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  1. Yes, goes back to the first Reverse die for CP1841, fault was A/A which carried through the series,
  2. LOTR King of the dead, dead spit
  3. Chingford

    Daily Challenges

    Temperature, highest October on record, recorded in March, Cambridgeshire,
  4. He is as loud and outspoken in real life as you see him on TV, I helped out at a few Showmasters Autograph fairs with my Brother a good few years back, He was signing Star wars and Flash Gordon memorabilia
  5. Met brian blessid a couple of times, 😊
  6. Footnote on Bramahs page 21 mentions Garside and Numismatic circular Vol XXXIII Cpl 314,
  7. Probably the best of the twelve known to date, No REG Colon.
  8. Chingford

    More Pennies

    Victoria (1837-1901) Pattern Penny Ref 23/238 Price £3,875.00 Wt. 9.45g., 1894, obv. by T. Brock, rev. by G. W. de Saulles, in bronze, veiled bust left, normal legend, rev. Britannia seated right, large sailing ship by feet, edge plain, BMC 2065; Gouby PV; F.776 [R18]; S.3955, of the highest rarity, brilliant, toned, Exe C. W. Peck collection, sold by Spink, 1964-68 and M. J. Freeman, Christie's, 23 October 1984, (248). practically as struck
  9. Chingford

    UK Election

    To further muddy the water, legal claims have been brought and upheld over private pension schemes were women retired at 60 and men at 65, all the men would have to be compensated for the inequality in those schemes, one case is still in court and if upheld would mean enhancement of all private schemes including those already in payment.
  10. Should only be at 5%, Plus service charge was about £8 with the PO
  11. At times like this I go to the Fridge for warmth!
  12. He could be playing a very good long game. Looking at all that has been going on, Boris is on the ropes taking a few punches now, but is He down and out, I think not. It is going to be an interesting next couple of weeks. He has got ALL the opposition parties including his own 'Remain rebels' now independent members, publicly ganging up on him to stop a 'no deal' brexit, During an interview today on BBC News at 1300 hrs, an MP quoted, 'We have Boris boxed in from all sides, and we now control Parliament, this will lead to the end of this Tory Government and Brexit!'. So maybe not just trying to block a no deal as has been said. The opposition are also refusing to have an Election until after a Law has passed Royal ascent compelling him to extend Article 50 for at least another 3 months delay to January 2020. Along with Farage, the Tories could be increasingly seen as the Brexit Party, doing everything they can to get a deal but promising to Leave with or without on 31 October. The opposition on the other hand are doing all they can to stop him, with new Laws, Court Cases and refusing a General election, which Boris has loosely quoted as being the Peoples Vote to deciding the outcome on 31 Oct. The EU election saw about the same percentage of voters take part as the EU Referendum, over 70%, and the result later confirmed by the BBC, after firstly reversing it, was inline with the EU referendum with leave Parties polling a higher number than remain, but overall numbers of voters do not count in a General election. Take those EU votes to a constituent level, as a general election would, the vote was over 400 Leave against 200 remain, which would give a Brexit Government/Alliance a possible Parliamentary majority of around 100, if everyone voted the same way i.e. for the Party that expresses their view on Brexit. Lib Dems have already said that they would not form a coalition with Labour, to the point that in a No Confidence vote muted a couple of weeks ago they would not endorse Corbyn even as a Temporary Leader, so why would they stand aside to let Labour take seats they could gain for themselves,. Corbyn is currently polling lower than Michael Foot at the height of his demise. The SNP will go with anyone that would allow them their own referendum, but will they have sufficient numbers to help form a Government. It would seem therefore that this Opposition pact could be as fragile as the current Government. Be interesting to hear others thoughts on the developing situation, without anyone getting too carried away with themselves, or getting personal.