have it as RRR. It also bears a passing resemblance to Una and the Lion of 1839.
  13. Very good spot Peck, although I think Allen & Moore also used this portrait
  14. Thank you. All in all, I think I'll hang on to this one.