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  1. That's really interesting, I never knew they existed, let alone were popular. Nice 1903 halfpenny, by the way!
  2. I'm genuinely curious, what's the low down on religious tokens chaps?
  3. NGC Details what?

    Just in case you missed my point @Jester, the concern is not just with fake slabs, though your approach will certainly help fish them out! I was referring to a number of occasions where TPGCs have themselves slabbed obvious fake coins, and even misattributed basics like denomination!
  4. NGC Details what?

    Hey Jester, good points, and absolutely fair enough, though I have to draw your attention to one statement which I quote below, which is totally false, with many examples to prove it! 😊 "At a minimum, buying a coin already slabbed/graded guarantees authenticity"
  5. NGC Details what?

    I don't think it will open much of a can of worms, @Rob, because I think most the people on here are exhausted and bemused by the gulf between the two collector types. I agree with absolutely everything you say and, interestingly, I've only just noticed a very obvious detail that I've overlooked before. Namely, that there are those who buy slabs and miss out on the exploration and, in my opinion, numismatic essence of it all...and there are those who know their stuff and enjoy manipulating the slabbing phenomenon, whether that's taking advantage of that which is already slabbed, or still having a good finger on the pulse of what makes a great raw coin and then getting it slabbed! A big difference, very different animals! Having said that, it could open up a can of worms!
  6. Offa Hammered

    I've just noticed it's awaiting validation? How long does the whole process of registering a find take, then? Anyone know?
  7. Offa Hammered

    I know nothing of the period but that doesn't 'look right' to me, has a very cast look about it! Guess they must know what they're talking about! It would be interesting to compare it to the other documented coins to check for any replication. At least I'd want to if I was considering it for myself.
  8. Building the library

    @Jester wakey, wakey!
  9. My dream hammered coin! <3

    Gosh it really is time for me to start buying some hammered plantagenet gold! Maybe some sovs too! Soon! Soon!
  10. Finding uncirculated coinage?

    Avalon to may as well be! 😊 A journey from 'Whur's eee to?' to 'He's dead sound!' all very odd!
  11. Finding uncirculated coinage?

    C'mon, chaps, get with the program!
  12. Christmas Sixpence 2017

    I think this is one of the better of the 'novelty' offerings from the RM I quite like it really! 😬
  13. repos

    They just need to lob off two-thirds of the legend, THEN it would look authentic!
  14. Ebay's Worst Offerings enjoy! It's a wonderful record of Elizabethan coins!
  15. Edward Silver Penny

    Brilliant! Great work following this through! Dave's extremely passionate about coins, a great contact! 👍