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  1. 21 minutes ago, Sword said:

    This specimen was described as "cut on cheek and other light surface marks, otherwise nearly extremely fine". Sold in 2020 for £360 which went cheap I think. Lower estimate was £500.




    Finally, this specimen was described as "some surface marks, otherwise good very fine, reverse better". Sold for £300 in 2017.


    Many thanks for this!

    I too carried out a similar exercise with the LC past sales’ list and, as you point out, the differences are spectacularly small for a phenomenal increase in final value.

    The way these coins wear and are struck is many, with the example I shared having a much better fringe and front hair band than many GEF examples, confusing the variables of strike, wear, and die condition, much more than usual.

    I think you’re right re eye-appeal in these middling to better grades, it’s the best guide in the end.

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  2. A fuller description for any that should chance along:

    3 key stone books for those interested in the gold and silver coinage of Elizabeth I 


    - The Hammered Silver Coins Produced at the Tower Mint During the Reign of Elizabeth I by Brown Comber and Wilkinson. Great condition hardback with a small number of pencil annotations.

    - 1988 BNJ vol 58 with key article on the portrait punches used on Elizabeth I coinage by BCW + other major articles - superb condition.

    1989 BNJ vol 59 with key 29-page article on the gold coinage of Elizabeth I by BCW - superb condition.

    Images of the BNJ inner content is uploaded on the listing for those interested in the other main articles.

  3. 2 hours ago, Sword said:

    The example in the OP is certainly nice in that it hasn't got many contact marks. 

    It’s really interesting to hear you say this because I initially thought it could be too marked to be a great coin. Strange how your perception changes in the light of others’ opinions...I can’t see it at all now...maybe it’s all the ‘other’ crowns I’ve looked at in the previous 24hrs that’s done it, I really don’t know?

    Re the prices you suggest I think that’s true from all I’ve been seeing...I wonder if we’ll soon be seeing these and indeed all collectibles crashing in the aftermath of the long-term recovery from Covid-19? I’m sure that question has been put to the forum endlessly this past year?

  4. 4 hours ago, ozjohn said:

    Very nice. Large coins such as crowns collect surface marks  due to their extra weight. Your coin is better than most of the 1/2 crowns graded Ef/g EF. Also the leaves on the reverse are much better minted than most halfcrowns of a similar grade.

    Thanks for the insights, John, much appreciated...especially to hear that it outperforms some of the HCs in similar grade, that’s really interesting.

  5. OK gents I’ve ended the listing. The postage is £1.99 (second class large letter) to each of you and I was hoping to make a fiver from selling the 3 books.

    @bagerap are you happy with £1 for each catalogue plus postage, so £3.99? 

    @mrbadexample and a fiver to you Sir!

    No pressure on either of you, I can easily relist it with a click 😊

    If you’re happy, I’ll send an addressed envelope with the book/books and you can send cash by return.