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  1. Only just seen this! Wow, could easily be a 1967 BU penny, it’s that good!
  2. They never even bothered to respond to my email, I sent 2 other examples too. I’ve just taken a look on their app., they’re certainly in no rush to pull it, it’s still ticking away.
  3. And now CNG are at it too in their next timed auction, Lot 664…I don’t get it, it’s so obvious in hand, everything is wrong about it! To be honest, a lot of the Elizabeth coins in this ‘Cloudesly Collection’ look ‘odd,’ I’d love to buy the lot of them, just to look them over.
  4. Coinery

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    And it sold for even more the second time! An unbelievable £116
  5. Nice to see a bit of hammered every now and again
  6. Coinery

    Counterfeit Georgian Copper Coins R Coleman

    I didn’t think it too much of a presumption to assume you knew who I was talking about; you’ve been a member for over 6 years. It’s a relatively well known fact that Rob has a large library and sells books. I mistakenly expected you to have stumbled across that with a 700+ post count. Always a pleasure to help.
  7. Coinery

    Counterfeit Georgian Copper Coins R Coleman

    Have you checked with Rob?
  8. Coinery

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    What is wrong with people? Currently £84 plus postage on eBay! It’s not like it ain’t obvious! 265717824427
  9. Brilliant! Can’t get enough of him
  10. Coinery

    BCW AN-1 Elizabeth Halfpenny

    Here’s an example in the bottom right of one coin that didn’t correlate with the template. It has larger rings on the ‘chains’ too. BCW state there’s only one portcullis punch, meaning either they are wrong or the ‘no mark’ coin is suspect? OR they refreshed the bolts as the punch broke up and started to spread?
  11. Coinery

    BCW AN-1 Elizabeth Halfpenny

    Ah, yes, I see what you mean! I found a template I made up for the portcullises whilst looking out your coin. Very useful for spotting some of the counterfeits.
  12. Coinery

    BCW AN-1 Elizabeth Halfpenny

    Just had another look at your one, the anchor is set further right on yours!
  13. Coinery

    BCW AN-1 Elizabeth Halfpenny

    I notice the cypher over anchor is still the only overmark missing in the halfpenny section of BCW’s 2021 memorial update. Amazing that they’d never come across one…hens’ teeth and all that!
  14. Very sensible! Takes a lifetime of collecting to find a sweet spot! Such an historically interesting period too!
  15. Proper Hammered man, now, Paulus