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  1. Silver Penny extra pellets.

    Hey, Mick, I spotted this one in the other thread but I'm at my dad's for the weekend, so haven't any access to books, hence my memory recall 'only' on the crown type in the other post, but will look at that too when I get back. re the pellets (will look out the class later), I don't believe it intentional, just a partially struck coin being re-entered into the die. It could also happen that a coin of a different monarch is used, leaving some of the remaining details visible in the fields. Equally, it could be old die stock that hasn't been properly cut back before punching in the new design (finding a matching reverse die would confirm this). Either way, I wouldn't say it's anything significant, especially in the field of hand hammered coins. Different perhaps in the milled market. Hope you're well? Will come back to the class early next week, unless someone gets in before me!
  2. Just looking at it briefly without books, whilst is hasn't got all the classic indicators of a Class 11 crown (a lot of it being clogged and poorly struck), what remains points to Class 11 and this is what I think it is, making it Edward II would need a better look with the literature, of course! The galata guide, and UKDFD link are both excellent resources.
  3. Ed 1d Penny ex. Elmore-Jones

    Ah, OK, that old cookie called logic!
  4. Ed 1d Penny ex. Elmore-Jones

    Do you mean plate 33 in Eaglen's?
  5. Ed 1d Penny ex. Elmore-Jones

    Wow, thanks, Rob, phenomenal! Just as a point of interest the two obverse Ns are reverse barred on my example. Have you seen the coin in the June 83 bulletin? How did you know it was in there, and another class 1d was in the later one?
  6. Ed 1d Penny ex. Elmore-Jones

    I'll try and put together an example of what I mean after the W/E. In the meantime, some out of focus phone images of the ticket that goes with the OP penny! I know very little about tickets! I can only interpret/understand: Edward I Id London WT 21.6gr S1383 NEF & Ex F.E.J 18.5 - 19.0mm However, what's: Seaby 22.12.83 (I assumed the 83 sale would be Glendinings)? The red S (sold?????) 6TD WQ on tipex? 83 7565 H? EOT? P24485? certainly a busy ticket! pictures to follow (will sometimes allow me to upload 2 photos taken on my phone...another time it won't even let me add 1).
  7. Ed 1d Penny ex. Elmore-Jones

    Rob, what about uploading images and related coins here for assessment and verification/debate, and then I can keep adding them to a series of A4ish PDF files or similar, jpeg by pixel size (your kids would know the perfect width size for your site), etc. (by collection), which you could then upload onto your website under a cascade menu, or however your site manages pages?
  8. Ed 1d Penny ex. Elmore-Jones

    Great idea re the ticket resource...we could definitely do with a logical online reference/resource! Equally, it would be great to have a digital record of all these tickets and the coins they relate to, if only to preserve the collectible history of the coins. The OP coin is a class example of potential lost heritage, in that had I not emailed the seller asking whether there was an old ticket with the coin, the Elmore connection could've been lost forever, given the coin isn't a plate coin in the catalogue. Having said that I haven't received it yet!
  9. Ed 1d Penny ex. Elmore-Jones

    Ha, yes, the boat is getting smaller and smaller! The seller is sending me the old ticket, so I'll be interested to see where that points me? I'd definitely be interested in a copy of the catalogue if I can make a reasonable link between the two, though!
  10. Ed 1d Penny ex. Elmore-Jones

    Does anyone have the Spink 2017 VF price for Class 1d handy?
  11. Ed 1d Penny ex. Elmore-Jones

    Hey, thanks, m'friend! Yes, I was really pleased to win it! It was one of those delightful moments where you chuck £150 bid on in the last seconds and then get a really nice surprise!
  12. Ed 1d Penny ex. Elmore-Jones

    Not sure what's going on with my ability to post! I've had something glitchy going on since last night! Anyway, many thanks, Rob, much appreciated! Was that Part 1 or Part 2?