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  1. Plantagenet Coins

    Aw, looked like a half decent coin until I spotted the crack in the flan! 😩 https://m.ebay.co.uk/itm/Hammered-King-John-Silver-Penny-/391980732159
  2. Plantagenet Coins

    What a stunning coin! I was so disappointed to see this, one of the cheaper Ed I varieties, climb to nearly £400 gbp already...and the party may not be over yet? Really, what should you expect to pay for a non-rare top end ed? I mean, Canterbury isn’t rare either, so that shouldn’t account for any excessive premium, surely? It seems to me that a couple hundred quid or so will buy you one of the high-end coins, so what’s going on here? Maybe a collection nearing completion perhaps?? Worth an eye-candy share though!
  3. What are these strange blotches on hammered coins

    Hi Dave, have you published these stats anywhere, or are they only from your personal record?
  4. Plantagenet Coins

    Good luck with the Wiltons! Will let you know re the John, I use the same user name, so you’ll probably know anyway.
  5. Plantagenet Coins

    Quite amazing! Hey, D, I’m going to leave that H2 Tealby alone for now, I’m going to give that pretty John a go instead!
  6. light 1562 sixpence

    If you look at the deformed right arm/leaf, and the flaw in the 8 oclock field, they are present on them all. If you search the forum using 'fake elizabeth milled' or try 'counterfeit elizabeth milled' you'll get plenty to read. Hope you didn't pay too much? Was it eBay?
  7. light 1562 sixpence

    Mine was 2.68g
  8. Plantagenet Coins

    What a shoddy batch of Edward pennies at London Coins, some even making single lots!
  9. light 1562 sixpence

    I’ll dig out some photos of one I’ve had, might even be the same one??
  10. light 1562 sixpence

    It’s a copy!
  11. I obviously have my own areas of loyal interest, but just thought of an idea for myself and, of course, others who struggle with the big question 'where to start' with collecting! One of the issues I've noted with newcomer questions, time and time again, is that of what to collect? 'Do I collect bronze, copper, silver, pennies, crowns, etc.?' Well, I've an idea, founded upon the other great collection struggle, that of having a decent collection quickly, which I'm sure is part of the reason we all end up with a useless pile of bullion once we settle into quality collecting! OK, so here's my strategy, and recommendation for those who are unsure where to start! Collect denomination year sets, and learn all about Bronze, Copper, Silver, CuNi, Gold even, and discover varieties, errors, so on, etc, etc,! As an example, I thought I'd snaffle an easy 1901 set off eBay, which started with a very cheap UNC penny, followed by a bargain 6D! The HC, HP, Farthing, and shilling, happened over a couple of months, with maybe a little bit of reselling to get these right! However, I now concede that I have watched quite some time for a 'right-priced' florin and the gold, and happily accept I will have to visit auctions or dealers to acquire these in top grades which, incidentally, is also part of the fun! Now, I presently don't have the resources to pursue the rest of my 1901 set, but I do have a small amount with which to watch eBay and snaffle the occasional pretty thing 321275869721 and start the whole process over again! So over the next few months I'll be keeping an eye on 1886, looking for a steal, and will inevitably stumble upon the denominations of that year that I'll have to seek out again at the dealers, fairs, or auctions! It keeps the fires burning, and keeps the grey matter and reading going forth! It excites me to snaffle some cheap things and begin another set of something, whilst I can't afford the harder pieces! Key point is, it's a manageable way of finding out what you like, and encourages visits to all the main collection resources! For me personally I quite like it all...so a copper, big silver, little silver, and piece of gold offends me not in the least! Happy daze!
  12. London Coin fair

    I often see devices incuse! Takes an age sometimes to see them normally, then you can flick between the two after that!
  13. London Coin fair

    That’s a lovely coin, Dave, what a price! You could have 10 of those for the price of that recent CNG coin I mentioned in the Plantagenets thread.
  14. Plantagenet Coins

    If it’s a UK buyer, it’ll cost just a whisker under £500 delivered for this common variety! Things are definitely changing for the best Plantagenet material. I’ve only been an observer these past 2 years, but the top end pieces are definitely outperforming book. Equally, there are a lot of Lizzies that I wish I hadn’t sold a couple of years ago! Phenomenal rise in the better grades!
  15. Todays Groat find

    You must be saving yourself for the gold dance, Non?
  16. Todays Groat find

    Thanks, Peter, it’s certainly stacking up the votes. A recommendation is half the work done! 😊
  17. Ebay's Worst Offerings

    Aw, bless, he’s put so much time into researching it too! I hope he hasn’t put a deposit on a holiday or car on the strength of it? 😬
  18. Todays Groat find

    I’ll take a look...many thanks, Gaz! 👍
  19. Ebay's Worst Offerings

    I often wonder how sellers manage to keep a 100% track record when pulling stunts like that?
  20. Todays Groat find

    You guys have sold me all over again, I’m on it! 👍 PS and hey it’s absolutely 100% Stuart Stu Stupot Stupid or variants thereof!
  21. Todays Groat find

    Man i’ve just got to join a club and touch base with experienced detectorists! I bought an xterra a couple of years ago and really struggled with its operation/set up and eventually gave up and sold it! Time to rethink that me thinks!
  22. Tealby penny with an S

    I’m very much back-tracking and going 100% with your XS legend, Richard...good work, you have presented credible evidence! As you may have picked up in various threads, I have never bought or investigated coins that are earlier than John, with my previous major collecting interest being Elizabethan, until my more recent commitment to the Plantagenets. So the Tealby’s are clearly on my radar, even though I have kept myself satisfied with the Edwards, H3 and John, thus far! It’s great to have a lively hammered section on this forum!
  23. Plantagenet Coins

    There are no doubt bargains to be had, Dave, and i’m very much into that, and congrats on your weedling them out! 😊 I think the stand out quality of the OP coin is its rarity on account of grade and eye-appeal, which is clearly exceptional, and clearly going to be the difference when/if the price collapses - I would expect/hope the values of top class coins to hang in there a little better??? I think we are seeing a migration towards quality over micro-varieties in recent years, especially in the milled markets, so hopefully that’ll save the wise collector from any catastrophic fall-outs?? All that being said, I was surprised to see this one breach the £200 mark, which is the safe place I would’ve happily gone with it. Hey ho! I have managed to buy equal grade pennies to the OP coin for just over £100, so swings and roundabouts I guess. We all now know where we’re selling our top grade duplicates, though, and it ain’t eBay, where i’ve just recently bumped into my first idiot in around 2000 sales at 100% - much safer buying than selling nowadays!
  24. My coins

    Superb, Declan, you’ve been putting in the miles! Well done, m’friend!
  25. Tealby penny with an S

    Having looked a little more closely, I concur with your point about the X and Tealby cross. I’ve only been able to find an S on the reverse so far but, as you know, they are notorious for being poorly made and badly struck.