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  1. 1723 Penny

    Couldn’t see ‘em from ‘ere, Peck, but, by ‘eck I could smell ‘em!
  2. 1723 Penny

    If you know what I mean?
  3. 1723 Penny

    Not totally convinced about the underlying F in MAG, but my goodness what a series of misfits it is. Before reading your post properly I looked at the coin. I was thinking that the F (and I was going to ask the question) looked like the main body of the punch had been entered onto the coin as well, suggesting a very worn down (or filed down to repair???) F, a kind of shallow F on the punch, so to speak? I’ve never seen it before, so wondered whether that might also be another possibility?
  4. Small Coin Holders <18mm

    Ah, I see, makes sense, a nice idea. So are you doing the copper/bronze issues too, or staying with silver in the reigns of say Victoria, Ed7 etc.? How are you handling the Plantagenets? I was thinking an example of every obverse class, and then finding the remaining missing mints on any class they happen to come on. So, effectively an example of each class and mint, on the smallest number of coins possible.
  5. Acquired Ed III Quarter Nobel

    Any thoughts on the ‘corrosion/bubbles’ on the 3 o’clock arm of the reverse cross (and other localised places on the reverse)? Bad mix of the gold/poor flan? I wonder about this, as it would’ve been the most compressed of the gold, being forced into the devices? they are clearly minute, as this is a tiny coin...any thoughts? On silver hammered it’s clearly ground corrosion, acidity/alkalinity nibbling away at the contaminants in the silver mix...same so for gold?
  6. Silver two pence

    Good point re the magnet! A modern 2p is magnetic, so i’m going for a bit of post mint fun plating! My son did something similar when visiting a comprehensive on an open day! Think I may even posted it on here?
  7. Help deciphering a mint - Tealby Penny

    @Descartes I absolutely love this coin, but I also really love the John in the same sale! I picked the govenor’s brains a while back about the Tealby, and i’m sure he won’t mind me sharing with you the Allen die pics, and info. etc. that he mailed me! I can only buy one or the other (John/H2) in light of my recent gold, though i’m resigned to moving that on, so your call, no point in us chasing each other up the tree! In all reality I can only go $700 on that lot, so if you fancy it more than that I’ll bid on the John instead and still be a very happy man! PM me your email If you want to touch base!
  8. Small Coin Holders <18mm

    Maundy? 😮
  9. Silver two pence

    Another detail to reveal is whether a cupronickel flan exactly matching a 2p actually exists, and whether such a mistake/error could then happen at the mint? It’s clearly a perfect 2p flan, so a bit of work ahead, unless some of the decimal chaps can offer information for you that suggests otherwise.
  10. Silver two pence

    Your next challenge is to determine whether it’s silver-coloured to the core, or just a normal 2p that’s been plated? An accurate weight might be a starting point, otherwise you’re looking at lightly scoring the edge (on the actual outside edge, not the outer edge of the coin’s level facing surfaces) to determine whether the silver colour reveals a copper-coloured metal below. If you don’t fancy scoring, you’ll be looking at an expensive metallurgy test. I’d personally go for a teeny score and a look with a loupe. Good luck!
  11. Acquired Ed III Quarter Nobel

    Tee hee! Keep up the good work Des, a fine collection in the making! 🙌
  12. Acquired Ed III Quarter Nobel

    You could have one with a nice provenance if you like? £525 freepost
  13. Small Coin Holders <18mm

    I feel your pain, Descartes, I can barely bring myself to look at my silver farthings! i’m very much a 2x2 coin flip fan, so if you find a solution please do post!
  14. Acquired Ed III Quarter Nobel

    Thanks, Rob, much appreciated.
  15. Acquired Ed III Quarter Nobel

    Yes a bit of gold fever I think. What’s the latest Spink 1501, I know it’s on your lap! Might give the NGC route a try and move it on! What’s your thoughts on the second offering? Getting there?