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  1. Chingford

    More Pennies

    The same can be said of Geo IV , W1111, and early Victorian Copper pennies, clearly a lion medallion on the centre of the breast plate, only really identifiable on choice or proof coins, but lost over time through die wear after 1841
  2. Chingford

    More Pennies

    The first reference I came across was in Coin Market Values in 1998, described as 1858 8/9 Large Rose, not having seen one or an image I thought it could have been a reference to a full rose, as most CP1858 are missing the top petal. It wasn't until several years later I found my first one. I thought at first it was a Penny Obv paired with Halfpenny Reverse until I looked at the trident.
  3. Chingford

    Cleaned or not?

    I always look at the hard to clean features, for example small loops in letters and numbers, the majority of a coin is easy to get to and clean, but loops filled with dirt are generally a giveaway, even dipped or soaked these tend to retain the dirt/grease and would need a good eye, sharp pick and a good few hours to clean out convincingly.
  4. Chingford

    More Pennies

    I would think Christmas would have had opportunity to census coins that were collected from circulation at the end of 1860 when they were demonetized, as well as collect and use them in the years before. This knowledge was later used by Braham in his conclusions. Any personal observations by Braham could only have been from collections and not circulation.
  5. Chingford

    More Pennies

    Pecks was more a catalogue of coins in the BM, an extension of the publication, and consolidation the work of Greuber,.whereas Bramah was essentially a rewrite of Christmas whose book was not made publicly available and most of the copies were destroyed soon after his death by his family. These were surveys from general population of coins observed in circulation at the time.
  6. Chingford

    More Pennies

    I would value circa £400,
  7. This year, slabbed MS64, PWA did the image but free for you to use
  8. Chingford

    More Pennies

    As with the 48/7 the position of the upstroke divide is right smaller, and equal. I have seen 48/7 with left smaller, but not 58/7 The other three are smaller fat 7 with tooth, without tooth and the longer slim 7 I am sure you could get more with positioning and date widths
  9. Chingford

    Teaching coins by S G Onions

    I haven't got my collection imaged unfortunately, but the link above shows Mals collection which is complete for denominations.
  10. Chingford

    Teaching coins by S G Onions

    Only found 14 from my list, but a couple of them are RRR, those highlighted or Green I have, the red I haven't as yet. Most if not all of my spares I sold/swapped to get others, might have one or two left, will look for you over the weekend. When Rodgers sold his Toy/Model coin collections the majority went to the Fitzwilliam and British museums, these can be viewed online, the remainder seem to have been bought in bulk by a small number of individuals, I will message you a list of people I have bought from and sold to, they maybe will have a few of the more common ones, most are active on Ebay.
  11. Chingford

    More Pennies

    CP1856 PT both large and small, OT small date only
  12. Chingford

    Teaching coins by S G Onions

    I have messaged you a list I abstracted from Rodgers, I have been collecting theses for years, and still nowhere near finding them all. Regards John
  13. Yes, goes back to the first Reverse die for CP1841, fault was A/A which carried through the series,
  14. LOTR King of the dead, dead spit