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  1. Labour alliance with the SNP brings on cold shivers
  2. Chingford

    1844 6 over 8 in date.

    Hockings Royal Mint Catalogues Vol 1 and 2 have entries for dies and matrices for early and late Victorian coinage having just the first two digits as Rob says 18__
  3. Chingford

    James i sixpence or at least the front is

    Maybe a copy made as a button or pin/brooch
  4. Chingford

    Coin equipment

    Looks like an adjustable toilet seat
  5. Chingford

    LCA June

    Think it is Banknote Auction today, probably no one in the Office until Tomorrow/Wednesday
  6. Tried to Cut and paste but not having it https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/topics/crjeqkdevwvt/the-uks-european-elections-2019
  7. Found the image for the above on BBC News website
  8. That's Politics. The results can be cut/carved to suit both sides of the argument. Even though the Labour/Conservative votes were low they still represented the views of 23% of voters, a significant proportion of the turnout.
  9. On the contrary, Lib Dems are quoting this as a resounding result for Remain. By adding all the remain votes, Parties that want the process stopped, they are saying it clearly shows a clear majority of voters want to remain in the EU. They have not added the Conservative or Labour vote to this tally, or taken into account over 60% of the voting population didn't take part.
  10. I have looked at many similar over the years with Michael Gouby, and we have drawn the same conclusion. The loop at the top of the B is very much smaller than that of the R , in all cases the B/R has been a recut R over R
  11. With CP1858, I usually go by the 8's, when looking at full dates as the size differences are very obvious. But as Rob quoted there are several alignments to be taken into account, the width and height at which each individual number is cut can seem by eye to look larger or smaller even though the same font has been used
  12. I use AdGuard with both Chrome and IE successfully. AdGuard is freeware and functional but you can buy a lifelong licence for about £30 for full access.
  13. The portion of food that a ruminant returns from the first stomach to the mouth to chew a second time. The second line description is better numismatically, piece of metal/foreign object attaching itself to the die or planchet causing a raised error/feature (cud) on the finished coin
  14. Chingford

    Slabbing - Learnt my lesson

    The coin in question is not referenced but one I found after years of research and study, therefore a discussion was required to confirm my opinion, which was accepted and recorded on the slab and within the LCGS listings. All TPG go by reference books and as seen on this Forum many new varieties have been discovered, the flexibility for a TPG to embrace these is of the upmost importance for all denomination collectors to see a new variety properly recorded.