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  1. Rainbow hammy

    Will do Des, will absolutely give you first refusal! Will get the info and images together shortly! 👍
  2. Bank holiday Weekend

    Yes, good stuff, Dave! 👍
  3. Rainbow hammy

    And as is the cycle of my life, this and all my other Plantagenet coins are going to be on sale!
  4. Recent Hammered Acquisitions

    Especially nice reverse on that, Stu. 👍
  5. Recent Hammered Acquisitions

    Nice, Des, well done!
  6. Mints and Moneyers

    There’s this copy at £7 the other one is also on that site at £8.50 Equally I don’t think the latest new editions are that expensive new either. http://www.galata.co.uk/store.asp?storeAction=showDetail&stockID=6605 edit: I never understand why the Galata links don’t work, but you can search them with ‘north hammered’ on their site
  7. Outstanding sixpence, as good as it gets! 👍
  8. Plantagenet Coins

    I know what you mean, Des, especially the Edwards! The problem with single coin lots from the states is the postage and parcel force handling fee which is fixed, plus of course the US coins seem to be selling far and away above normal prices. The fees are the reason I bought an extra fixed price coin from the Davissons’ list to go with my auction lot, just to halve the extra costs between them. I’m thinking I might have to look at a buy-one-to-sell strategy with my US purchases. Interestingly the regular grade material seems sensible, so an occasional snipe is possible to offset the charges on your collection purchases...he says with fingers crossed🤞
  9. Plantagenet Coins

    What a stunning coin! I was so disappointed to see this, one of the cheaper Ed I varieties, climb to nearly £400 gbp already...and the party may not be over yet? Really, what should you expect to pay for a non-rare top end ed? I mean, Canterbury isn’t rare either, so that shouldn’t account for any excessive premium, surely? It seems to me that a couple hundred quid or so will buy you one of the high-end coins, so what’s going on here? Maybe a collection nearing completion perhaps?? Worth an eye-candy share though!
  10. Plantagenet Coins

    So the Davisson 3g Bristol was a tad too expensive, so I bought a second best option - egg-waisted S 3g with the wide face bust! It feels like it could be slightly less common as the other ‘pointed chin’ bust pops up quite frequently - can’t 100% state that as a fact though! An OK coin I think...for now!
  11. Plantagenet Coins

    BBC 4 tonight 22:00 1/3 The Plantagenets
  12. Plantagenet Coins

    So a teeny bit of digging around identifies my Henry III Class 2b2 coin as having one of the commonest reverse types identified by Churchill and Thomas in the Brussels Hoard (CT rev L124), making $200 (or £166 with post and taxes) probably about £40 the wrong side of comfortable, really, but hey ho I did get my rarer reverse 5a3 for about £30 under, so perfectly happy overall. Obverse has 'X' type-2 and ligated NR and ER.
  13. Richard III Groat for less than scrap!

    Davissons sold one in far worse condition in 2015 for $2800 (E12 Lot 61) 😮
  14. Plantagenet Coins

    Absolutely, Stu, will do! If his website is anything to go by, he’ll be selling a lot of copies, and very likely become the new name by which we and various auction houses will categorise our/their coins! Looking forward to it!
  15. Plantagenet Coins

    Many thanks for the pics @Descartes much appreciated! I was discussing the Henry 5a3 with Rob Page today, and he was also telling me it has the scarcer reverse (a possible crossover from class 4, making it potentially an early class 5) and has no example recorded in the Brussels hoard. He’s just put it up on his site which is rather nice! http://www.henry3.com/london---5a3.html He was also telling me that there’s a book to come before the year’s out, a shared project with a friend of his, so that’ll be on my radar.
  16. Plantagenet Coins

    Been digging around to see what info. I can add to my Class 5a3 Henry. What has turned out to be interesting is it has the less common reverse for this class, being very open and having the larger 14 pellet per quarter inner circle. I managed to find a reverse die match on Rob Page’s site www.henry3.com which confirms a pellet on the last ligated N for me, as well as providing him with some additional information on the second quarter, which his illustrated example doesn’t have. sharing the love! Oh, and would anyone be happy to post up an image of the H3 page in spink (S1367a) - as up to date a copy as poss? They keep updating the numbers, and my old thing (2013) only has S1367 (no S1367a).
  17. Plantagenet Coins

    A $425 coin before import taxes and delivery - not mine, sadly.
  18. Complete novice

    Just amazed at some of the lengthy responses here, simply brilliant! welcome! My thoughts would be you need to decide what it is you like about coins first. Is it the thought of connecting with history, or do you just like pretty things? A lot of people enjoy collecting type sets of all the different monarchs? That would expose you to a) some of the cheaper coins if you start with Elizabeth and work back, and b ) give you the opportunity to start cutting your teeth on something, as you’ll likely change your collecting area a dozen times until you finally settle with something you like. As you work your way back, there will come a point where you might just want to collect one nice example coin from each monarch, could get a tad expensive otherwise. Dont forget to buy a couple of nice hammereds to see if you like them...before you finally settle down to collect pennies! Enjoy!
  19. Recent Hammered Acquisitions

    Goodness, even a tenuous link to that story makes the coin all the more interesting. I so hope you can dig up some more information. Have to spoken to Rob to see if he knows anything more about it?
  20. Recent Hammered Acquisitions

    Brilliant, Frank...I don’t know a great deal about this series, but wouldn’t the cut edges reveal whether it was guilded pre or post hammering?
  21. Recent Hammered Acquisitions

    The Edward Bristol at Davisson’s went ballistic so abandoned it for 2 Henry IIIs instead, one a Terci coin. Grrrr pictures to follow