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  1. 13 minutes ago, Rob said:

    Here you go. Both different dies. My reverse is over ermine as well.

    c1801 1573 6d mm.acorn rev over ermine - Copy.jpg

    Brilliant! A relief to find them with different dies. Many thanks for that…that really is a cracking little 6d of yours! Would take some beating, even with a common mark!

  2. Nice little win of a superb sixpence. Weak portrait but, to be fair, exaggerated in these auction images…actually much better in-hand…will try and post another image soon.
    I did try to look out the images of your 1573 @Rob because it worried me a little bit to find another little-worn acorn coin, but I couldn’t find them to compare the dies.



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  3. On 9/3/2022 at 5:47 PM, Rob said:

    I consider it implausible you could get that depth of impression from 28g of silver falling onto another edge, perfectly aligned so as to produce the incuse A as if it were part of the edge.

    Just to clarify, I wasn’t proposing it was the force of one coin falling against the other. :)

    I do know we did some strange things with coins as kids, with just a couple of things springing to mind, such as opening modelling paint tins, making cross-pistol mechanisms from old penny pieces and, maybe relevant to this situation, we used to squeeze chunky washers edge-to-edge in a vice until they’d finally fly off like a game of buckaroo!

  4. 6 hours ago, Peckris 2 said:

    It rather looks as though your incuse A almost exactly corresponds to the (raised) A of ANNO, in size , style, and position on the edge.

    Also, that the thicker side-bar of the ‘A’ corresponds (namely right on the raised and left on the incuse), makes for a far more likely clash of edges post production. 

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  5. 11 hours ago, TomGoodheart said:


    I think the attached shows what you could call cabinet friction. The edge where it protrudes from the rest of the design. Of course, it's just wear. And I suspect the term is used less frequently these days. Probably more significant on milled coinage as that was supposedly more 'perfect' to start with. I'd call it 'light wear to high points' myself. And more likely on coins that have been in dealers' drawers for some time where there's been regular opening and closing (this coin ex Michael Sharp and probably Baldwins) than us collectors who probably don't access our collections every day.

    You could even argue in this case that cabinet friction can actually lift the value and eye-appeal of certain coins, where the design is nicely and artistically picked out by contact with a surface…where the tone has been partially removed to highlight the detail like a well-executed brass rubbing.

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  6. I’ve always held it to mean the minimal removal of tone from the highest points of the design, spoiling what might otherwise be an immaculately toned coin. Nothing that you could call wear, but definitely a less pleasing coin on account of it.

  7. 1 hour ago, jelida said:

    Well they have agreed to pull it now,  having been shown this thread. Polite reply, but no further explanation. My correspondence was with their London office - 'incorporating Seaby Coins',  but the auction and I presume cataloguing is in the USA - though I agree it should be obvious, unless of course they have the original from which the fakes were copied....nah!. 😁


    They never even bothered to respond to my email, I sent 2 other examples too.

    I’ve just taken a look on their app., they’re certainly in no rush to pull it, it’s still ticking away.

  8. On 6/20/2022 at 3:57 PM, TomGoodheart said:

    Coin acquisition? What's that? (Hi again all). I have to say , I'm struggling to find anything worth buying. Last purchase (apart from a cheap Great Recoinage piece) was back in March*. I've branched out a little to Charles I associated medals/ medallions, but even there it just feels as if everyone is holding onto the nicer pieces. Which admittedly, is what I'm also doing!

    * Attached here. Late Tower shilling of Charles I (of course) Spink 2804, Sharp H3/2.


    Nice to see a bit of hammered every now and again :)

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  9. 10 hours ago, DrLarry said:

    OK so you were advising me to talk to someone on the forum thank you for the context.  

    I didn’t think it too much of a presumption to assume you knew who I was talking about; you’ve been a member for over 6 years.
    It’s a relatively well known fact that Rob has a large library and sells books. I mistakenly expected you to have stumbled across that with a 700+ post count. Always a pleasure to help.