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  1. Knew a guy whose parents didn't think ahead, Alan Ian Richard France. Best part is he was a cargo handler for British Midland.
  2. I also have one of these George IV tokens. Thought they were listed in BHM, but wrong. The ones described above as not being Ingram usually have a stop after BRITAIN.
  3. The earliest use of this portrait that I can find seems to be an anonymous Great Exhibition medal listed by Leslie Allen as HP-B390. Brown has it as 2469 and Taylor 165dd. All have it as RRR. It also bears a passing resemblance to Una and the Lion of 1839.
  4. Very good spot Peck, although I think Allen & Moore also used this portrait
  5. Thank you. All in all, I think I'll hang on to this one.
  6. JLS, do you have any other info on the Clarks Patent Lamps token? I'm considering selling a rather good one but can't find anything about them.
  7. I have the 1975 Malta 25 cent proof but have yet to see a 76
  8. Ebay did have a counterfeit vetting panel at one time. One of its members was Robert Gurney a.k.a. Swamper Bob, a man who (literally) wrote the book on fake Spanish colonial coins and is a fount of knowledge on world silver. The panel was shut down after "seller complaints" and because it was starting to affect ebay's numismatic income stream.
  9. bagerap

    Feng shui

    Trying not to overcomplicate the matter, but in chinese there are two currently used alphabets depending of wich is used can in some cases affect pronunciation. I'm not proficient enough to know whether that applies in this case. In Traditional Chinese its written 風水 and in Simplified Chinese 风水. I'm fairly sure that when written in Simplified, it's prononced Fung Schway and indeed when my office building in Singapore was renovated the officiant who carried out the blessing was introduced as The Fung Schway Man. (Pronounced as such)
  10. bagerap

    50p Scarcity *

    I think that the reason the 2017 Shield will be a sleeper in numismatic circles is that Joe Public is only looking for short term gain commemoratives. Shield coins have no interest to commemorative collectors. BUNC 2017 shields will hopefuly do well enough in the next decade to make storing them worthwhile.
  11. bagerap

    Feng shui

    @JLS perfect example
  12. bagerap

    Feng shui

    If Feng Shui started life as a Francophone transliteration, then it makes sense. The French pronunciation of Feng would sound pretty much like "Fong" Shui is an example of the Schwa phenomenon, an unstressed sound known in French as e muét or e caduct. The ui phoneme in this French example would be pronounced as a weak eh. Hence Fung Shuei or indeed Fung Schway.
  13. bagerap

    50p Scarcity *

    According to that learned and august journal The Sun, the figures for 2018 are: 50p Peter Rabbit (Beatrix Potter): 1.4million 50p Flopsy Bunny (Beatrix Potter): 1.4million 50p Mrs Tittlemouse (Beatrix Potter): 1.7million 50p Tailor of Gloucester (Beatrix Potter): 3.9million 50p Paddington at the Station: 5million 50p Paddington at the Palace: 5.9million 50p Representation of the People: 9million
  14. bagerap

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    Strangely, I didn't need to be psychic to know whose listing it was, before I clicked the link. OTOH, his misattributions of medals & tokens have probably earned me more money than any other seller on ebay.