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  1. bagerap

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    "It sits at" reminds me of old (1950-60s) auctioneers spiel when they were trying to boost an unpromising item.
  2. It's a Paddington 50p https://newsthump.com/2019/08/14/daily-mail-readers-outraged-as-peruvian-illegal-immigrant-appears-on-new-50p-coin/?fbclid=IwAR27lg35G-8slaWUuXQP2goHrq_nXFmKF-vDxSomHe-ZiT9-693rXTkzP4U
  3. bagerap

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    Well b**ger me! I never realised that it worked for sellers . Thanks Paddy.
  4. bagerap

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    How do you bring up a page of a sellers past sales?
  5. bagerap

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    I'd be delighted to get 65p
  6. I've seen EG before on large copper. It may be one of the few countermarked coins in Davis & Waters "Tickets & Passes", but my copy is currently on the missing list.
  7. How do you get "none of us have heard this recording yet. The neighbours who supposedly recorded it are left wing activists - not exactly neutral" from Mr. Penn's only public utterance on the subject "I, along with a lot of my neighbours all across London, voted to remain within the EU. That is the extent of my involvement in politics."
  8. bagerap

    Coin Cabinet for sale

    In my local (Poole) auction house on Saturday. As usual they give sod all detail. https://www.cottees.co.uk/catalogue/lots/69BF7E5017DE1642EC20BB2286D259203A4B16D601DF23AEE9D4969C3449DC33/6D1D55C614E74AFAC7581C29641A3D85/collection-of-vintage-whisky-and-champagnes-20thcentu-lot-449/?d&action=10
  9. bagerap

    1971 £.s.d. to Decimal converter.

    On WorldofCoins, Malcolm Johnson has come up with the answer: "HME - HORDERN, MASON & EDWARDS Cincinnati began as a small machine shop in the downtown area of the city of the same name in Ohio, USA, in the mid 1860s. After World War II it took over the Birmingham (UK) press manufacturers Hordern, Mason & Edwards, of Vesey Street, Birmingham, (HME) who had been approached by the Royal Mint in the early 1960s to prepare a specialist modern coining press suitable for the quantities of UK coins needed when the country changed over to a decimal system; the Mint estimated that 150 additional presses alone would be needed. HME designed the Coinmaster, a forged steel press with a novel rotary feed plate, which was subsequently sold to many mints the world over. In 1969 the parent company name changed to Cincinnati Milacron, reflecting the rapid development of plastics and injection moulding in the company’s markets; the name was changed again to Milacron Inc in 1998" Thanks Mal
  10. bagerap

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    Sheer, unadulterated magic. Thank you Declan and many thanks to Peck for finding it.
  11. This just came in, but I can't recall seeing anything like it at the time. Most "converters" were written on the back of fag packets as I remember.
  12. "Many older voters without party allegiances to consider will not support him due to his and much of the left's opposition to the creation of private wealth in the first place. " I'm not entirely convinced that Corbyn et al. are opposed to Private Wealth. I do know that the Labour Party is very much opposed to the alarming increase in real poverty brought about by the present government's austerity campaign. People die because of deliberate officialy sanctioned neglect. It is projected that in the next five years child poverty in the UK will reach 37%.
  13. A few Floridian ladies may be wondering where their son-in-law has vanished to, next Saturday
  14. bagerap

    new coin magazine

  15. bagerap

    Digging up a hoard

    I wonder if this is the same Hambleden that produced a Roman hoard in the 1920s.