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  1. @VickySilver and @Nick Many thanks for the insights, chaps! All very relevant because I’m thinking of owning a little bit of Edward VII later this year
  2. I’m convinced of the M Proof evidence offered but, as a separate point, would a situation exist where the proof dies were eventually used for circulation coins? Namely, could similar die marks be found on both proof AND circulation coins?
  3. Blimey that’s a beautiful coin! Get well soon...thank goodness for the internet
  4. Many thanks for that (and @Peckris 2), I think that conclusively seals it for me. As an aside, this one looks positively raggy at the rim. It may well be described by LCA as UNC, but I bet the numbers would quickly melt away if they were numerically grading it.
  5. I wouldn’t dream of standing against the milled knowledge of those who have commented, i’d be happy with all that evidence and call it matt. However, what’s interesting and surprises me, is that I didn’t think the strike was that spectacular, especially the hair and moustache?
  6. Just goes to show...I’d have said circulation too, Paul. It has got that colour of a Matt though, but I assumed that was a photography thing?
  7. I’ve got a couple of mint cupronickel and one copper coin that have been in these flips for around 10 years without change. I’ve never found any issues with the many hundreds I’ve used over the years either, I personally think they’re superb. One thing I have always been obsessive about however is cleaning the coins with pure acetone before sealing them up. For anyone who has ever run a soaked cotton bud around the outside rim of a coin to remove the gunk of a thousand careful fingers, you will already know the kind of residues you are locking away with your coins. This incidentally has always been one of my main issues with slabbing. I have broken out and ‘cleaned’ slabbed coins that have left cotton buds looking like they’ve been picked up off the floor of a garage.
  8. Coinery

    Old Coin for Son

    Thanks, Chris, much appreciated
  9. Coinery

    Old Coin for Son

    Hi anyone ( @Peckris @Peckris 2 ), an old coin I’ve had for years that I want to put on a leather necklace for my 10 year old son. Question is, I know so little about these coins that I don’t want to disappoint him with a lie from someone he believes to know a thing or two about coins? Namely, I don’t want to tell him it’s roman and one day, long after I’m gone, he discovers it’s Greek or something! Is there enough info here to give me a broad ID?
  10. Coinery

    Old Coin for Son

    Thank you, gents, very much appreciated! An old Roman coin it is, then, much obliged! 😊
  11. I’ve never heard of this phenomenon before, how does lustre ghosting come about?
  12. Hmmmm??? Fortunately I can console myself that we are a diverse body of peoples walking this planet. Also, just a small clarification from me, I wasn’t talking about ‘sides’ seeking glory, I was thinking more of individual ambition. 😊
  13. Another VERY relevant set of stamps planned for next spring!
  14. Forgetting democracy for a moment, it wasn’t something “I” applied for, and neither did nearly every other man/woman you will pass on the street. If you make a charge on the battlefield and subsequently find obliteration faces you, the sensible thing is not to go blindly on when you could retreat and fight another day! You have to remember this vote got through on the back of a red bus and a number of glory worshipers seeking to take advantage by lies. If they weren’t lies, and they believed it was all true, it equally demonstrates the level of ignorance these political experts/leaders are capable of! It was the lies that won the votes, nothing else.
  15. You may well need to change the slab company though 😲
  16. Yes, that just about nails the kind of coins I’ll be after...that’s gorgeous! I’d rather not have an example of a 1905 HC unless it looked ‘well up there! You see I can live with holes better than I can live with ugliness! I reckon that’s what I love about hammered so much, you can find pretty coins in fine on occasions...hard to do that with milled. PS I’ll have it whenever you’re ready, Paul
  17. Loving these Ed VII coins, I’m tempted to pick a couple of beauties up myself again next year! Maybe an Elizabeth I one or two, too, they never left my fibres either!
  18. An example of your coin, @Rob, but sadly nothing to shed new light on it. I’m not convinced by the evidence of this thread, and will find an answer to it one day.
  19. ‘Tis a gorgeous coin, Dave, no doubt about it! Why the high-end, big value, strategy? It’s a fantasy strategy of mine too to collect top-end...I’m failing mostly in that I have to keep selling my collection when it hits the £10k point 😩 My entire collection now has a total value under £50, an 1897 penny and G6 halfcrown.