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  1. Have you the coin with those tickets, not a common 6d that?
  2. No these are the tickets that belonged to an earlier sale, before J.J. purchased it to sell, I got confused with me pictures 😬 The neater hand is agreed to be Comber (there’s a couple of other Comber tickets posted in recent days for comparison), so it’s now the left I’m curious about? Sorry for the confusion.
  3. Thanks for that Interesting…why would he write two for the same coin?
  4. This is a misunderstanding
  5. Thanks, Jerry, really appreciate your input here! I thought the right hand ticket looked Comber, any thoughts on the left, from what little is shown? Edit: sorry I meant TopCarp2 and he’s definitely signing himself off as Stephen???
  6. Can confirm the ticket to the right is Stephen’s of Top Carp 👍 Anyone for the left one?
  7. Can I ask a favour…does anyone recognise the tickets accompanying this coin? some of the details in the right hand ticket looks Comber, but what of the left?
  8. I have to say, though, if my coin, in the light of your upcoming evidence, had turned out to be fake (I double-checked mine after your initial post), I would’ve sold up and changed hobbies. One or two significant differences between the two examples, thank goodness
  9. Images would be very welcome if you can find them? This one weighs right, looks right, and also rings right
  10. That’d be about right…’Coin Acquisition of the Week’ lays dormant for nearly a week…post an acquisition…and within two hours it’s buried by the Penny boys! 😂😂😂
  11. Aww, that’s great…I’d say that’s a match. Many thanks for that! Edit: Just thinking ‘1558 in obverse legend’ ? What does it belong to?
  12. I was hoping this ticket would be Comber’s, but it looks as though he prints in capitals, unless he ever went through a phase of lowercase italics?
  13. £100 - absolute bargain for this Comber provenance, rarer marked 6d
  14. Coinery

    Royal Mail track and trace website down

    Still down! I downloaded the app., but will be deleting it, just as soon as the site’s back up.