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  1. Undated Mullet James I 6d

    Oh, OK, I might be wrong, but when I was reading about it on their site I got the impression the collection was being dispersed of over 5 sales, the fifth one happening last month?
  2. Undated Mullet James I 6d

    DNW have auctioned off the last of John Hulett’s collection, apparently, and there wasn’t one in there.
  3. Undated Mullet James I 6d

    Not unlike someone else I know on occasion
  4. Undated Mullet James I 6d

    Thanks, Rob, yes, always a shame when knowledge passes out of this world unharnessed. A close friend of mine died a few years ago who could speak German so brilliantly that even Germans were amazed to find out he was English! I know it’s strange, but I couldn’t stop thinking about how that was taken with him, and what a shame that was. Odd I know! How did you come by John’s wants list, then, were you supplying him as and when you could? On a final note, it’s looking like the lad has something unheard of by quite a number of us, and that is doesn’t appear to be documented in literature or represented in any of the big collections that we can confirm, John’s the only possible exception at present?
  5. Undated Mullet James I 6d

    Great stuff! Is John deceased, would be good to get in touch with him if not?
  6. Undated Mullet James I 6d

    Thanks, Rob, the obverse is here, a shame about the damage on what could turn out to be an extremely rare coin. Do you know of any serious J1 collectors, I’m guessing they’re thin on the ground. The coin belongs to a young detectorist who needs a bit of cash for his driving lessons.
  7. Undated Mullet James I 6d

    Can anyone shed any light on an undated J1 6d? I’ve read through a few BNS journals, but can’t find any mention of undated examples. This one is a PM mullet both sides, and should be around 1610/11 for a date if it had one. I know Elizabeth had a rare undated 6d, but anything ever spotted, recorded, for James? Any ideas, peops?
  8. Edward Farthing, but which one?

    Really easy tool to use, you could've nailed your one easily. Called 'Farthings and Halfpennies Edward I and II' by Paul and Bente R Withers. Part of their small change series. You'll find it on Galata Books.
  9. Edward Farthing, but which one?

    Crown N
  10. Edward Farthing, but which one?

    This one, Paddy!
  11. Edward Farthing, but which one?

    Withers 30b 👍
  12. Recent Hammered Acquisitions

    I’d agree around the £150 mark - don’t kill it with plastic, it’s still breathing life and history at the moment!
  13. Is this Elizabeth I groat OK?

    Only just picked up this post, but the original half groat was actually a much rarer 2 pellets over I I mark of value.
  14. Unusual Elizabeth I threepence

    Chris Comber is a fabulous and generous chap, but I’d be surprised if he can add anything to the attribution of your coin that you haven’t read here already, but it’ll be great to get his insights! 👍