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  1. Aye, 'tis true, Rob, you're right of course! It's an historic castle that I really need!
  2. Absolutely love items like this! I've seriously got to sit on my hands at the auctions! look forward to seeing pictures of the 'sensitively' restored item. I personally think little is more when it comes to restoration of items that were never meant to look glamourous in the first place. It's a difficult balance to get right, where it is finished, yet still carries with it the weight of its age and history. i keep promising myself a Tudor coffer chest, they're remarkable affordable. Occasionally you can even find them with the original date and betroval chiselled into them. Love history!
  3. Eeeeek, no, sadly they come in that colour quite often! I'm truly sorry, Dec, it's not often I feel strong enough to judge another man's pleasure so harshly, but that's not a pretty coin at all! There's a whole world of difference between a worn coin and a polished coin, even if the grade is the same, metal removal wise! This has been polished, and some attempt made thereafter to make it look 'attractive'! gosh, really sorry, Declan, couldn't hold that in! 🙏
  4. Goodness, only just picked this up. So sorry for your loss, David. The words we all variously conjour up to connect with you is not the important detail; more important is the fact we, and so many others, have all wanted to reach out to you...that's what really counts in life, m'friend! Stay safe out there! Blessings 🙏
  5. Photobucket

    That's truly blood boiling! We're going to find this kind of abuse happening over and over again, to what will amount to, in most cases, decades of backed up data. As this kind of thing happens more and more, and they chuck in a few task-orientated 'updates' to keep us busy or befuddled, there will come a point when we haven't either the time or capacity to manage it, so we will then just have to choicelessly hand over the cash for a peaceful life! Seriously unethical. We get focused on ridding ourselves of one kind of piracy, energy provision, monopolies, etc., and new ones enter the back door at an ever increasing rate. my particular bugbear is mobile phone companies who can hold you to ransom on a contract, yet 'ethically' breach it endlessly themselves with poor service and endless price increases, which ultimately you cannot then say no to! Give me an island, a bag of seeds, and a bow and arrow!
  6. Edwardian pennies

    One of the most distinctive Edward crowns on this one! 👍
  7. Elizabeth Halfpenny

    Hah! I can still barely afford one or the other at the moment, Peter! Getting there, though! 😊
  8. Elizabeth Halfpenny

    This is an awesome book! 😊
  9. Last Nights Sixpence

    Not sure about the overdate, but agree with the single obverse PM, which is correct for rose 18 anyhow. The lions and lis (62,41, respectively) don't rule out a '72 die, but I'm going for AC-2A:a which is actually the rarer of the known pairings for the acorn anyway! 😊
  10. Elizabeth Halfpenny

    They were of course all 6th issue, I just couldn't remember the sequence the PMs were in. The no-mark HP is the earliest in the lineup, occurring instead of the bell PM, so would be right for the complete portcullis punch. I'll get m' coat! 😊
  11. Elizabeth Halfpenny

    The point I was trying to make is your's may not be a no-mark coin? I can't recall without the book the period of the no-mark, but it would need to be early, as your portcullis is very much intact!
  12. Elizabeth Halfpenny

    In bed and can't quite, off the top of my head, remember the chronology of the no-mark HP. The single portcullis punch has been a blessing in determining the the dates of these coins! The portcullis failed so distinctly and was equally repaired in distinctive stages.
  13. Ebay's Worst Offerings

    Anyone ever handled one of those 1869's, they look amazing? Are they clearly 'novelty' in hand?
  14. And the London! Both Ex. C. Day collection (not that I can find out a great deal about that!).