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  1. A lovely coin, but you could never expect FDC with hairlines, surely?
  2. Coinery

    Using acetone to clean coins

    Local supermarkets still supply it behind their pharmacy counters for around £2…no brainer over getting it posted! 😊
  3. Coinery

    Using acetone to clean coins

    You’re not using the brands with added moisturisers for cleaning nails are you?
  4. Coinery

    Using acetone to clean coins

    I really don’t think submersion is necessary. On anything but proof coins, a gentle ‘mop’ over the surface with a saturated Q-tip will do! Sacrilege I know, but it works, and even on the finest fields, reflected under natural AND artificial light, you’ll perceive no difference…dig out your 1967 pennies and see for yourself. The one thing I would say, however, and I shared it on here a long time ago…never re-dip your bud into the acetone, otherwise, by the end of the bottle, you’ll be layering more junk onto the coin than you’re taking off!
  5. That’s a pretty stand-out date alignment…is it possible, like with hammered, to find a better example? I realise die-cracks are one way, of course, but are the ‘modern’ series too plentiful of dies for numeral displacements to work?
  6. Coinery

    Gary Lineker (moved)

    I think most people naturally assume it to be a personal opinion when shared across one’s own personal social media account? I personally, never for a second, believed Gary’s Twitter feed represented the views of the BBC! And re the final point in your sentence, isn’t this what our political leaders do all the time?
  7. The first one is a pewter replica of an Elizabeth I threepence, worth around £1 unfortunately.
  8. Coinery

    Too Good to be True (eBay)?

    I can’t speak for this particular coin, but I did something very similar just recently when listing an Elizabeth Lis penny on eBay. I couldn’t decide which way to bat with it (buy it now with best offer, or auction) and ended up going with auction, thinking it would find its price! It sat at .99p for a week, with people watching and then leaving…I guess thinking that it wasn’t genuine, I don’t know? Anyway, point is, it sold for £82 and, when it did, I had three emails offering me more, with one person saying £200, which is more or less what I thought I’d get for it. Really difficult to know what to do when using psychology to sell on eBay…sometimes it works to good effect, on other occasions it bombs! I’m not calling this coin at all, but sometimes the genuine articles do turn up with a .99p start! Maybe not this one, though????
  9. There’s clearly metal missing - 0.33g isn’t a lot of gold in physical terms!
  10. Coinery

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    Whoever they are, Rodney, they’ll be millionaires in next to no time with an inventory like that!
  11. Well that’s just about on the button I’d say!
  12. It looks like it may be an ex mount coin to me? It would be a fraction underweight on account of its wear, but not significantly so. What weight is it?
  13. Coinery

    Gary Lineker (moved)

    I hear what you say, Nick, except it’s so obvious to everyone that the bbc is conditioned right to its very core, and something that, like everything else, will never ever be cured/solved. I live with it, but occasionally take exception to things like this! There could come a day when David Attenborough’s take on climate change may not suit ‘impartiality,’ and perhaps that time will bring an end to our viewing of those bygone days?
  14. Coinery

    Gary Lineker (moved)

    Doesn’t impartially then become a towed line that no longer represent free speech? Of course if you’re a BBC children’s presenter you might reasonably be expected not to talk of child molestation, whereas a BBC news presenter could. This very much smells of ‘do as you’re told’ within the role, which then suggests as a children’s presenter you might live in fear of being quoted as admitting you enjoy having sex with your wife?
  15. Coinery

    How long to tone? Tips?

    Just ordered 100g of sulphur flowers, so we’ll see? In the meantime does anyone have any ‘before and after’ examples of silver treated in this way?