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  1. Coinery

    Grading British Coins by Allen

    £6 delivered for all 3 if you transfer direct to my account?
  2. Coinery

    Hammered Coin Books North Withers Wren

    I forgot to mention that I’m accepting reasonable offers from forum members on all books listed!
  3. Coinery

    Elizabeth I BCW literature

    I forgot to mention that I’m accepting reasonable offers from forum members on all books listed!
  4. Another one if anyone needs a copy: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/284178354553 This item has now been sold - many thanks!
  5. Coinery

    Newly arrived, 1653 halfcrown

    What’s the history of this one, Paulus?
  6. Happy New Year everyone. See a good number of these around. Contemporary I’d think, certainly not Crown coinage. eBay 353313505402
  7. Coinery

    Counterfeit Elizabeth I Halfpenny

    Found it...it’s the same one he had for sale early last year. http://www.predecimal.com/forum/topic/13607-counterfeit-elizabeth-i-halfpenny/?tab=comments#comment-190324
  8. Coinery

    Counterfeit Elizabeth I Halfpenny

    Just for clarification, when I say ‘I’ve seen a good number of these around,’ I mean a good number of types of counterfeit E1 halfpennies. There may also be a lot of this particular type around, I don’t know for sure because I haven’t had my eye on it for a couple of years! This one’s for sale by John Newman...IIRC he’s previously had other counterfeit (contemporary or otherwise) hammered for sale, and I think the idea was at the time that they were pretty obvious and he ought to know better. I’ll see if I can track that conversation down...otherwise I’ll have to retract this paragraph.
  9. Lord, I just reread that entire thread 🥴
  10. Coinery

    Charles I Tower Mint Halfcrowns

    No other words for it...bloody hell, Paulus!
  11. I wish I could edit the title...it was more a ‘I can’t believe I’m so out of touch that this now achieves 85!’
  12. I have been out of the loop for a long time...do I remember it correctly that CGS reconfigured their grading against other grading scales, or was that just a dream I had? Is there a difference between the early and ‘late’ graded CGS pieces? I guess this is the question I’m asking! I’ve always been passionate about hammered, so never closely followed the grading posts!
  13. Coinery

    Did the CGS numbers reconfigure?

    Exactly the answer I was looking for...thank you so much!
  14. Here one I haven’t seen before - John Newman ought to be able to spot this one a mile off. Could someone on a PC put up a link 362952613293
  15. Coinery

    Counterfeit Elizabeth I halfpenny

    Many thanks, Nick.
  16. Coinery

    lizzie half penny.

    Lovely example 👍
  17. Love this...and that coin with all that underlying information. Brilliant!
  18. I will never ever believe that someone could buy a coin of that prestige and money, without at least knowing the series inside out, it beggars belief. In fact I don’t believe it...it’s eBay, after all, he’s bidding on that to install false confidence, that’s my theory.
  19. @ozjohn I feel pretty confident VickyS was actually talking about YOUR coin, not craigy’s find
  20. Silver lustre is especially hard to capture in an image, unlike copper/bronze. I always struggled to get the blues right in the editing, making the coin look very cold. It’s definitely an art.
  21. Great coin, amazing that these coins are over 100 years old now.
  22. I’d argue that snapshot views are a dangerous thing. Does the leave position today correlate in any way with original campaign promises, I’d say not? Many have gone to their graves on the back of misleading facts and snapshot views, the hangman is testimony to that. I’m just asking that the government and the pressure groups all stand back and take a deep calming breath that’s all. The average 60-70 year old will know nothing of the long-term effects of getting this wrong - but my son will, and he has no say.