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  1. Looking at the highlights I’d say it’s not only the same coin, but even the same photo used for both examples!
  2. Not an easy find in collectable grade, they always seem to fly in auction, so really pleased with this bargain in a nice dark collectors’ tone! Elizabeth I Penny, mm Cross Crosslet, bust 3H
  3. Absolutely, yes, I can see that For the record, though, ‘usual’ was my lazy way of referring to the other Gs on the coin. A phenomenal find, no doubt about it!
  4. A very interesting and plausible explanation. I’m sure there’s much more to the story, however, given the straight sides of the tail of the ‘usual’ G and the very different curved sides in the tail of the G in Victoria. Only ten known surviving examples? You must be absolutely delighted…what an acquisition for a penny collector! Well done, Sir!
  5. I have to say, even if this IS the VIG variety, which I’m sure it is, I don’t believe it’s a coin that was minted having used the G of the other Gs present on the obverse.
  6. I don’t think I’ve even seen one of these before, a stunning example, right up there I should think? Whatever happened to Mary’s bust, that she had Diana/Kate grace in her premarital coinage, only to morph into a troll following her marriage to Philip a year later?
  7. Worrying times, though…we called 999 for an ambulance between Christmas and New Year and it took over 8 minutes…NOT for the arrival of the ambulance, but for the call to get answered! Forget National Service, we should provide a week’s training in Basic/Advanced Life Support for all…we’re going to need it! It’ll be no good anyone having a choking child or a Cardiac Arrest in front of them and thinking the emergency services are going to help you!
  8. O’ wow, that’s absolutely gorgeous!
  9. I can’t get on the site at all!
  10. Coinery

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    I personally would start smelling a rat! What’s the alignment between the reverse and observe of the two coins, do we know? In the bottom right of the video, where the metal appears to stretch out, like it’s been struck slightly more heavily at that point, I’d expect to see some differences in the height/movement of the devices between the two coins on account of that. Also the beading is so perfectly matched for both coins, though in the bottom left of the video it appears as though the beading has been chopped, maybe filed?
  11. These look superb, I love them! Amazing that the ‘porcelain’ bust remains intact. Collections look great when they’re laid out like that!
  12. I don’t know the answer to this, but do you think there’s a link? One of the below tickets references Ffolks tables of English coinage, which I’ve been advised was an antiquated source by the mid 1800s? It’s been proposed that we should be looking in the 1750-1830 window for a collection with these hand-made tickets?
  13. Coinery

    1578 Threepence Copy

    That’s a VERY good effort. I can’t 100% recall, will take a look, but I’m pretty certain I had a similar-quality copy of a sixpence with the same date and mark.
  14. Have you the coin with those tickets, not a common 6d that?
  15. No these are the tickets that belonged to an earlier sale, before J.J. purchased it to sell, I got confused with me pictures 😬 The neater hand is agreed to be Comber (there’s a couple of other Comber tickets posted in recent days for comparison), so it’s now the left I’m curious about? Sorry for the confusion.
  16. Thanks for that Interesting…why would he write two for the same coin?
  17. This is a misunderstanding
  18. Thanks, Jerry, really appreciate your input here! I thought the right hand ticket looked Comber, any thoughts on the left, from what little is shown? Edit: sorry I meant TopCarp2 and he’s definitely signing himself off as Stephen???
  19. Can confirm the ticket to the right is Stephen’s of Top Carp 👍 Anyone for the left one?
  20. Can I ask a favour…does anyone recognise the tickets accompanying this coin? some of the details in the right hand ticket looks Comber, but what of the left?
  21. I have to say, though, if my coin, in the light of your upcoming evidence, had turned out to be fake (I double-checked mine after your initial post), I would’ve sold up and changed hobbies. One or two significant differences between the two examples, thank goodness
  22. Images would be very welcome if you can find them? This one weighs right, looks right, and also rings right