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  1. Henry VI Calais R-M Half Groat

    And rightly so! Henry VI seems to turn up a lot of nice quality coins. It's great to get hammered!
  2. Some silver testing kits aren't sensitive down to .500 The one I've got (bit old now) will give a blinding result for sterling, but a really unsatisfactory result on debased coins.
  3. A Quick Hello

    Welcome aboard, prep! You know you're doing the right thing!
  4. Interesting post, Ziggy, many thanks for taking the time to add it here for reference!
  5. We've got another fish on the line! Reel 'im in chaps, reel 'im in!
  6. Pickup from LCF

    Nice coin! Doesn't look like a die flaw, though, that would present as a ridge? Could it be the stress lines of an old crease, it runs perfectly straight through the letters, suggesting it's also not a flan flaw?
  7. Tom's screenshots

    Yes, I was surprised that the design software/templates were not fluid enough to be mobile friendly when it was first launched, I assumed it was teething troubles that would be ironed out eventually. I more or less understand the issues, but you do have to walk a long mile today to find a piece of web software that hasn't been designed to accommodate mobile and the various operating systems.
  8. What would you grade this as?

    C'mon, WC, you know you can do it! 😂
  9. Tom's screenshots

    This is what's been my biggest issue with the 'new' site! SO much scrolling! Plus the advert containers means the text 'slides' all over the place when I'm doing so!
  10. Ex North, Mass, Sazama, H3 Short Cross!

    Sorry, Clive, I still haven't worked out how to grab a link from an app.
  11. Good coin dealers

    Don't forget to ask about any coins you are buying! Coin dealers sell everything from fine to just have to ask, and a good dealer will always be straight with you! You just need to know who they are! Enjoy the ride!
  12. Good coin dealers

    Oh, mine's a pint!
  13. Good coin dealers

    Rob you can also find him at the fairs! Declan and his Facebook page and Colin's farthings site
  14. Someone had a nice little piece of numismatic documentation on the cheap! Plate coin too! 49.99 or best offer, with free postage. Sad to have missed it! 172545824097