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  1. Lord, I just reread that entire thread 🥴
  2. Coinery

    Charles I Tower Mint Halfcrowns

    No other words for it...bloody hell, Paulus!
  3. I wish I could edit the title...it was more a ‘I can’t believe I’m so out of touch that this now achieves 85!’
  4. I have been out of the loop for a long time...do I remember it correctly that CGS reconfigured their grading against other grading scales, or was that just a dream I had? Is there a difference between the early and ‘late’ graded CGS pieces? I guess this is the question I’m asking! I’ve always been passionate about hammered, so never closely followed the grading posts!
  5. Coinery

    Did the CGS numbers reconfigure?

    Exactly the answer I was looking for...thank you so much!
  6. Coinery

    Counterfeit Elizabeth I halfpenny

    Many thanks, Nick.
  7. Here one I haven’t seen before - John Newman ought to be able to spot this one a mile off. Could someone on a PC put up a link 362952613293
  8. Coinery

    lizzie half penny.

    Lovely example 👍
  9. Love this...and that coin with all that underlying information. Brilliant!
  10. I will never ever believe that someone could buy a coin of that prestige and money, without at least knowing the series inside out, it beggars belief. In fact I don’t believe it...it’s eBay, after all, he’s bidding on that to install false confidence, that’s my theory.
  11. @ozjohn I feel pretty confident VickyS was actually talking about YOUR coin, not craigy’s find
  12. Silver lustre is especially hard to capture in an image, unlike copper/bronze. I always struggled to get the blues right in the editing, making the coin look very cold. It’s definitely an art.
  13. Great coin, amazing that these coins are over 100 years old now.
  14. I’d argue that snapshot views are a dangerous thing. Does the leave position today correlate in any way with original campaign promises, I’d say not? Many have gone to their graves on the back of misleading facts and snapshot views, the hangman is testimony to that. I’m just asking that the government and the pressure groups all stand back and take a deep calming breath that’s all. The average 60-70 year old will know nothing of the long-term effects of getting this wrong - but my son will, and he has no say.
  15. Mine was a compliment, that when a coin has this much lustre it can look ‘bag-marked’ because the surface shows even the most minimal of contacts, whereas a non-lustre coin can often look ‘immaculate’ simply because the lustre isn’t there to highlight the contacts...if you know what I mean?
  16. What, not in the feeling that this has all gone completely pear-shaped? And I mean that most sincerely...every side has been let down by a mess that was kicked up by egos in government. I’m no expert in politics, I’m an idealist, which I apologise for but, surely, outside of a war cabinet, this is as shambolic as it gets...for everyone? No-one is a winner any more, whichever path you voted for, and that’s the kind of united fatigue I’m talking about.
  17. That’s the biggest part of what’s bad about all this, is now I’m feeling the snowball has got too big and we’re all, both leavers and remainers, running out of sensible ways forward. Surely the leavers never meant for this? In a very strange way the country seems somehow united in the chaos we’re in.
  18. Bag marks versus lustre! Always a massive trade off at this level, because the subtleties of these marks wouldn’t be noticed on a lesser coin, a coin without big lustre.
  19. Ah yes the new universe division in progress already. The ideal is not on offer, it’s a fair comment, I concede to that, Chingford!
  20. Re your first point I have no magic wand, but it must surely be a very different position today that the ‘leave voters’ find themselves in, that today they are in a position of putting all their eggs into one basket and just throwing them at the wall, hoping some will survive? We may even find ourselves in a position, if too many break, where a new expression of politics may rise up, as others abandon ship, that leave us with good intentions but no ability to actually govern a country. And the second point, Mafia is a state of being human. You will find it in every aspect of our natures being flawed, whether it’s Europe, or Britain, the school place or the work place. It isn’t cured by walking away, it’s tackled by the desires of people like myself who oppose secularism (not quite the right word, though its replacement isn’t coming to me at the moment for some bizarre reason). The EU for me was an attempt at working together, no matter how flawed it was. However I accept with the ‘them and I’ attitude that most people hold, that it will take a threat from another universe before we will ever join together as one planet.
  21. For me it’s maybe a little too simplistic. You see we invest all this time and money trying to make the world a better place for our children (how ever miserably we are failing), plastics, pollution, etc., yet you wouldn’t want to consider the choices we are making in government today in the same way? I’m not saying we should give children the vote, I’m saying that when we are snowballing out of control on generation-long commitments, as it looks as if we are doing so, I just wish it wasn’t the ‘me and mine’ factions controlling what happens to us all. There is a moral responsibility to do the right thing for all citizens, and going blindly into the abyss just because we said we would a couple of years ago is quite frankly the domain of the insane, that this has driven us all into a state of ‘fuck it, let’s just do this thing and get it over and done with,’ is terrifying. edit: I use the F-word not in anger, only as contemporary slang language to express a state of careless abandon. ‘Cor blimey’ just wouldn’t cut it!
  22. I would think that too, and with an event as big as this referendum, affecting EVERY citizen of this country for years to come, and possibly for the rest of the lives of those only just entering this world, I’d say the Government has a responsibility to those people too. We aren’t simply changing parties here!