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  1. Must have a good number of dies for these, a cursory look at 3 different crescent reverse dies doesn’t find yours.
  2. Coinery

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    I laughed more at the 68p postage
  3. Coinery

    Elizabeth l half pennies.

    Fabulous little halfpennies you have there! It was always my understanding that they were cut from sheet with shears but, on reflection, that seems incredibly labour intensive, and I can’t remember how, or where, I came to that conclusion. I’ve just had a read through BCW and they make no mention of it.
  4. Nice little win of a superb sixpence. Weak portrait but, to be fair, exaggerated in these auction images…actually much better in-hand…will try and post another image soon. I did try to look out the images of your 1573 @Rob because it worried me a little bit to find another little-worn acorn coin, but I couldn’t find them to compare the dies.
  5. Coinery

    Latest 1573 Acorn 6d acquisition

    You should, before they become unaffordable…they’ve absolutely sky-rocketed in the last 10 years.
  6. Coinery

    Latest 1573 Acorn 6d acquisition

    Not the best macro shots from my phone, but a doable portrait…for me at least
  7. Coinery

    Latest 1573 Acorn 6d acquisition

    Brilliant! A relief to find them with different dies. Many thanks for that…that really is a cracking little 6d of yours! Would take some beating, even with a common mark!
  8. Coinery

    1819 crown A before DECUS edge lettering

    No, they were actually washers
  9. Coinery

    1819 crown A before DECUS edge lettering

    Just to clarify, I wasn’t proposing it was the force of one coin falling against the other. I do know we did some strange things with coins as kids, with just a couple of things springing to mind, such as opening modelling paint tins, making cross-pistol mechanisms from old penny pieces and, maybe relevant to this situation, we used to squeeze chunky washers edge-to-edge in a vice until they’d finally fly off like a game of buckaroo!
  10. Coinery

    1584 6d overmark

    An interesting and clear overmark on eBay, but really surprised to see it sell for £464 I don’t think I missed anything?
  11. Coinery

    1819 crown A before DECUS edge lettering

    Also, that the thicker side-bar of the ‘A’ corresponds (namely right on the raised and left on the incuse), makes for a far more likely clash of edges post production.
  12. Coinery

    1819 crown A before DECUS edge lettering

    Definitely looks incuse…I’d wager someone has hammered the edge of one coin against the other at some point, or some similar mechanical crushing of coins at the mint.
  13. Wow, with just on exception, the half crown, all the Elizabeth hammered is eBay fodder!
  14. Coinery

    Gutted - E1 Halfgroat DNW

    Lot of 2 halfgroats at todays DNW sale which I set an alarm to bid on but missed the lot (been on nights). What a lovely little coin, and an uncommon PM too, I wanted it SO much. The other in the lot (PM 2) was worth £40 on eBay, so an absolute steal at £75 hammer for the two!
  15. Coinery

    Gutted - E1 Halfgroat DNW

    Beautiful reverse too!
  16. Coinery

    Gutted - E1 Halfgroat DNW

    Well look what I’ve just had the very good fortune to spot for sale and procure…thank you once again Mr Tout!
  17. Coinery

    Cabinet Friction

    You could be on to something here 🤣🤣
  18. Coinery

    Cabinet Friction

    You could even argue in this case that cabinet friction can actually lift the value and eye-appeal of certain coins, where the design is nicely and artistically picked out by contact with a surface…where the tone has been partially removed to highlight the detail like a well-executed brass rubbing.
  19. Coinery

    Cabinet Friction

    I’ve always held it to mean the minimal removal of tone from the highest points of the design, spoiling what might otherwise be an immaculately toned coin. Nothing that you could call wear, but definitely a less pleasing coin on account of it.
  20. Have always admired these big coppers…lovely coin!
  21. Only just seen this! Wow, could easily be a 1967 BU penny, it’s that good!
  22. I once had one of these http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/321000179711?ssPageName=STRK:MEWAX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1438.l2649 What's interesting, in light of this 2nd copy showing up, is that the cast coin was originally a plugged coin! I assumed initially that someone had contemporarily drilled my copy (thinking it to be a genuine coin to carry around the neck), and then a modern plug was added by someone, who also thought it to be genuine and worth plugging! Seems neither was the case! How odd to make a cast from a plugged coin, when there must have been better out there! I have emailed the seller. If there is no response, I shall pop the link into seuk's new list for 'the treatment'!
  23. They never even bothered to respond to my email, I sent 2 other examples too. I’ve just taken a look on their app., they’re certainly in no rush to pull it, it’s still ticking away.