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  1. Do you have an image of that reverse handy, Dave, your reverse E (the die match without the lion)? What’s on the obverse of it?
  2. So, did we find a pm rose obverse die to match yours? I lost the thread a bit.
  3. Did we look at this on another thread at some point?
  4. We have, I thought I recognised the coin. I have a day of leisure tomorrow, so will did out my images, engage my brain, and see what I can match up for discussion. Ah, the life of a numismatist...son to collect at 20:30 from scouts, wife to feed when she gets in from a late shift around 21:00 (nursing, Peter), and then the fire to sort out after that!
  5. You’ve finally bit the bullet, then?
  6. Coinery

    Long Shot .. Shuttlewood 329 Shilling.

    “Rob's Sun coin shows the same sort of 'pared down' artistry.” Have to agree with that, TG, not dissimilar; the jawline and moustache!
  7. Honestly, don’t feel anxious about it on my count, I’m totally out of touch! My post was more about saying how out of touch I am with the milled coins.
  8. My eyes must be so out with these, I wouldn’t be able to buy that with any confidence at all, it seems ‘awkward’ to me? I’m sure it’s 100% fine, and a generous gift, I’m only sharing how long it’s been since I studied the finer points of milled coinage.
  9. Coinery

    Long Shot .. Shuttlewood 329 Shilling.

    It would definitely be described as a square flan, though, tooling or not! 👍
  10. Coinery

    Long Shot .. Shuttlewood 329 Shilling.

    Incuse beard on cheek the big stand out for me? It’s clearly a coarse bust, so I make this judgment only on face value, and based only upon seeing this one coin in isolation. If that beard is standard on other busts of that type, then it’s just a coarse bust punch and nothing more...however...
  11. Coinery

    Long Shot .. Shuttlewood 329 Shilling.

    I’ve just taken a look...in the absence of other dies to compare, my first instinct would be the same.
  12. Coinery

    17th Century Coins

    Totally get where you are coming from as a writer wishing to surround himself with interesting objet d’art to keep it ‘real.’ There is clearly no better item to inspire and pinpoint a definite place in time than a coin! Rob (above) is a coin dealer and likely has, or could probably source, all the ‘genuine’ items you require! Good luck with the book!
  13. Coinery

    Long Shot .. Shuttlewood 329 Shilling.

    Not my territory...also, if you don’t know it, I don’t know it, but I hope you get an answer soon!
  14. Coinery

    Edward penny ID's

    Just to kick things off, 1 and 2 are Edward III florin pennies, coin 3 is Edward I Class 9 with star on chest (all 3 are London), and coin 4 is Edward III minted in York.
  15. Coinery

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    Thanks, Rob, it would be an interesting coin to view